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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. MrDerrick
    It's only fair to compare apples with apples is what I am saying. 
  2. sabloke
    Apples with apples and sound with sound. To say a balanced output is always better than SE is plain silly.
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  3. x RELIC x Contributor

    Well, not necessarily. In my experience, if a setup is done properly, then besides the power advantage and common ground noise rejection, balanced brings little benefit when volume matched to single ended output. If the balanced output is significantly better than single ended (again, after volume matching) then there is something wrong in the design.

    Chord went with single ended because there are less components in the audio path, which allows more transparency to the original signal. I have balanced gear, and I like using balanced output, but it's not the saviour of the audio world and some of the best gear available is single ended only. The ALO Studio Six is a great example.
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  4. masterpfa
    Same here, received mine on Tuesday. Not a bad device at all. Your own experience may differ but IMO SE, the Mojo offers more, I do not as yet have any balanced cables to try with my DP-X1 but hopefully soon
  5. NaiveSound
    Just got the budget phone (moto g 2nd Gen) today and tested it with the Mojo, it is inferior to the dx80 and to the Note 5, in sound, (I was hoping it would be at least as good so I can just stick with it a source for Mojo) I used onkyo app, the paid one with upsampling OFF.

    So I guess I'll be returning the moto.

    Really want a budget source for the Mojo. The dx80 is ok but pops and clicks, the note 5 sounds better than the dx80 but it'd too big and it's my main phone.

    I used to think source didn't matter to mojo but it does, sound is changed with different sources used. For my equipment the note 5 pairs better than dx80 maybe because dx80 has to be paired via coaxial?

    Idk what to do... Really like the way it sounds with note 5
  6. sabloke
    Onkyo dp-x1. Not exactly budget but a huge upgrade from your dx80
  7. betula

    I paired DX80 via coaxial to Mojo. I found the sound to be very clean and transparent, but there were some clicks and pops. Also highs were more piercing, not pleasant after 10-15 mins.
    Still the best sound is when I pair mojo with my Dell E7440. Very smooth, easy listening for hours and hours.
    Still waiting for my connection cable to arrive to try with Android.
  8. NaiveSound

    I liked it with my. Lenovo and my asus laptop as well, nice sound, but note 5 just hit me right, no sibilance or piercing sound at all, I enjoy the look and size of dx80 and I believe it has potential once the software gets cleared up, but I'm looking for a good cheap source in a smartphone for my mojo. As a dedicated source for the Mojo.

    I just can't use my note 5, I need a small small smartphone, but I'm afraid I'm looking for something that may note be there,, some things sound good some don't

    But source obviously does matter, even bitperfect, even no upsampling, source does matter....
  9. Currawong Contributor
    When was the last time you rebooted your iPhone? My phones end up switched on for months, long enough for things to screw up and require a reboot.
    What colour was (is) the light under the charging port?
  10. LouisArmstrong
    Is there anyone who feels that Mojo sounds even better than Hugo, across the board?
  11. uzi2
    . There is no right or wrong here. It just means that it was designed to be balanced. If a component is designed from the ground up to be balanced, it will perform better balanced rather than single ended and vice versa.
  12. LouisArmstrong
    On the AK380, the single ended output is actually better than the balanced out - by quite a fair bit too. LOL.
  13. Mojo ideas

    What colour was the charging/ battery status light under the charging USB port when you were charging the unit? Was it solid White? After charging when the unit was switched on what colour was the battery status light? It should be Blue!
  14. Mojo ideas
    A brand new mojo will have brand new un damaged USB connectors it is extremely unlikely that they are faulty unless a different style of plug has been forced into the socket or perhaps a USB has attempted to be forced in upside down. So please try an alternative cable before returning the unit.
  15. Mojo ideas
    No that simply is not correct! A single ended design, don't right with a large enough voltage swing will easily out perform a balanced output. Balanced designs are used by some designers to overcome inherent limitations within designs. Usually to overcome substrate noise on the chip that shouldn't be there or to increase the output voltage swing of their amplifiers. We don't suffer those limitation or problems so we don't need a dodgy fix for them. Our measurements clearly show this. Sorry to burst you bubble man.
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