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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. equedadoii
    don't i know it.
    it is difficult and intoxicating to imagine what it is going to be like transitioning from an almost 7-year old amp/dac & ath-ad700s
    into the mojo + symphones magnum v6.
    ugh. time.
  2. Mython Contributor
    Think positive! [​IMG]

  3. grrorr76
    Mine just arrived from england today. Out of the box it sounds really really good. I am now charging it and burning it in which should be interesting. What amazed me is just how small it is. Pictures don't do it justice. It drives my T1's amazingly well for a portable setup. I have mine linked with an AK100ii it sounds desktop standard in my limited testing.
    I even plugged in my Bose QC25's which before were pretty average sound wise. But the Mojo really brings them to life. Who would of thought they would be such a great match. I am very impressed so far.
  4. salla45
    good to hear. I am considering the T1's as my next (final? hah!) purchase, and was wondering how they paired with Mojo. Thanks for sharing.
  5. grrorr76

    they sound great, plenty of power and finese.
  6. salla45
    :) - do you have the 2nd gen T1's or the originals? I've really seen v little comparison sonically between the 2
  7. grrorr76
    no 1st gen. The difference between the 2 is minimal . Gen 2 has removable leads and is many hundreds of dollars more.
  8. salla45
    yep. I just read "slightly better" this and that; "incremental" and "not immediately noticeable", sort of thing. Its either 700chf for the original or 1000 for the 2nd gen. Like you say, 100's of $ more.
    I'm not in any way in a position to take the plunge. The mojo was already pushing it! 
    Just nice to know it works well with it. 
    If the 2nd gen comes down over the next 6months or so, Ill consider it for the cable and case which are preferable in the new model, to me anyhow.  if the II came down to 800 chf or so, it would be more interesting!
    thanks again.
  9. pitchblack
    The T1s 2nd are already available in CH. Around CHF 949.-

    send with LG G4
  10. salla45
    yeah i saw that, thanks! K55 are offering for 930 chf among. Good guys. They have fed my habit very successfully over the last few months! Weirdly I saw the T1ii for 700 a couple of months back. Then it shot up to around 950. It sort of put a damper on my immediate interest, as you can imagine.
  11. micropixel
    Was listenening to ATH-M50X last night with X5ii as transport. Sounded really good - nice imaging, thought soundstage was slightly wider than I remembered it to be, good clarity and dynamic. Didn't observe any treble roll off unlike W40 iem and T51p on-ear.

    As for my LCD2F while sounding full bodied and warmish as Mojo manages to drive it loud enough, I thought it lacks clarity and separation. It sounded a bit congested and am guessing Mojo struggles to power it. For reference my other set ups for this LCD2 includes 2qute with ADL Esprit and Violectric V200. The former sounds pretty good but the latter has substantial treble roll off. So I'm waiting to see if Liquid Carbon will give it more amp headroom and drive it better.

    So based on my experience so far, Mojo can be selective so have to try my headphones one by one to find which pair pairs well with good synergy.
  12. GoSUV
    I have finally received my Mojo from the dealer last Friday and have played with it for a couple of days. First of all a couple of observations (and questions):
    1. The construction is solid and impeccable but I did find the volume spheres a bit tight - in fact once I had the "+" sphere stuck in the pressed position and the volume kept going up and I couldn't get them unstuck before the music got too loud and I have to pull the plug on the earphones. Will these balls loosen up in time and I don't recall the demo unit at the dealer having this issue. Now I have learned to press them straight down instead of "into" the unit to avoid having the same issue again. Hope the issue will take care of itself over time or I have adapted to it.
    2. When the unit is charging it emits a physical hum - not loud and you certainly can't hear it without pressing your ear very near the unit, but I do realize some very early units were suffering from a component defect. I am wondering if my unit is in the affected batch. Perhaps someone from Chord can supply a range of serial numbers for us to verify? Is a very minor hum during charging normal?
    3. When I listen to the Mojo with my Shure SE846 and wow. I have never heard them sound so good. I listen to mostly vocals and use the black filter on the SE846 for more warmth.
    4. My T5p on the Mojo also sounds good, but just a tad too neutral for my tastes, as the T5p are also very neutral phones and it could use more body in the bottom end for better synergy. I guess I need to pair the Mojo with more colorful amps/phones in order to better enjoy them. While the Mojo is technically better than most other DACs in the price range, I find for example the Meridian Explorer sounds more enjoyable with the T5p due to its warmer signature. But the Mojo is a keeper because of its other traits.
  13. micropixel
    Re: #1 - same for my unit when I received it.  As John was around, my retailer highlighted to him immediately to which I was told it will loosen over time - seems like a known issue.  Indeed after couple of weeks now, the "stickiness" is mostly gone and the mishap didn't happen anymore. But yes, that vol up ball still feels tighter compared to the other 2.... so I am still cautious whenever I turn the vol up.  When it was stuck though, I clicked vol down immediately which seems to stop the vol from shooting up so you may want to try this than yanking out the headphone connector.
  14. Rob Watts

    A small physical noise can be apparent whilst charging - it depends upon the quality of the USB charging PSU.
    Don't worry about it as it won't affect SQ. Rob
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
    onsionsi likes this.
  15. KT66
    Maybe a couple of pages late but I don't hear any roll off, then again I have old musicians ears!
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