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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. NaiveSound
    Is Hugo significantly better in all areas than mojo?
  2. Pokemonn
    Some people may prefer Mojo over Hugo.
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  3. sabloke
    I'm not sure, but my wallet likes the Mojo much more for sure :D
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  4. masterpfa
    Great interview and insight into the Chord way of doing things. Brain burn-in makes total sense and to think I wasted all those years on d...... and alcohol
    Lol [​IMG] 
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  5. felix3650

    The Mojo, as far as I know uses an Artix FPGA (to keep costs down). It's the lower of the three other models by Xilinx (with Virtex and Kintex being it's bigger brothers). I have worked with a Spartan 3 in the past. The Spartan 6 can be considered a precursor to the Artix 7.
    In fact a Spartan 6 (in terms of raw computing power) stands slightly higher than a Artix 7, even though the later has more Logic Cells thanks to the improved process node (28nm). And so we have the Artix XC7A35T for the Mojo (33280 LC) and the Spartan XC6SLX9 for the HUGO (9152 LC). In terms of power consumption, the Artix has an edge here.
    It's like getting two cars which both can reach a max speed of 280km/h, one however does consume less fuel than the other and it's engine has a lower HP overall.
    Felix :)
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  6. NaiveSound

    This is intense
  7. Rob Watts
    Just to correct things - it is a 15T that is used on the Mojo.
    That has 16,640 logic cells and 45 dsp cores. 44 cores are used in Mojo.
    The overriding design decisions were about power consumption, so although more DSP cores are used than Hugo, that's to reduce power, as the DSP cores are run at a much lower clock speed. To give you another example of lower power, with Hugo when I needed a bigger multiplier I used one DSP core with FPGA fabric (logic cells) added to create the larger multiplier. With Mojo, to save power, I used multiple DSP cores and no fabric to create larger multipliers.
    Only the WTA filter is different, the rest of the audio path has Hugo code.
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
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  8. betula
    I'd like to share two additional thoughts regarding this interview with John.< Edit: Ignore this paragraph. Wrong theory. My second thought to share came up when John was talking about money and the ultimate reason why Mojo was born. He says he is 60 and has enough money. Which I believe. :) So his motivation was not earning more money, but making people's life better with opening their eyes for quality audio enjoyment. (And making this possible for more people than ever before, with creating a relatively affordable product.)
     In my opinion this is why Mojo is so remarkable. Many great products are made, with only one intention behind them: making as much money as possible. Some of the "better", more responsible brands realize, it is not the perfect attitude and they make a compromise and willing to have little less profit so they can invest into their future by reaching more customers with a good but slightly cheaper product, etc. The fact that profit was't the first and not even the second thought of the creators of Mojo makes this product so good, so successful, so lovable and close to perfection. :)

    Third thing I really liked in the interview was the explanation why Mojo buttons look as they are. In the UK there are a lot of beaches with pebbles. And indeed it is a good feeling to play with those warm pebbles on a sunny day. And Mojo buttons actually convey the feeling. So thanks to John's daughter for the inspiration. :)

    And thanks to John and Rob (and the team) for bringing such an awesome product to our lives!

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  9. masterpfa
    The bit that rang so true for me personally and I'm sure it applies to many on here is once you've owned the Mojo there is a good chance you will look to upgrade your existing Kit to match the quality and potential of this DAC. I started looking for a USB DAC/AMP to go with my Shure 535 and mobile phone, within 6 weeks I ended up purchasing Grado SR325e, HD800 and have coming soon ACS Encore Studio Custom IEMs, as well ordering RHA T20 along with Echobox Finder X1's I got as part of their recent crowd funding. Not to mention AK100 as my source for those times I don't want to use my phone.
    Above all
    I'm enjoying listening to my music again, no matter where I am, home, car or away 
  10. Mojo ideas
    it was always our intention to try to match the performance of Hugo To do this without using as much power as Hugo. Therefore Rob used more DSP cores but run differently to match the performance of Hugo but at far lower power demands. JF
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  11. fixated
    Haven't read the whole thread yet so forgive me if this was already mentioned somewhere. Anyone tried both the Vorzuge pure plus II and the MoJo? I'm torn between the two since I already have a nice source (Ibasso DX80) and am planning to get a decent amp for the pair of IEMs that I'm planning to buy.
  12. mazzy009
    review of "magic tape" can be used many times for stacking Mojo with Phone 

    640 yen is just 5$ 
    size 40 mm x 70 mm
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  13. Mojo ideas
    Sorry to say that the name we planned to use was Buddy..... not Trojan until Ken Kessler a kind friend advised me that in the USA buddy was famous a brand name for what every young and hopeful guy carries around in his wallet and that usually stays firmly in his wallet for months or even years if he's unlucky or an audiophile like most of us guys were.
  14. betula

    My mistake sorry. I have got vivid imagination. :)
  15. Docterror
    Lol! Well put.
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