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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. arnolfibus

    According to Mojo's manual http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/mojo/manual/Mojo-User-Manual.pdf, the light is on during the recharge and turns off after full charge (approx 4 hours). Mine is currently charging with a 1,5 A charger (Xperia Z3 charger) and the light is on (not blinking).
  2. Rowethren

    Nice to see they are now using a bottom mount for the usb! That's one thing that always put me off getting a Sony phone was having the usb on the side which would be terrible ergonomically for stacking... Thanks for sharing.
  3. Tony1110
    Mine takes closer to 5 hours to charge using a 2 Amp charger.
  4. OK-Guy
    McCol... convert the $-price to Pounds then add 23% (20% VAT + 3% Import Duty), you'll also get hit for a handling-fee of anything between £15-25 (RM is cheapest), hth.
    I tend to go the Luxemburg-Option route, if it's good enough for Amazon etc. 
  5. musicheaven

    That's what you'd like to see but even though they have their fancy enclosures, Wifi and Cell signals are pretty powerful. They just get through any enclosure openings you have available so again using a smartphone is not the right way to stack a DAC. I think Chord should strap an iPhone onto their Mojo and take some measurements while I call them up. I can guarantee you they'll see some spikes on the headphone out line. :wink:
  6. musicheaven

    I don't know if I should laugh or congratulate you but your Mojo looks fabulous with your Z5. :D
  7. FidelityCastro

    Interestingly enough, I get very little interference from my iP6 with the Hugo (unless I actually get a phonecall obviously), but more through the ALO CDM. I wouldve assumed the Mojo is close to the Hugo in terms of isolation....
  8. rq1111
    Thanks to Arnolfibus and Tony1110!, mine has been charge for more than 12hrs but the charging light still on. Anyway, I went back to the shop to change a new one. Thanks so much to all who help me!
  9. KT66
  10. rq1111
    Personally, i find that mojo sound is more warm than hugo. Hugo has really good details compare to mojo so i find that hugo is really suitable for my hifi system while mojo will be my portable amp as now i use ath-r70x which is power hungry but real good natural sound and almost ruler flat tuning headphone.

    Initial, I was quite sad that after i buy hugo for a month plus, this mojo came out. But now, i think it is ok as my hugo is mainly bought for my hifi system and hugo sound is indeed better than mojo for details wise.
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  11. salla45
    I was wondering if there are any further reviews in the pipeline from any of the users in the group?
    I would love to hear more about the sound and specific comparisons with other devices, and compatibility and testing with difference transducers, etc. There are only 2 reviews so far for this "game changing" device. 
    Having said that, I'm 100% sold on getting one asap, lol. Not like I need convincing, just need to satisfy my lack of ownership by reading about it :)
  12. musicheaven
    If I had plenty of cash, I would go for the amazing Hugo TT; that's what I call a big league DAC, never mind portability, never works anyway but desktop convenience, yah!
  13. georgelai57
    You're supposed to charge it 10 hours the first time. It's now 5 hours and the white light has gone off. Must ... Be ... Patient?
  14. audionewbi
    That is the case if your Mojo is old stock, at this rate there is no old stock Mojo, they simply arent staying on shelf long enough to discharge.
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  15. KT66
    Now working with DX90, As per my earlier post I don't have anything labelled as coax cable,
    The one supplied with DX90 doesn't fit. So I thought I'd try any cable.
    And so far every single one works, If this sound is broken or cable used is holding it back I'd love to 
    hear it with a proper cable,!! it sounds faultless to me, full tonal spectrum. Nothing added or taken away.
    The lights don't show up well on my camera, but as you can see The Who DSD is playing (yellow light)
    cable above is freebee Fiio supply
    cable below was free from IFI at a trade show, both are analogue interconnects working as digital!
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