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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. SearchOfSub

    "sorry to burst your bubbles man" made me lol. No sarcasm, just thought was funny. :D
  2. brettws

    Brilliant!! Thanks
  3. NaiveSound

    Does usb audio player for Android offer bitperfect options like the Onkyo app?

    If so, what settings should I use
  4. masterpfa
    All users appear to have differing results with sources for the Mojo. SQ wise all should be the same for the Moto G and the Note 5 the difference may be in the processing power and available RAM, CPU and processing the information to your USB app of choice.ie UAPP or Onkyo HF Player.
    My experience is the same on the 3 devices I have used OnePlus One, Motorola Nexus 6 and Huawei Nexus 6P. SQ is exactly the same to my ears YMMV
    Another option and a great match. I find this combination much more portable on my commute.
    I would have to disagree, the mp3 being a compressed file has lost information originally present during the sound engineers mixing. The FLAC on the other hand I found has a better soundstage more depth and even better positioning. If you listen at 32" you can detect the movement from stage right rear moving almost in front of your face to the left channel. If you listen carefully you can even hear the artists breath.
    Confirmation I am going deaf, I could not hear it in this video but I did in the 24/192 FLAC (will there be a DSD release?)
    Another example of the great customer service and dedication to excellence.

    Thanks @Mojo ideas
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  5. ken6217
    Anyone here using an iPod Classic with the Mojo? This is the iPod with 30 pin connector.
  6. uzi2
  7. ken6217
  8. oleWhiskey

    Just a heads up I believe  the crackling issue that some are having with an iPhone and the Mojo is with the latest iOS beta 9.3 beta 1, and now 2.  I have submitted feedback for this through the feedback app on the iPhone. I really encourage others to do the same if you are running the public beta.  

    Maybe Chord Electronics ◕‿◕  could send in some feedback as well!!  That would help from a major company like that **COUGH COUGH** @ Mojo ideas  
  9. Bighappy
    It is a problem with iOS 9.3 beta...I'm hoping they fix it also in the public release :wink:
  10. oleWhiskey
    Right,  but they will not fix it unless there is enough outcry or feedback to go off of.
  11. okplayer
    Hi again,
    I am trying to get high resolution files played through my windows 10 using Jriver through the Chord Mojo and having same issue where high resolution files still outputting at chord mojo end with red light illuminated even though playing high resolution files at Jriver.  The chord mojo plays the file from jriver but at 44.1 red light illuminated not at 24-96 green light
  12. rwelles
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  13. Ra97oR

    Seeing that you are testing a beta release, you can almost always expect bugs. It not like they called it beta for fun...
  14. okplayer
    I got the chord to output high res from jriver yay....now need to only figure out the neutron music player off the samsung note galaxy 3
  15. headmanPL

    It does. I tried both on my Xperia Z3 and didn't like the interface of the Onkyo. USBAPPro just works.
    As for settings, I have everything unticked except fade out volume and ask to exit. It really is that simple.
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