Sep 9, 2007
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Card dealer in a Casino

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1000+ Head-Fier

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    Card dealer in a Casino
    Listening to music, biking, playing bass
    Cars, computers, nature
    Headphone Inventory:
    Sennheiser HD555, Sony MDR E818 (backup portables, E4c dead)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    FiiO E5 (Broken), Pico Slim
    Source Inventory:
    Home: Desktop computer (HDMI, ATI Radeon HD5770)

    Portable: Sandisk Sansa E250 2GB+8GB, iPod 5.5g 80GB (both with Rockbox), Archos 504 40GB
    Cable Inventory:
    Cardas HPI 6" dual RA, Whiplash Audio TWag LOD
    Other Audio Equipment:
    h/k AVR254, Sansui S-517 mains, Logitech X-540 computer speakers for surrounds in 5.1 mode, connected to pre-outs of AVR254. Blu-Ray drive in computer, MPC-HC/ffdshow set up to bitstream HD Audio to receiver.
    Music Preferences:
    Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Punk, Metal (various types thereof), Rap-rock (Rage Against the Machine/Korn types)...anything not rap or country or too mainstream, basically. I get tired of boring/popular music quickly.
    Raleigh Serengeti Bicycle, Norco Kokanee Bicycle, Sony Bravia KDL32L5000 32" HDTV, Cort Action 5 string bass guitar/cheapo Fender 15 amp, Minifridge :)
    Dealer in a Casino by night, audio enthusiast every other waking hour :D (sometimes both at once)
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