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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. esm87
    Tried all the various adjustments in uapp to get rid of the stuttering etc in the music, it doesnt work. Poweramp plays fine, no EQ the music sounds the same to me.

    Guess I'll just be using it the same way as I used my c5 amp and sabre HIFIMEDIY dac. The mojo sounds good but so does my previous dac and amp. If Im missing out on some awesome sounding music because android updamples everything then ohwell, ignorance is bliss...

    Maybe the mojo is basically a sports car, i just dont understand how to get it to change gears.

    All EQ off, Tidal hifi, uapp and poweramp sound the same to me...
  2. betula

    I am very well aware, cable debate is a dead end street here on head-fi.
    And there are a lot of wise thoughts in the article you linked.

    For your link I decided to re-audition 2-3 of my old USB cables and my present AQ Cinnamon cable.
     I am aware of the crazy and fake cable history of AQ. (£1000 Hdmi cable must be a joke and rip off.)
    However during my listening session I found that Cinnamon USB cable has an obvious advantage in clarity and dynamics over any of the 2-3 regular (£1-3) USB cables I own.
    It might not be a £45 difference for everyone, with any kind of equipment. But with my equipment there is a definite difference. Does it worth £45? For me it does.
    It might not for someone else. Buth the difference is real and auditionable.
  3. esm87
    where you get your cinnamon cable bud?
  4. betula

    futureshop.co.uk bud.
  5. Ike1985
    I can tell a massive difference between listening to bandcamp/youtube/etc via iphone 5 and android(being upsampled and then sent to Mojo), it's day and night.  On android the soundstage is artificially stretched, the sound is v shaped and the mids are dull and lifeless.  Sucks because I know what Mojo is capable of.
  6. Multimediers
    Just wonder if anyone here experience the same situation.
    I had fully charged up my Mojo and had been using it for not more than 10 mins yesterday. When I started using it today I discovered that the power indicator went to green immediately. It seems the battery level was going down even if I am not using it. The USB power supply was being disconnected every time when the Mojo was being fully charged and the Mojo is never being used when it was being charged. The Mojo had went thru 6-7 times of complete charge-up/discharge cycles. The longest play time (continuous) which I got is not more than 5 hours (can't remember where from this thread that some others can get 8 to 10 hrs of play time).
    Is my Mojo not working as expected (in terms of battery life)?
    BTW, would battery life be shorter if Mojo is being used under DSD mode?   
  7. Mython Contributor
    OK, well at least you've tried that now.
    Can you try a different cable, as kkcc suggested?
    You could also check that you have only a minimal number of apps running on your phone, in order to ensure you have plenty of resources available (CPU, RAM, etc.)
    BTW, what colour is Mojos sample-rate LED now indicating? Red? Blue?
    I'm asking because I can't help wondering if your UAPP may not be correctly configured, and your phone perhaps may still be up-sampling. It can certainly happen with the Onkyo app:
  8. esm87
    Theres alot of cinnamon cables on futureshop. Any chance you could link the same one you have plz?
  9. betula
    There is not many options of Cinnamon USB cables you can use with Mojo, but here is the link:
  10. esm87
  11. betula

    Yeah, this wouldn't be my choice for portable use either.
  12. Vidal
    I've also auditioned cables and noticed a difference. Not in sound or clarity just in reliability of the connection, but this was between a poundshop usb bought in an emergency and my usual ones made by Sony/Belkin. I bought an audiophile spec one and didn't notice any difference between that and the sony/belkin ones. 
    What would be great, would be if someone volunteered to do a blind test at a meet somewhere - to put this to bed once and for all.
  13. msp

    This is the exact finding I did, and my other cables are much more flexible so I whis it wasn't so...

    Just to reality check I asked my wife to listen, she observed the exact same thing...

    For me the extra sound quality is easily worth the 50£

    Happy listening
  14. esm87
    streaming to tidal is red, poweramp is blue. No jitter on tidal streaming now, I can only assume mojo is revealing the flaws in my music files. Listening to purple rain streaming tidal hifi and it really does sound good. That is CD quality i assume. Maybe I should get some cd's and load them onto my phone at FLAC quality. Listening with both my v moda crossfade wireless and sony ex650 IEM to A/B the v moda do sound a bit better.
  15. wym2
    I have also used the cinnamon and liked the difference I heard from most of the other cables I tried. I ordered the Silver Dragon for the Mojo and found that it is a further improvement to my sound. These differences are not game-changing nor monumental but work for me.
    MBP → SDragon → Mojo → AQ Sky → LC
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