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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. SearchOfSub

    I'd skip any adapters entirely if I were you. I wouldn't want any signal degration on the Mojo and any components added in the chain will degrade the sound most likely. You can call cable companies and they would make one for you in custom legnths. Blue Moons, Kimbre, Audioquest, Audience are a few cable companies. Although besides blue moons are cable companies geared more towards stereo speaker setups but you never know. I'd give blue moons a call first and get a quote.
  2. masterpfa
    You have PM

    But best read the 3rd post 

  3. masterpfa
  4. qafro
    Where did you get that rubber band ?
  5. Carl6868

  6. oleWhiskey

    Sorry to Necro this quote. I was wondering if this still be a thing? If I miss reading any updates since this was stated I apologize it's hard ready all 650+ pages
  7. Pokersound
    Is amazing how this little wonder sound.
    Very detailed, clear and complete sound, is much better than I've listen before. 
    I need some help. I'm using it with my galaxy S5 and UAPP and some time can hear a "click" how can fix that?
  8. Ra97oR

    Try going to settings and tick "Force 1 Packet per transfer". On my Z1, the Mojo will click and pop without it on, worth a try.
  9. Pokersound
    Thank you very much Ra97oR.
    I've been listening for some minutes and that change in settings it seem to work. 
  10. hitman1
    Thanks that did the trick!
  11. masterpfa
    Also have a look at the UAPP thread for further tips and tricks
    NP's [​IMG]
  12. Pokersound
    Saddly to forze one packet per size didn't work.
    I'm trying to set the buffer size in 400 milliseconds and think this solve the problem. I need more time but it seem to work fine
  13. Bighappy

    All we can do is try :wink:...Thanks man!
  14. OneL0ve
    If anyone is looking for good cables I found some on Amazon Japan. (Tenso shipped these in 3 days via ems)
    1. Micro USB B to Micro USB B OTG cable (SU2-MCH10MR). $6
    2. Mono 2 pole 3.5mm to RCA male coaxial cable. $20
    That iBasso cable is great because it connects to the coaxial cable that is included with the Fiio X5.
    All cables have been tested with the Mojo.
    EDIT: Just found a nice 10cm optical cable 
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  15. neilvg
    Well its not easy or not available to find use the eng site.  However, if you go to the original link http://world.taobao.com/item/44240667193.htm?fromSite=main&pid=mm_1100641_2323434_884563&unid=d97fb4211ff8ec68196beb0c1e446df9 you'll notice if you google translate that the top right corner 2nd link is for language.  SO if you choose not to google translate and select this tab, you can click english as your language.  It doesn't seem to be much better than google translate though -- or it might even just be google translate.
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