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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Earbones
    I've read several reports of hiss with the SE846, in this thread in other places...
    That said, I'm not surprised you don't hear any. When it comes to hiss in general, there are people that are more sensitive to it than others.
    Some folks will go so far as to make statements like "If you hear hiss with the SE846 and one device, you'll hear it with any device". As someone who is very sensitive to hiss, I don't agree with this... I've definitely found some devices with the SE846 can be inky black with zero hiss... Any Apple device, for instance, exhibits zero hiss to my ears when paired with the SE846, and I've never heard of anybody reporting hiss, either. My IFI iDSD Micro is similarly inky on the "high" and "ultra" sensitivity settings of the iEMatch switch, ditto the Resonessence Labs Concero HP. Other devices like the Burson Conductor exhibit slight hiss when matched with the SE846... And still others are nearly unlistenable, like the Oppo HA2.
    That all said, all the devices listed above that I found to exhibit hiss with the SE846 are being listened to right now with the same IEMs by others who hear no hiss at all, so I'm not disparaging the devices at all, particularly not the larger devices such as the Burson, or other desktop solutions aimed at full-size cans... I'm just saying that some devices pair better with the SE846 than others for people who are sensitive to hiss. 
    What I am disparaging is the popular decision these days to show how large a headphone load one can engineer a tiny device to push, rather than how refined they can make a tiny device with regards to pairing with even the most sensitive IEMs.
    For me, it's a simple matter of practicality. Engineering a device the size of a matchbox to make a 600 OHM headphone sing does nothing for anyone except sales reps at the booths at audio shows. In real life, nobody is going to strain their neck under a pair of Abyss and plug into something so small that when held in the palm of one's hand it is mistaken for a mole. The vast majority of these micro devices will be used as mobile audiophile solutions, and more often than not will be paired with IEMs. The engineering/tuning of these devices should focus on refinement and perfect pairing for how they will most likely be used, not the ability to make a pair of Stax do backflips in order to impress people at CanJam. 
    My two cents anyway, heh.
  2. shigzeo Contributor

    I hear hiss through any device with the SE846, sometimes intolerably. My iPhone 6 isn't bad, but it makes noise, as does my nano 7G, which is as silent as they get. SE846 is a bugger because of hiss. But if you're not bothered by it, that is wonderful. I've tried to get over it. But... I'm the Hiss King. Welcome to my kingdom. (Actually, Jude owns this place, he just granted me a title.)

    Still, considering how much power Mojo has, its noise floor, which is very low, is incredible. But it's there. 
  3. Earbones

    Wow, you must be hiss-king! (or a hiss-prince or duke, ha). I have an iPhone 6, but never listened to my SE846 through it... Just did, and you're right, definite low-level hiss. Funny... I'd assumed it would be hiss-free, as my 4S, 5, and 5S were dead silent with the SE846.
    I should also further amend my earlier statement about all Apple devices, both because I meant iOS devices (the laptops are noisy), and because I forgot that I also noticed hiss through a few iterations of the Nano. I've never had a need for a Nano, and don't own one, so I spaced that one.
    As for hiss-free iOS/SE846 combos (at least hiss-free to my ears) I can attest to the iPod Touch, the current gen, and going back two previous gens. Ditto with the iPads 3G, retina display, Air, and both gens of the Mini. Also the last version of the now-discontinued iPod mini. And as mentioned, the iPhones 4S, 5, and 5S.
    And I agree about the Mojo... By all accounts it appears to be a damn good device. My point is simply that the Mojo (and other micro devices) realistically don't need that power, while an even more refined noise floor tuned for IEMs would be a much more functional asset. I guess my thinking is that if 100 audiophiles buy a micro device, more of them will appreciate an inky background for high-sensitivity IEMs over the ability to handily drive the most demanding full-size cans in their quiver... Headphones for which they probably already have full-size solutions. Note that I say "appreciate" rather than "be impressed by"... I'm talking usability, not parlor tricks. 
  4. NaiveSound

    It is quite possible, I wish dx80 did usb out.

    This is how I connect dx80 to mojo


    Is there a better way?
  5. Mimouille

    I will call you Hiss Majesty if you'll allow.

    I consider myself sensitive to hiss. I have paired the Mojo with Zeus, 846, Solar and SE5 Ultimate, in decreasing order of sensitivity.

    The Zeus hisses with the Mojo, but it also hisses with everything except the AK240SS. It even hiss plugged into air sometimes :wink: The 846 level of hiss on the Mojo is very tolerable, the Solar almost inaudible, not even sure I am not imagining it. The SE5 is absolutely silent but at the same time the SE5 is above 130 ohms of impedance, I guess that is the reason.

    Amyways,whereas the Lotoo Paw Gold is great sounding but a bit too hissy, I find the Mojo not completely silent but reasonably so.
    Mython likes this.
  6. Mimouille

    I don't necessarily agree with your statement. I find that devices with more power (Mojo, Lotoo, 901, etc.) sound better with many iems then less powerful ones (AK players, Sony players).
  7. Ra97oR
    Been thinking of getting a Mojo for use in both portable music listening and for my old PC. On the old FAQ it did state that the Mojo is not suitable for live application due to latency in the processing, just wondering if the output latency is comparable to a consumer sound card or significantly higher?

    Would like to use the Mojo for all non music related application, including gaming and video playback. And also does using different connection type yields different latency?
  8. ThatPhil
    I use mine for gaming and there aren't any latency issues.
  9. plinth
    I use mine from my iPadPro on planes whilst watching movies and can detect no latency the form of lip-sync issues. Even in this scenario it justifies filling up a tray table with ccks and leads.
  10. audi0nick128
    Hey there,
    A few thoughts and questions.
    So MQA seems just around the corner, I would like to know if it will be possible to send a decoded, still digital signal to mojo, lets say from a onkyo dp-x1?

    since when does mojo support 512 DSD read this a while ago and thought it was a mistake, but seems to be correct.

  11. heliuscc
  12. shotgunshane Contributor
    It's low profile dual lock.
    I think sys cables knows the dimensions for this set-up now, so maybe they won't have you measure. Email or call them to discuss. Very friendly and quick to answer email.
  13. betula
    Could anyone compare mojo's sound to similarly priced desktop amps/dacs? (Like M1HPAP​ or Nad D1050, or something similar?)
  14. Dobrescu George
    I am most interested in hearing more and more comparations with Fiio X7. Especially a more detailed comparation about soundstage and how dynamic music sounds on both.
  15. heliuscc
    Could I use your order number as a reference?
    Thanks :smiley:
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