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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by pedro123, Dec 29, 2011.
  1. Pedro123
    Really good amp - nice design, perfect sound. I use it with Cowon J3 player and AKG701 headphones. As i ´m owner of little recording studio i prefare quality sound with big dynamic and good separation. I have to say i´m very sitisfied.
    I can only recomend it to anybody who prefare wide dynamic and natural sound with very good separation in soundfield.
  2. maguire
     Would you recomend the 2stepdance with IEM'S?
     Also, What are your thoughts on what it does well at l? You mentioned Wide Dynamic natural , does it favour any  Bass, Mids, Treble ?
    Just love to know more.
  3. Pedro123
    as i mention before i use akg k701 headphones and Cowon J3  with 2stepdance - for me it sounds really good - regarding the dynamic - it depends on player ad , audio format which you listen ...  For me the 2stepdance is flat with good separation.
    As i said before i really recomend it - but i don´t have experience with other amps. I can only tell you that i´m working with pro studio devices like Neve, SSL, Daking etc... i have experiences with pro audio - i prefer as good quality of audio signal as possible - and the 2 stepdance is in the league of more expensive audio devices.
    But of course everybody has different ears and different tastes. Best way to try it.
  4. maguire
    Thanks Pedro, glad you like it, it sure sounds good, as i like a flat response. I hope I can try one someday.

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