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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. miketlse
    Don't worry about the delay, it is important that you take the time to perform rigorous (in audiophile terms) tests/comparisons.

    Those members who started following this thread 4 years ago, experienced both the great Mojo sound signature, and the frustrations caused by using a phone as the input source.
    The user feedback identified that some daps could provide improved (ie less RFI/electrical noise) input sources, and still retain the Mojo sound signature.
    For a while I used a Shanling M1.
    Now I have a Poly as the alternative source, and it does enable a slightly darker background to music, indicating lower levels of RFI/electrical noise.
    Enter the X10TII, which has been receiving recommendations as an input source for the MScaler.
    You are now providing similar recommendations for the Mojo.
    The conclusion - the Mojo provides a great music sound signature for mobile use, but this is enhanced by using the best (ie low noise) input sources, and at the moment those appear to be the Poly or X10TII.
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  2. ohcrapgorillas
    Yeah, I wasn't disappointed with the Mojo when using my phone and laptop as sources, since it was definitely better than either, but I always suspected that it could be better and for years would occasionally do research on what was the best transport besides Poly (couldn't justify the price), but information was limited. I eventually went with the Cayin N3 as a cheap option for coax output, and was really pretty impressed by how much better Mojo sounded... similar improvements as described in my last post, blacker background, more dynamics/details, better focus, better bass clarity. I thought that it might be a source that could get everything out of the Mojo, but I always had this nervous itch in the back of my mind that it could possibly be better. I ordered the X10T II to satisfy that itch, and was immediately smitten. These differences aren't night and day of course, in a broader sense (i.e. relative to the differences between headphones), they are subtle distinctions, but those subtle improvements go a long way in creating a more realistic, lifelike, and spacious listening experience that is just so much more engaging. For me the xDuoo + Mojo combo brings the wow factor to the table every time I fire them up.

    I also think that your conclusion here goes beyond just Mojo and MScaler--I think transport quality is only slightly less important than DAC quality. It was a big day for me when I emancipated myself from PCs as a source with my Oppo BDP-103 at home; the xDuoo is only slightly less focused than the Oppo's coaxial output in PureAudio mode. In my office, I use the xDuoo as a source for Modi Multibit + CTH, and it outperformed Eitr. I have never owned an xDuoo product before, but I think they have done something worth noting with this little guy.
  3. cirodts
    s the mojo powerful enough to drive a beyerdinamic amiron?
    Which DAP is the best transport for the mojo?
  4. cirodts
    Better a shanling m0 as transport for the mojo or a hiby r3?
  5. _daRK
    Definitely Hiby R3! Better sound (with and without Mojo) and better manipulation because of more suitable size.
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  6. virgopunk
    You should see the Tempotec paired with the Mojo. Perfect pairing. DSC_0046.JPG
  7. cirodts
    I said better matching for sound quality.
  8. CJG888
    I’m very happy with the combination of Mojo and M0 (using Shanling’s own short USB cable). The M0’s screen is, however extremely small, making the player difficult to operate...
  9. hifinoob005
  10. CJG888
    Anker are good (and not expensive).
  11. hifinoob005
  12. hifinoob005
    What about the length of the cables?

    Will an 10ft/3m Anker cable work?

    Where does it mention the 1.5m limit?
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2019
  13. x RELIC x Contributor
    Charging lithium batteries 24/7 is not advised and there have been many reports of premature battery life issues from those that have. Pro tip, all lithium batteries don’t like to remain at full charge.
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  14. CaptainFantastic
    I think there is a post in this thread explaining how to remove the battery, for those wanting to use the Mojo as a desktop solution only. This way one avoids the dangers of a 24/7 charging lithium battery.
  15. miketlse
    I think there is a post somewhere in the thread, but it is easy enough to do (although @Rob Watts has posted that because this mod was never tested during the Mojo development, it will not be covered by any warranty)
    Just remove the 8 screws, and open the case.
    The battery is attached to the top of the case using double sided tape.
    The battery cable is attached to the circuit board using a simple plug - just unplug the cable.
    Screw the case back together.

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