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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Takeanidea
    Another 4 hours spent listening to the Mojo through my HD800s yeserday.  Wow.... It's a shame I can't get one for myself , although like many of you I have spent my money with Custom Cables, doesn't look like they were in stock at the time of ordering despite it saying there were 10 in stock on their web site
  2. Skyyyeman

    I think Rob Watts in effect answered the question in his post: "1. SPDIF decoding is all digital within the FPGA. The FPGA uses a digital phase lock loop (DPLL) and a tiny buffer. This re-clocks the data and eliminates the incoming jitter from the source. This system took 6 years to perfect, and means that the sound quality defects from source jitter is eliminated."
  3. mscott58
    Cool. Thanks.
    I already have the 2.2mm version for the back-to-back mount for the AK100, but might be interested at some point if this ultra-low works out of going for the "back-to-front" mounting. Can't imagine how small that cable would be, or if they could even make it. 
  4. Torq
    Just wondering if any of you that had orders nominally slated for the 2nd batch (as delayed from last week) from Moon Audio have seen a shipping notification yet?
  5. musicheaven

    AK are well know for low pico-second clock jitter (that's really really short), as usual in this instance, the lower the number, the better but remember what Rob just said it's going to be pretty much eliminated so I would think any of those players should work well. Jitter is actually created at the source and made worse over finite cable length which the target (DAC) needs to eliminate. There are different techniques to achieve that for example reclocking the clock signal to a reference the DAC uses, some internal electronics to that effect are called DPLL digital phase lock loop which job is to latch onto a clock signal using close loop feedback and feed it synchronously to the DAC so as it follows the encoded signal for analog extraction using phase demodulation. I'd be very surprise you're going to hear the difference using any of those players as long as your coax cable is short and well matched. The bottom line you don't want to create reflection that will make the jitter worse.

    By the way I would look into getting a good optical cable with any of those players, as Rob said, optical is the preferred interface, at least no chance of using analog cables. :D
  6. rmillerx
    11/2 @ 5:00 Eastern. I am in US batch 2. Anxiously awaiting shipping notification on my mojo. (Unless there was a negating statement on here in the umpteen pages that I missed.). Hopefully November will start out great.

    My AK 100mkII will be here just in time to be ready for the mojo if it ships on time.
  7. mscott58
    Happy hour with the Mojo stack! Cheers


    You can see how even with the Mojo face-down the buttons don't touch the surface. The bands add a little extra cushion as well.
  8. rmillerx
    Actually, was never told officially that they would ship the same day as they arrived. So, hopeful let the distributor received them today and hopefully I will get a notification that my mojo has shipped in the next day or two.

    I am looking forward to this device more than any I can remember.
  9. singleended58

    When did you order? I have not seen any notifications of 2nd batch since I believe my order was received on 10/15/15 in the afternoon. What is about yours?
  10. KT66
  11. Black Dog

    Yeah, in the ideal world it would be great to own all the music that moves you. For me, with around 900 CD's, it feels like I barely scratched the surface.
    You are spot on about mastering quality being the most important link in the chain of music. So my short time strategy will be to research my new music through books & internet, evaluate  the alternatives through Tidal and take it from there to make a buying decision.
    So how does the combination of Tidal on an Android phone, in my case Sony Xperia Z5C, mated with the Mojo, fare.
    Here in Holland LTE/4G has effectively been rolled out.
  12. singleended58

    I think the 2nd batch will arrive today but do not know exact time (?). My AK100 Mk2 is going to be here on Wednesday 11/4/15 and I am still awaiting my MOJO???
  13. musicheaven

    At least you can still listen to your AK while the Mojo crosses the pound on a long boat voyage.
  14. McCol
    Any UK folks imported an AK100mkii from the US? Some good prices and thinking would get stung approx £65 for taxes, would that be about right?
    Would make it total around £350 which is around £250 cheaper than I can find in the UK.

    Want to give it a crack with the Mojo.
  15. musicheaven
    At think you guys gotta think which DAC on your AK you'd want to get in the case where you forget your Mojo home :D (lol).
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