Closed full size / $100-200 for mids/highs
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Aug 20, 2012
looking at alot of options then decided against them because I don't want a open one... I want a closed full-around the ears headphone (not ears resting on pads).  I listen more to electronic music with an adjusted EQ towards mids/highs, i'm not on huge on bass so the go-to recommendation of the ATH M50 is a tough choice.  I'm wondering what else would be better than it without the big boomy bass?  All the good sennheisers in this range seem to be open eared too.
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shure srh840 or srh940 which has super detail but less bass (REALLY little bass)
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+1 Shure
Good recommendations really...
Adding the Brainwavz HM5 to the list ! :)
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shure srh940 vs hd558

shure has much more detail than the hd558, the bass on the hd558 is more solid though as the srh940 has bass and almost no subbass.
soundstage wise both are very good.
midrange, the hd558 sounds more full bodied but the srh940 one sound more natural (unless you mod the hd558 then you will get natural vocals too)
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940 has accentuated if the guitars violins are ALIVE. ( not sure if that will make u relax...:p)
hm5 is more balanced up n down.. and has a slight spacey effect which i find suited to electro music.
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srh940 detail is beautiful, but unfortunately i felt the treble to be too hot and spikey, and also too little bass, i wonder how op will find them though
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I'd recommend the Shure SRH440. I've had mine for over a year, and while I haven't tried many other headphones I can say that the bass on them is anything but boomy. I mostly listen to rock, though. Hope it helps.
I have heard that the 840s and 940s are much better, though. I suppose it depends how much you're willing to spend.
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What if I just go with beyer DT 880 and call it a day will it be worth it or am I wasting money since I wont use an amp. Or what else under $ 280 to give more options.

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