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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. mjdutton

    I think the bluetooth is going to be a separate accessory.
  2. mattloh99
    @Danba and Wyd4. Thanks for the links and your comments. I don't know why after I read your comments and try again with my USB otg, it works with my phone. Feeling excited to burn in my mojo now and thanks to all that's help.

  3. oliverpool
    I know some have asked and timeframe can be a pain once you have given one. But do you know when we can expect to see one of the cases you showed us for protecting the Mojo?
  4. oliverpool
    I got mine from a headphone shop in Vietnam over the weekend! Strange right. It has been released in korea for weeks but the rest of the world shipping seems to be delayed for some reasons. They said they had more orders then they expected.
  5. CosmicHolyGhost
    Fiio L19, travelling with Mojo
    This Taobao cable also works on my iOS 8.3.... ipod touch
    Thanks @seeteeyou for his resourceful advice
    I am not going to AB between the two cables as I have a healthy social life. lol
  6. ykurtz
    Purchased the Mojo a few weeks ago and have been using it as part of my travel rig.  Wow.  When you travel a lot you start to expect having to 'settle' for stuff.  But with the Mojo, I felt like I was getting a top notch music listening experience while I'm on the plane or in my hotel room.  I'd much rather listen to good music in the hotel room:  there are only so many Law and Order reruns one's brain can handle, and while Forensic Files is interesting, I've seen them all at least three times.
    Anyway, I took the Mojo with me while visiting a fellow audiophile in Vermont and he was blown away by it.  He's used to a home rig with 3K+ amp, 2K+ CD player, et al.  He really liked how the Mojo resolved all of his favorite music in such a small package.  I think he'll be getting one shortly.
    Next to my HD800s, my best audio purchase of the year.
  7. highfell
    I took the plunge and bought a pair of SE846s.

    For me ZERO hiss with the Mojo.

    Initial impressions - first few hours - are wow, sounds great. Compared to TF10s, the SE846 provide a 3D/holographic projection of sound that I didn't have before.

    Still using blue inserts so I have the fun of trying different filters to come.

    Very nice com combination.:D
  8. salla45
    nice. I would be v keen to try the SE846's. I was 5050 for a long time between them and the K3003's. In the end I went for the AKGs. It was a toss up between brightness and darkness, and the light won [​IMG] - However, I've always got them in mind. Bet they do sound nice with the Mojo. What sort of lights are you getting on the volume? With the K3's Im never really going above the double reds and even then sometimes dipping below.
  9. psikey
    I emailed them t a coupe of week ago about accessories (especially SD card one) and couldn't tell me anything other than it wont be this year but early next year.
  10. viper2377
    My Mojo should be in tomorrow, pretty excited to hear what all the excitement is about!! Enjoy the holiday everyone!
  11. mattloh99
    Hello guys, sorry to ask a question again. When I switch off the mojo I have the click sound from the mojo and the headphone out. Is it normal ?

  12. headwhacker
  13. mattloh99
    Thanks @headwhacker. If so then hopefully everything will be alright when going back to Penang.
    Enjoy my mojo happily. Thanks guys

  14. 06S2k07Si
    Hey guys... Just looking for a comparison... Anyone heard the Hifiman HM-901s vs the Mojo?
  15. highfell

    Yes the SE846s are a step change up from the TF10s. I could tell the difference (improvement) immediately. I didn't have to do a number of A/B comparisons , ie was that cymbal that bit clearer, the drum skin that bit taughter- it was just that obvious.

    In terms of colour , i am in the pink or red zone on a noisy train. I did a count back to zero colour / no volume and I was six clicks away from that if that helps. But with the Shure large olives, I have good noise isolation.
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