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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Pimsilveira
    Can you share your experience of the mojo connected to a audiophile (usually expensive) hi-fi system?
    How does it perform connected to a really great amp and great speakers?
    How does it compare to other more traditional (not portable) DACs?
  2. magicalmouse
    HAve you considered er4xr - this seems to match well with my mojo/fiio x7/otg out - also shure se535, both (together if you wished) are within your budget and give different but complementary signatures.
  3. DjBobby
    IMO it sounds great as a part of an audiophile system, in my case with big Dali floor-standers. Better than most other "traditional" dacs I've tried. Actually much prefer Mojo as a dac alone, than as a headphone amp.
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  4. ChasingDopamine
    So just finished my first listening session with the mojo after my long first charge. Had read all the reviews and carried a fair amount of bias both towards and against it from all the positive reviews dropping poetic adjectives one after another and negative reviews saying it's overpriced and they couldn't hear much of a difference.

    Firstly, the charge whine was real, and the interference issue was real. Putting my phone in airplane mode helped. There was no significant interference via usb from pc running tidal. The device did run hot as expected, and the usb sockets did come across as not the most resilient. My current cable works but runs havoc on my battery so will be getting a replacement cable soon.

    As for the sound, im using Shure 1540s and replacing a dragonfly red as a dacamp. I spent a week trying to decide between the mojo and Q5, and told myself I would try the mojo and return it to amazon for the Q5 if it turned out to be nothing special.

    Well I must say Amazon are gonna have to come to my house and pry this one away from my cold dead hands because expect for a warranty replacement it's never going back. This is the real deal and I can see the hype is definitely there for a reason. Everything everyone has said has been for a very good reason. The detail, resolution, sepeation, layering, imaging, tonality... Its like listening through a different set of headphones in a completely different price bracket. I had always felt something not quite right with my Shure 1540s and even considered selling them many times. Nope nothing wrong with them, in fact I now know they are exceptional set of headphones, they were just being held back and needed to be unlocked. Not only are they now singing at thier potential, I get the sense that they are now the bottle neck for the mojo (actually got my heart set on a focal clear when I can muster the balls to drop £1400 from my savings on headphones).

    I was literally lost for words. I sat down with an analytical mindset, listening critically to pick out flaws as we do when comparing audio products. Somewhere floating around my subconscious was the biases from all the reviews I had read, both positive and negative, struggling to come to the forefront of my mind. Listening to a few choice songs which I knew like the back of my hand so any emotional reaction to them means something special is happening. Something special did indeed happen, all my judgement and analysis fell silent, and all of a sudden I was deeply and emotionally moved. I literally had to take my headphones off and just laugh. The music spoke to my soul once again, and I finally understood what everyone was talking about. The hype was real.

    I gave them to my significant other as part of my evaluation process. She has an untrained ear and knew nothing of the product, it's cost or reviews whatsoever. Also a woman I had watched patiently hold her silence at my audio ramblings as and read her book at audio stores I had managed to drag her along to. She once described the focal utopias as "yeah it's alright". In this instance it took an unprecedented time for me to get my headphones back from her.

    I don't know what kind of witchcraft is going on inside this little black box, but this one is definitely a keeper. It reminded me what it is that I chase in this hobby, what all the hours of forum browsing and purchase decisions are hoping to lead too. I know a huge part of any dopamine release is novelty, and it's possible the novelty will wear off. Its also more than likley that there is a fair amount of placebo at play. But I don't care about any of that. Even just part of that feeling every now and again after a long stressful day, it would be money well spent.

    Anyway this is nothing you havnt all heard before but thought I would share. Looking forward to further evaluations today.
  5. Sheep1234
    Does anyone has a solution for playing with the mojo and spotify under windows 10?

    When I start Spotify with the mojo selected as a sound device spotify will jump trough the tracks without playing music. When I start spotify with another sound device selected and then switch to the mojo it will work fine.
    This happens with 3 diffrent PC's of mine and also with the Hugo 2.

    I contacted Chord about this and they said that something else is using the Mojo and occupying it, but I can't figure out what that should be.and it's kinda strange that this happens on 3 diffrent PC's.

    Edit: I fixed it by activating everything at supported formats and setting the sample rate to 192000 Hz. It seems like it has problems upsampeling.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
  6. MementoMori99
    Welcome to the club! I am pleased to hear that you are enjoying your Mojo.

    The following 3-ft Monoprice cable took care of the charge whine and/or hiss in my Mojo. It can also be used as a data transfer cable.


