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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. salla45
    No worries M8!! Glad to share. It works very well with Samsung at least!
  2. Torq
    If it works for you, more power to you and I hope it remains a complaint-free experience! :)
    The longer I used it (over several major revisions on both Windows and OS X ... so several years at least) the more it grated on me (experience and interface) and the more issues I ran into.  In the end it was the overall experience, combined with no longer needing some of its compensatory functionality, that had me seeking alternatives.  On Windows I switched to Foobar2000 which worked very well and used the native UI (an aesthetic issue to be sure, but then I have strong aesthetic preferences), but once I moved purely to OS X as my on-the-metal OS I had to find something else there.
    I tried Fidelia, since it was cheap ... and that worked well enough.
    I tried Amarra (and again recently) ... the UX is nearly as bad as JRiver, though in different ways, and the software had serious stability and usability issues, particularly on my primary machine where the three high-resolution monitors I use cause Amarra fits.
    Then I found "Roon", which works for me and is all I use to listen at home via the computer.
    I still need to try Audirvana for use on my laptop when I travel, since Roon isn't very useful there (it can be, but it gets expensive) ... we'll see how that fares.
    Glad JRiver is working for you though; it's very capable and there are many things it can do as an all-in-one program that require multiple products to solve for otherwise. 
  3. spook76

    I too have reported to the moderators. You have to be a child to not realize certain usernames are beyond common decency. What Stalin and Pol Pot were taken.
  4. Turrican2

    yep, works great, just waiting on a syscocepts custom optical cable, should have it in the next day or two.  I love the PAW5k as a transport and it matches fairly well size wise. It does have a limit of 24/96 if that bothers you.
    salla45 likes this.
  5. bflat
    Moon Audio is reporting arrival of the next batch today. Not sure how many they can ship out today so congrats to the first in line folks. I'm likely going to be tomorrow. Good to see Drew and co were able to keep everyone well informed pretty accurate ETAs.
    LOL - I kid you not, 30 sec after I posted, I got a fedex shipping notice from Moon Audio. This bodes well for all of us as my order was quite late.
    spook76 likes this.
  6. eddiek997

    Ha, Me too. I just replied to their tweet. 1 minute later I get the new mail notification sound and there it was....
  7. lextek Contributor
    Just got tracking info from Moon also.
  8. shotgunshane Contributor
    Running it through its paces. I'm glad I got the 5mm Sys.Concepts cable, so it has some added durability. It's nowhere as big as they appear in pictures.

    Angular Mo likes this.
  9. lextek Contributor
    That's one of my planned set ups when mu Mojo arrives.
  10. jjacq
    Guys, my mojo arrives tomorrow and I just recently ordered an AK Titan from the classifieds. I hope this information helps but currently with my AK100ii and RSA Intruder, I've been getting very good results with this restickable adhesive which is available at most retail stores in the US. 
    For anything heavier I would recommend the squares which can hold 1 lb. The Chord Hugo is .8 lbs.

    I tend to not like velcro because of the residue it leaves when it's removed and I'm worried it might damage the leather of my AK100ii so I decided to go this route. I really like it a lot and if it loses its stickiness all that is needed is to wash it and dry it for a few minutes. It's very very good. I've been using the same dots I've attached for 3 months now with a good amount of sticking and removing.
  11. NZtechfreak
    Man, this is sounding pretty good even out of today's portable rig:

    Nexus 6P --> Chord Mojo --> LCD-4 (playback controls via Pebble Time Steel, which finally received its steel strap)



    You'll note the sample rate is correct with playback via UAPP...
    spook76 likes this.
  12. Wyd4

    Very nice.
    Does the lcd4 follow in the lcdx,lcd2 or lcd3 sound?
    My favourite being the lcd3 followed by lcd2 (original version)
  13. NZtechfreak

    So far, having only heard it on the pictured portable rig, I would say it's like an all-around more technically accomplished 3 with improved treble.
  14. Dionysus
    I received mine this evening, first impression was man this thing is small from pictures here and web images I knew it was small but man, it is small!
    Will have to wait till tomorrow evening before I put it through its sq. paces have to wait for the 10 hours of charge time.
  15. x RELIC x Contributor

    As its been mentioned many times, you don't need to wait for 10 hours. If the charging light is off then you are ready to play!

    Chord has stated that the 10 hours is a precaution for units sitting on the shelf for long periods. Yours hasn't been on the shelf for long at all.
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