computer speakers for $100?
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Mar 26, 2009
I hope I chose the right place to post this, if I'm wrong forgive me. But anywhodles, what are the best speakers for a computer under $100 USD?

I need them mostly for music (more bass-heavy music so subwoofer should be able to handle it), space is not an issue, I definitely want either 2.1 or 5.1, and it would be nice if they could be found in Best Buy, Walmart, Office Max, etc.

What I've Been looking at:
Logitech Z-2300 (would get, no question, but I can't find new for $100 or less)
Logitech X-540
Klipsch Promedia 2.1
Altec Lansing VS4121, VS4221 (look to be the same but the VS4221 has a remote)

forget the Promedia's. Not saying they're bad, they're just over my price range but if you can find them under $100 let me know or any other good deals.

Thanks alll in advance!
Jun 24, 2009 at 2:50 AM Post #3 of 13 Swans S3W 2.0 T-Amp Powered Multimedia Speaker System: Electronics

tSc ASW-8 10" Long Excursion 50watt Subwoofer - Best Deal

Belkin PRO Series - Audio cable - Male Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm to M RCA

Something like that would be about 100% better than anything you can get for $100. Spend the $60 bucks more or just get the little swans for now and the sub next month. Much, much better sounding than any of the big box stores pc speakers man. MUCH. Don't let the $50 price fool you. They are solid, heavy speakers powered by a t-amp.
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I have some Z-2300's. I could sell you them. PM for details.
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Well another option you could do was buy something like a Qinpu Q1 Ampilfer for 59(including shipping) from . Then something like some Sony SS-B1000 book sheilf speakers for $39-49 From amazon/ebay then some speaker wire unless you dont mind using the included.

That should come under 100 dollars. I already had the Qinpu Q1 from buying it to use with my headphones. But I in up buying some Sony SS-B1000's speaker wire and some banna plugs to use it as Desktop speakers while being powered by my Qinpu Q1.

The bookshelf speakers have a sub tweeter inside of it, I been using it for a while and it does a goob job. It might not be those other higher end speakers, but it will do nice for a budget while still getting a ampifler for other uses besides the speakers.
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The Harmon Kardon SoundSticks look promising... Maybe you should add them to your list.

I personally have Altec Lansing ADA745's... Not very famous but they're build pretty solid and they remind me of my old DT770's (Less bass though). They have plenty of metal and run for ~$50 on the 'net.
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I dunno, I'm skeptical of non-super-expensive speakers now. I had the Klipsch Promedia GMX-A 2.1s, which had more power than I could ever need (serious bass), but the SQ was ultimately lacking. They had a hiss which wouldn't go away unless you turned them off hard with the switch on the back of the subwoofer (turning them off via the control pod did nothing). I later read of other people with the same issue, and Klipsch just claimed it was natural, not a defect. The hiss was inaudible while music was playing, but certainly reduced the amount of audible detail.

I eventually got a pair of AKG K242 HDs and an iBasso D2 Boa, which led me to realize just how poorly defined the sound from the Promedias was. The contrast was stark, for two devices that cost almost the same. I eventually sold the speakers, as I stopped using them much. I do miss the power of the bass, though, which I hope to recapture someday, most likely through speakers again, although I'm currently waiting until I've got enough money to make a serious investment in a really good - well, significantly better, if not ones that cost more than houses - set. As far as I've seen, even faintly hifi speakers are an extremely expensive habit, much moreso than headphones.

I've heard a lot of Logitech computer speakers, too, though I'm not quite sure what models they were. I was never particularly impressed, though; they didn't have the resolution or power of the Klipschs by a wide margin.

Sorry to be such a Debbie downer, and not offer any positive recommendations...good speakers just have me stumped for the moment.
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...oh, and from what I've read and heard, the Harmon-Kardan (sp?) Soundsticks look really nice, but aren't worth the price. The newer version may be a little better, though; not sure. I've heard the originals; they're nicer than Logitechs, maybe not quite as powerful as the Promedias (though sufficiently powerful for most 2.1 speaker applications), but with relatively similarly SQ to the Klipschs, if I remember correctly. Oh, and they are gorgeous.

Good luck, and if you ever find the perfect setup, let me know.
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Boston Acoustics MM220 for $30 on Amazon and AudioAdvisor. MSRP was $100. Good to great sounding powered speakers. I am using with a Sony FM/HD tuner. Would not pay $100 for them but for $32 that I paid, good deal and good sound.
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lol I forgot I posted this. But, I decided to go with the X-540s because I really wanted 5.1 . I have the center on my desk, the two front satellites mounted on the wall, and the rears on the ceiling behind me. At first I was dissappointed with the satellites having weak, and kind of tinny-sounding mids. But, after using the speakers (always rather loud) for a week or so they are a lot better so I wonder if you need to burn-in speakers just like headphones.

Oh, and if anyone's curious the bass does shake the clock on my wall if I desire.
so not complaining about the power.

thanks for all the suggestions
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I'm currently using the Swans S3W that spacemanspliff recommended above, and am very pleased with them.

They sound good and clean, fairly evenly voiced across their range, and have a very nice separate volume control which I'm finding I like a lot.

I don't know much about what else is available for $100, but I swapped out a $200 pair of AudioEngine A2's because I like these Swans better. (YMMV but to me the AudioEngines sounded muddy and I needed really extreme equalization to clean them up. The Swans are far less bassy but to my ears have a much cleaner signature.)

The Swans are bass-light enough that even if you're not a basshead (I'm sure not one) you may well want a small sub of some kind eventually just to fill out the sound a little. But I haven't looked into one for myself yet.

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