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So these things have a "built-in PureSound Processor", next to having too many camel cases in their trademarks. Whatever that means, I'm going to find out soon. Maybe it's real science, like the Digizoid ZO, maybe it's just marketing.



Some Geek Speak

So how can ClarityOne™ earbuds deliver the clearest, truest, best sound on the market today you ask, well here is the short version. Look on our tech page for more in-depth info.

Your music is a signal. Every other speaker in the world is made the same based on ideas dating back to before there were cars. When your player sends the signal to your earbuds a field is built around the voice coil and it robs you of harmonics, volume and creates distortion. Our patented processor holds this field in a magnetic gap and does not allow it to alter the signal in any way so you have all the music that was recorded in perfect Clarity. The industry benchmark for testing this is a square wave test. The reason is the only a square wave has all harmonics and the associated sub harmonics. We are THE ONLY audio reproduction company that can achieve this and promise perfect sound quality. Square wave in, square wave out.

A bonus is that it actually makes your players battery last longer because we can use 8 ohms, less resistance, and we have no counter EMF back to your player.

More about this Puresound thing:

The PureSound Processor circuit provides an economical solution for achieving perfect phase unity between amplifiers and multiple driver systems. The PureSound Processor is not a crossover, it is a coupling unit. Unlike traditional crossovers, PureSound Processor´s patented technology cancels out the Counter EMF and at the same time provides a two way magnetic brake on the voice coil which "couple" it to the amplifier, therefore allowing it to operate freely with no added distortions allowing for pure sound to enter the system (at Crossover) and pure sound to exit (to the speaker).


The Problems in Existing Speaker Performance

Lenz Law states:

"Whenever a magnetic field expands or collapses across a coil of wire, a voltage is created going in the opposite direction to the current that created the magnetic field," also known as Counter EMF.

Our goal is to achieve "Pure sound in - Pure sound out". No added distortions created from Lenz Law. We did not want to have to color the sound in any way. We believe that an audio professional should be able to color the sound in any way he or she chooses. Yet this cannot be achieved with the present day speaker drivers.


Does the PureSound Processor retain all the harmonics in music and voice?

Quite simply...yes. The PureSound Processor system is the only circuit capable of preserving the harmonics of all music and voice passed through it. It is a fact that a square wave is really a sine wave with all of its associated harmonic. The PureSound Processor system connects the speaker as part of the amplifier circuit so that its two way coil moves back and forth in unison with the signals in the amplifier. In essence it "couples" the speaker to the amplifier.

Unlike single coil crossovers or voice coils alone, (as can be seen in graph one) no aberrant signals are created. The PureSound Processor system is capable of passing a square wave faithfully from amplifier to speaker without adding distortion. (See Graph Two.)

How does the PureSound Processor reduce heat build-up?

The PureSound Processor circuit maintains efficiency of the drivers by reducing heat build-up. It does this because the voice coil is controlled by the Pure Sound Processor system in both directions (not just one). The voice coil is maintained in the region of the audio driver gap where the maximum magnetic field is present and thereby reduces power compression by limiting excessive coiled out of gap current (therefore limiting heat build-up in the driver). Also the amplifier runs cooler because it is not fighting against the Counter EMF generated in traditional audio systems. (For an example see "What is EMF?")

What strikes me as weird is their talk about crossovers. The IEMs have a single dynamic driver, so there shouldn't be any crossover in there to begin with.
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I hope they do actually work, 8 ohm will suck current like nobody's business.
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I listened to it for about two hours in the early summer. Quick and clean sounding; bass didn't have much impact. It was a noisy music festival, my first impression can be all wrong, but it interested me enough to get one. (A total stranger insisted let me try it;
, kids, don't smoke too much funny cigarette.)
I tried a few times to order one later, the checkout system in their website did not work. I am not sure they are still in the business. I think they have a facebook page.
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Originally Posted by david1978jp /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I think they have a facebook page.
Tuesday, October 25th:
Our new website has launched! And to celebrate we're offering 15% off your purchase of ClarityOne Earbuds! Use coupon code: lovemybuds and receive 15% off your next purchase.

Not very clear if the coupon applies to your first purchase. [Edit: It does. I tried.]
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I have a doubt.

What they call coupling must actually be a way of decoupling the backwave and those measurements are unlikely the acoustic output but the difference between the amplifier under reactive load with and without the decoupling circuit. Circuit as to be small so maybe 2 blocking diodes and perhaps a couple other small bits for load (res) and/or tailoring (cap). If it works, great but I don't think they're reinventing the wheel here and it's likely that better amps will lose more from extra bits up stream than gain from the load modification.

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