    In my experience, to realize the best sound performance out of the Mojo one must first break it in by playing music at medium volume levels for a minimum of 24-hrs.. Once break-in is achieved, all that is required is to warm it up for a minimum of 10-min. by playing music at medium volume levels before a critical or regular listening session begins. Obviously, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. YMMV.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
  7. jarnopp
    Congratulations! You’ve summarized nearly all the posts on this thread succinctly, with the exception of the “line out” mode.
  8. TheTrace
    If you ever come across information on how to replace/fix the 3.5mm slots in your travels please share that here. We have different situations but are in the same boat as far as the warranty goes.
  9. TheTrace
    I always looked around for more impressions on this combo but never found much. I always found it to be superb and have no urge to listen to anything else when the using the Mojo with the JBL 305s. Just recently added the matching sub for the monitors and damn is all I gotta say..
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
  10. SilverEars
    There isn't an extensive thread I could find here, and I was looking for one that people have tried various DACs with. Interestingly, I had the Mojo when I first got them and didn't have an idea how good the combo was until I tried to feed it various other sources like DAPs, DACs, and I can't understand why Mojo works so well with them. Interestingly, Mojo pulls up the low-end a bit compared to other stuff I've tried, but it probably don't stand a chance to a dedicated sub though. Sounds clear, clean, articulate. I appreciate the performance more with the Mojo.
  11. Boerd
    For a while now I noticed that the Mojo's battery light is not turning off anymore while plugged in. At all. I tried different chargers (with enough juice, etc.) - the battery light stays on. Even after 2-3 days left turned off and plugged in. If I unplug it the light turns blue (when Mojo is turned on) - supposedly the Mojo is charged, but the charge doesn't last 2 hours on the red or yellow lights / level (with Sennheiser HD 650).
    Has anybody had this problem? Any solutions? I contacted my dealer but the price for replacing the battery (I think 120$) is not worth to me; I'd rather buy a better DAC after my experience with Mojo.
    Still - if anybody has found a fix or a workaround - I'd try it.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
  12. ChasingDopamine
    Considering getting some ferritebeads to help with interference. Does anyone recommend the AudioQuest jitterbug for the mojo? Some reviews seem to rate it while others seem not so impressed
  13. maxh22
    I can recommend the Jitterbug wholeheartedly for Mojo; get the ferrites as well everything helps.
  14. miketlse
    Welcome to the Mojo club.
    As one of the posters who have followed this thread for over two years, your experience mirrors many other mojo owners. In the early days of this thread, there were many posts by mojo owners, describing how they read the posts/publicity about mojo, and went along to dealers curious to hear the mojo, but not expecting it to replace their existing dac solution. Most of those posts ended with them saying that they left the demo, either with a mojo, or with one on order. Normally people know very quickly that the mojo is a step up, and special.
    @Mython tried to capture a lot of the best practice for using Mojo in the FAQ in post #3, granted the subsequent change in Head-Fi platform makes some of the info harder to access, but there are several long-term posters who will be happy to try and answer any questions that you may have.
    Regarding Jitterbug, Rob Watts posted that although it doesn't reduce jitter, it can reduce electrical noise, so can be considered a cost effective improvement.
    For myself, i found that adding a ferrite choke removed much of the electrical noise, but there are interesting posts on the other chord threads about using multiple ferrite chokes, each tuned to a different frequency band.
    Please feel free to ask any other questions that you have, because hopefully we can provide an answer.
  15. ChasingDopamine
    Thank you for the warm welcome. I've just had my second day with the mojo and it continues to blow me away. I continue to do my reading but as it was an impulse buy which arrived so shortly after my order and I've struggled to part myself from listening to it ive still got alot more to read.
    The sound is perfect, so for once in my brief audiophile career im not dealing with EQs or formats or anything to do with the sound itself. That truely speaks to how fantastic the mojo is. I can't forsee myself wanting to update that part of my signal chain at all, I've simply lost interest in looking for a better dac. Hell I've already set aside another £389 to buy it's replacement for when it breaks outside warranty (although depending on how my research goes I might up into this fund early and get a poly).

    I'm not getting much noise when using on my PC via USB, hence why I'm not too certain on the jitterbug as an investment. May go for it anyway as it's only £39.

    I am however getting a fair bit of interference on my phone, so am looking at solutions for that.

    I found these on Amazon and may give them a try: www.amazon.co.uk/Dreamtop-Clip-Ferrite-Suppressor-Diameter/dp/B01MG8GQ1F

    Likewise this cable were recommended which I am going to try as a replacement for my current cable solution.
    It doesn't say otg but the reviews seem to suggest it might work (connecting to a note 8)

    Does anyone have any advice on reading strain on the usb sockets or minimising battery problems? The issues reported have me treading lightly as I do love how this thing sounds.
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