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Cover song better than original? Examples please.

Discussion in 'Music' started by kheadfi, Jun 3, 2014.
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  1. moriez
    A different view on who's got the goods. I like Phil's Can't Hurry Love better.

  2. TwoEars
    This is the greatest cover of all time:

    This is not bad:

    Also - this guy is the king of covers:

    (check his other videos! they are great!)
  3. Kheadfi
    I am listening to this again and actually I think it is better than the original. Otis goes to church with this!
  4. Hutnicks

    Turnabout being fair play and all. Jagger and Richards freely admitted the soul and blues influences on their music so perhaps Otis is actual more original than the original.
    Now, better, worse, or just different. Jagger was on record as saying that this was the best thing that ever happened to Satisfaction.1

  5. Hutnicks
    Now. Hands down in response to the actual title and  SPIRIT of the thread.

    Whenever I'm with you...

    Whenever I hear this... I cannot help but wonder why noone ever thought to mix the Modfathers version with Martha's (actually Irving Berlin's) version. Could quite possibly have been the most spectacular mashup evah! When I listen I can hear the Vandellas version screaming out through Wellers vocals.
    OH BTW if anyone out there has never heard the entire album "Setting Sons" shame on ya![​IMG]
  6. MoreCowbell
    You beat me to it! This, in  my opinion is one of the finest covers ever and that is no disrespect to the original which is , well... the original. Great, great stuff! 
  7. SomeGuyDude
    Aerosmith's "Come Together" is leagues better than the original. It's just so much slimier.
  8. mshontz
    Some may say Disturbed's take on Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence", is better. My dad contests this, he likes the original more.
    "The Nurse who loved me", by Failure. A Perfect Circle redid this, it's on the album "Thirteenth Step". I would DEFINITELY say A Perfect Circle made it better.
  9. SomeGuyDude
    Anyone saying Disturbed is outdoing anyone needs their ears checked.
    I will admit, though, that Limp Bizkit's cover of Behind Blue Eyes is REALLLLLLY good.
  10. kendavis
    Sonic Youth's cover of The Carpenter's Superstar (as heard briefly in the movie, Juno)--though it was actually written by Delaney & Bonnie.
  11. mshontz
    Personally I like the original better. YouTube comments are my source saying that some may like disturbed's version more.
  12. SomeGuyDude
    Oh yeah, sorry man, I wasn't trying to accuse you of it. I just meant that whoever told you Disturbed's is better needs their ears checked. My bad!
  13. moriez


    David and Jackie all over the original. Until 30 minutes ago I had no idea it's a cover.
  14. christian u
    Seems like Pioneer or What's Hifi prefers the Carmen Gomes version too;http://www.whathifi.com/news/pioneer-xdp-100r-worlds-first-mqa-ready-hi-res-music-player
    pioneerxdp_100r_angle.jpg Quote:
  15. WraithApe
    Way better:

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