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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. jude Administrator
    Several off-topic posts deleted.
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  2. Wilderbeast
    I have - my dad has a house in South Devon & we've driven through a few times. In fog, Princetown is perhaps the eeriest place on earth - I can't imagine living there!
    To stay on topic (sorry!) I've had Mojo for a while now. I didn't think I'd take it out much but it's in my bag wherever I go. I still think Hugo is much better sounding, but I'm listening to Mojo more because of the convenience. 
    I find it a little dark for my K10s but it sounds great with my SE846s. It's a fantastic little DAC/amp in my opinion.
  3. TokenGesture

    Guildford Hifi!  Pretty sure that is where I got my first proper Hifi system, over 20 years ago...
  4. salla45
    am having trouble getting Tidal to play through Mojo using S5 Samsung running 5.0
    I can get music to play using USB Audio Player Pro thru Mojo but Tidal just comes out of the speaker on the phone.
    Any pointers ?
  5. audionewbi
    The latest USB pro update enables tidal support. It is on the drop down menu, you have to select it and than enter your tidal account details.
  6. salla45
    superb. Thanks for this!
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  7. salla45
    cool. I was expecting to exit the app and use tidal software, but it all happens within the USB Pro Audio player software. Like!! Much less clumsy than switching between apps.
  8. Pier-Fi

    If I remember well from my time in Australia, anything below $1000 doesn't attract tax duties. I wish they would do that in England [​IMG]
  9. OK-Guy
    they reduced the allowance last year for imported Goods it's now £15 approx. before VAT's added & I believe the 'Gift' allowance is £28 approx... they gotta hit the little guy so Amazon & the like can keep their tax exemptions.
    ps... my Brother lives close to Exeter, you're welcome to him... [​IMG]
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  10. salla45
    Ref interference when playing using the Samsung Galaxy S5, I am experiencing minimal noise.
    It is there, but at a low level; it's usable for sure, slightly noticeable when there's nothing playing and during v quiet passage. Disappears when in flight mode, not surprisingly.
    It's not enough to annoy me or to make me want to use the flight mode when casually listening.
  11. Pier-Fi

    argh, that's a shame. Thanks for the update.
    The old regulation was good. It made sense in Australia where a lot of things are not distributed. If I had had to pay the taxes for all the records I got from overseas, it would certainly had been a lot more expensive. Now living in England I have to restrain myself from buying anything outside of the EU, or wait to have a really big order so that the added taxes are balanced by the overall cost. I mean, I'm all for paying the VAT, but the fees that the Royal Mail is taking are quite important. grrorr76 got lucky then. 
  12. psikey
    Problems with this. I'm just in contact with developer who has confirmed same issue and working on a fix ASAP.
    This is related to my UAPP review on GooglePlay:
    "Great Tidal has been added, how about Spotify! With my Note 4 & S6 streaming Tidal through my Chord Mojo USB DAC I get skipping with Tidal. It plays a track then on next one it plays a couple of seconds then can skip to next track (no pattern) no idea why. Will try straight out to earphones to see if its only an issue to the DAC. UPDATE: not just to DAC, headphone out too and downloaded Tidal music (not just streamed)"
    Basic issues:
    I've actually tried 3 Albums now and does same on all three
    It actually went like this with album:
    Plays first song fully
    Plays ~3s of 2nd track
    Plays 3rd track fully
    Skips 4th track after ~ 3s then doesn't play anything again at all
    From developer:

    Davy Wentzler <info@extreamsd.com>

    11:23 (1 hour ago) [​IMG]

    to me

    Yep, happened here. Will try to fix asap."
    Also worth pointing out that Tidal in UAPP is only via streaming. It has no knowledge of any downloaded music so you will need an active internet connection and be using data all the time while playing (may be of concern to some if streaming HiFi over a limited 3g/4g connection). Also, Spotify cannot work this way in UAPP due to Spotify licensing issues.

  13. salla45
    Further observations on the Mojo (+K3003) playing any files...
    Settling in now, 24hrs in. Just difficult to put into words how good this is. I've never had the pleasure of hearing the Hugo, so it's all old hat for a lot of you guys. For me, It's an astonishing revolution in audio reproduction.
    One thing keeps coming to mind when listening. Whatever it is I am listening to. Understanding. It just makes sense. Effortlessly understandable. I've never had such a privilege of understanding listening to music before. Jazz is especially good. Listening to Keith Jarrett Whisper Not just plain vanilla CD Rip. It's all just effortless, smooth, intelligible, like it's part of me, in the moment. It's so weird. It's not like it's specifically clearer or anything, over and above the IFI Nano IDSD Dac which I have been enjoying recently. But the Mojo is something else entirely. It's an illusionist of the highest order. With this heightened illusion comes heightened emotions, keener concentration, just more involvement, engagement.  Going back to the Jarrett i am currently listening to, it's all so inherently "right", the interplay between the trio is just perfect, delicate, sublime. The emotion is absolutely felt as if in the chamber with them. 
    A key point for me has been that in the recent past, I have been nodding off when listening to music, noticeably so and it's been annoying to me. Listening to this, I am getting the oppositie reaction. Excitement, emotion, and absolutely no drowsiness, I just can't fail to concentrate on the music. I was up last night listening til around 2am and had to tear myself away to catch a few hrs.
    Just awesome, literally.
  14. psikey
    Nicely described. Best I'd heard prior to the Mojo was an HA-2 and the Sony ZX2 and Mojo is just so much better (I've never heard a Hugo either and would never spend so much on  a DAC/Amp myself). Jumping to the Shure SE846 IEM's (from sub £300 earphones) was my biggest gain in audio followed closely by the Mojo. I did spend £700 on the Sony ZX2 and did like the sound but after hearing the Mojo the ZX2 went back to Amazon in the 30day return window.
  15. x RELIC x Contributor
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