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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. AudioBear

    Glad to hear your decision.  With some gear confirmation bias makes us think the new gear it better but that wears off after a while and you have to go off again in search of the high that comes with improvement.  That will not happen with the mojo.  It just keeps the smile on your face...
  2. Antihippy
    Anyone here with a nexus 6p know where to get a short usb-c to micro USB cable ?
  3. San Man
    My sysconcepts cable arrived today, and I can finally see why so many praised the AK100mk2/mojo combo.
  4. spook76
    iOS 9.2.1 update
    The Lavricables interconnect continues to work on both my iPhone and iPod Touch with the new iOS 9.2.1 software using Onkyo HF Player.
  5. Docterror
    Will this work as CCK between the iPhone 6S and the Chord Mojo? Does anyone have any experience?
  6. raelamb

    Wow. That is not my experience. I don't want to be disparaging here because it's well made and elegant and I know Apple is the villain here but I'm finding this cable works intermittently at best.  I'm not about to unplug every connection and put them back in a memorized order every time I use the damn thing either. I just gave up and use the CCK.
  7. AudioBear

    Weird, I have the Lavri cable on a iPhone 6S to Mojo link and it has never dropped the connection or failed to start right up.  Today I though it happened by when I looked Mojo was off and its battery was drained.  I guess I listen to it a lot since I thought I charged it often, apparently not often enough.  Still not a single Lavri cable glitch in a couple of weeks that I have owned one.  I have another coming from China I will report on.  If Apple were so closed system oriented we wouldn't have this problem in the first place.
  8. masterpfa
    Another member had posted this link It's the shortest I have seen advertised anywhere, but I have no personal experience of this cable.
  9. Ike1985
    Right now I'm listening to mojo with my sons $10 batman headphones, I had to crabk the volume up on mojo until the colors came around again-I'm on the second level of red. Even these batman phones sound good-of course nowhere near as good as my CIEMs but really cool to experience the maximum capability of any phones with mojo. I wanna hook up everything now! :blush: image.jpg
  10. San Man
    ^ ^
    Haha, awesome!
  11. MacedonianHero Contributor
    ^^ He's son's? Sure. [​IMG]
    I will be picking up a Mojo tomorrow...thanks Amos...I hold you and your review of the Mojo (on YouTube) exclusively responsible! I'm a big fan of Chord's products and absolutely enthralled with my Hugo TT....high hopes for the much more portable Mojo!
  12. music4mhell
    I just auditioned HD650 and HD800 yesterday and also HD598.
    Please forgive me if i sound rude, but i found HD800 to be too big for my head. :frowning2:
    I am going for HD650.
    Anyways i have a simple doubt, all nerds please clarify if possible.
    If i play the same song(same format, same size) from my laptop and from my Oneplus one connected to MOJO USB input.
    Will there be any difference in the sound quality/clarity/... ? (USB Cable also same, in mobile one addon, i.e. OTG Adaptor)
  13. eddiek997
    Lavricable uses the chip from inside the cck.
    Rarely have I had issues using this cable between my 6plus (ios 9.2) and mojo, but when I do I simply reboot both and problem always solved.
    spook76 likes this.
  14. sabloke
    Don't want to start a war or anything, but honestly can't see why would anyone insist using iPhones with devices like Mojo? All those connectivity issues, no micoSD slot, no removable battery... Not an Android fanboi myself, but the a G4 I use has both an expansion slot and a replaceable battery and works great with the Mojo via a $5 USB cable. Am I missing something, does iOS provide better sound quality somehow over that little port that my mundane G4's micro USB can't match?
  15. lurk

    It's better u can try it yourself and hear it. If u can't tell a difference, would it then be a problem for you?
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