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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. gavinfabl

    The Grado 325i you referenced, are these new? I have searched and I see loads of mentions of the 325e. I did see a model number 325is.

    Your enlightenment would be appreciated :)
  2. micropixel
    Listening to jazz vocal with X5ii + Mojo + Weston W40. Sounds good and satisfying. Detailed with clean sound, full bodied, and a bit bassy in a good musical way and doesn't over power other frequency range. Just a slight treble roll off which is ok that it's not fatiguing. But the roll off is more apparent with Beyerdynamic T51p making it too bottom heavy for my liking.

  3. imattersuk
    Yes thanks I already know that as I have a Macbook Pro. Thinking of replacing my iPad with one of the new Macbook's as they are very thin & light but looks like they don't have optical out. Hopefully the USB C to USB adapter works ok with Mojo.
  4. soundblast75
  5. micropixel

    Totally with you. It was an absolute pain to solder the trss connector with all the solder points being so cramped together. Good suggestion on the STP. But I'm under the impression that the ground braid must be connected on both end so that some current will constantly flow through to create an effective shield against RFI, EMI, no?
  6. Antihippy
    So am I right in thinking that the bluetooth module would work like how a normal stack would work, only wirelessly?
  7. audionewbi
    As posted earlier these are the speculated cases that chord is deciding from:
    900x900px-LL-f29d2464_image.jpg 900x900px-LL-3a96604d_image.jpg
  8. soundblast75
    Wow, how'd I miss that. Yes please, already scratched:fearful:
  9. AndrewH13

    Many associate warmer with more musical. I personally don't, I find anything warmer only beneficial with poor recorded or compressed music, but that's just my hearing. Why we all like something different.

    Agree on you views on Hugo, if it had come out AFTER the Mojo, many would be raving over the increased airiness and resolution, and saying it would be worth having the larger case for home use for these audible benefits. Similar to how I feel about the TT if I could afford it.
  10. purdah
    From what I remember from the lecture in my Electronics degree as long as the shield is grounded at one end then you get the shield from interference. Note that one pair of the twisted pair would need to act as teh ground and thus needs to be connected at both ends.
    For a pure coax cable then both ends need to be grounded to provide the ground path AND the transmission line effects, although for such short lengths and low frequencies of <1Mhz transmission line effects are not really going to take effect.
    Think faraday cage rather than ground shield. Also note that RFI would enter in through the other holes such as the buttons on the Mojo and could theoretically pollute the signal at the socket where there would be no grounding protection (at least not typical in this application).
  11. imattersuk
    Cables Cables and more Cables, i'm thinking about sourcing every cable under the sun that you could ever need for the Mojo and selling it as a Mojo Connection Pack, problem is we wouldn't have anything to debate on here then [​IMG]
  12. AndrewH13

    While the majority of bands still use Valve amps, many cabs at the back are for show :). Gone are the days of stacks of Marshall's producing the sounds we hear. Many bands mic their small valve amps into the PA and the rear Amps just provide a backdrop for them to feel vibration! Other bands are using more and more Effects like Axe FX or electronics like the Kemper which can produce any amp it is profiled with.

    Be boring seeing a group with just a small piece of electronics, so one group has a dozen empty Orange Cabs behind them! Sign of the times.
  13. GreenBow
    I think whatever case they design it needs to be able to be opened easily. Ideally when charging it might need to be open so it doesn't trap heat.
    I think of warmer sounding equipment as being closer to hearing sounds naturally. I think sound has a warm profile. Eg bird-song is not cold or clinical like some audio equipment. I think most sound has a warm texture. (I guess that's why sometimes you can fall asleep listening to sounds in a warm bubble.)
  14. pitchblack

    Another sad chapter to get a non faulty AK240. It seem's like this 4th unit also is not error free. The 192 kHz optical out is not working even with the right cable at least on MoJo, on iDSD it's working fine. BUT if I try this new Audioquest cable at the optical out at the MacBook Pro Retina it works like a charm at the Mojo - no problems at all. It has to be the AK240 then....
    Which is the best recommended transport except AK/Smartphone at the moment? Fiio X3 2nd, X5 2nd, X5 1st, X7?
  15. oliverpool

    Please make this now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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