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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. SomeGuyDude
    Just chiming in that I'm still pretty sure the Mojo+P1 combo is the best out there.
  2. SteveOliver
    I agree, what is the Mojo+P1 combo? :)
  3. Deftone
    Could be Pinnacle P1
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  4. SteveOliver
    Ah yes, you could be right, I was just agreeing because Mojo sounds great with everything I've tried it with. :)
  5. Maelob
    Mojo with CCK 3.0 iPhone 6 with latest IOS 11 - still having some random drop out issues. or about a second. While using Tidal app. Becoming really annoying, I know there were a lot of issues earlier in the year but I thought that was solved.
  6. miketlse
    I think the iOS issues were cleared up, but I think that some owners have been reporting some issues with Tidal recently, so you could try a quick search for tidal issues.

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  7. RPB65
    Hi Maelob, I haven't been on here for a while so apologies if I am repeating something. I have the 6S Plus on iOS 11.1.1 and just tried Amazon music and am getting some split second drop outs. Now I am on the iOS beta program and even had this with one of the last beta's I was on. At the moment my phone does not like the latest 11.2 beta 2, so I cannot test that and report back, however once the next iOS 11.2 beta 3 is released, I will test this and report back here. The problem I have is that I have not listened to my music for so long that I cannot remember the iOS version that worked ok with no drop outs. I agree though it is totally annoying.
    Edited to add, this is Mojo with CCK on a two year old iPhone 6S Plus. Not sure which version of CCK I have.
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  8. NaiveSound
    Is mojo strong enough to handle Lcd XC?
  9. x RELIC x Contributor
    Easily from a Current and Voltage perspective. The LCD-XC is rather easy to drive. Personally I don’t like the pairing with my LCD-XC as it sounds rather bright, but that could be my pair as there is some variance with the LCD-XC, or it’s just my personal preferences.
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  10. theaudiologist
    can you connect the mojo to speakers in some way? i'm choosing between mojo and ifi micro BL. what's better soundwise?
  11. Zojokkeli
    If you have powered speakers, you can hook Mojo straight into them. If you have passive speakers, you can hook Mojo to a power amp feeding the speakers.
  12. Matt Bartlett
    Yes as Zojokkeli has said you can easily connect Mojo to active powered speakers - many forum members do this. For passive speakers you will need a separate power amplifier for both the Mojo or the iFi.
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  13. Hedonism
    Found a decent deal on a demo unit for Chord Mojo (just under 300 USD), so I sprung on that. I'll be pretty much just using it as a desktop dac/amp.

    I read the FAQ on battery/charging, but still have a few questions...

    - I should first fully charge the Chord Mojo, then leave it charging after plugging it in to my computer, right?
    - There's a post saying that there's an overall net drain on the battery when playing and charging simultaneously...does that mean the Mojo will run out of battery if left playing long enough even while plugged in?
    - If so, is there any way to alleviate that issue?
  14. myhalis
    I have been using the mojo almost daily for 15 months. It stopped working out of the blue. The iMac does not see it, neither the MacBook pro, the iPad or the iPhone. I guess I have to get it back to the store but it is out of warranty.

    And some thoughts about the "law of diminishing returns". I don't have that much equipment and my setup is 100% portable. The only other dac/amp I have is the Oppo HA-2 from older days. It is true that I was never excited about the Oppo but the improvements were noticeable when driving the oppo pm3 or the Audeze EL-8. When I got the mojo I stopped using it. It may have gotten many awards in its price class but it is significantly less transparent than the mojo, instrument separation and timbre is nowhere near as good. The funny thing is that now I don't find the oppo X % worse than the mojo but still enjoyable. It just sounds lifeless and not musical regardless to which headphone I use. There is no law of diminishing returns between the two, at least for me. The good thing is I put an order for a black Hugo 2 but I do need to fix the mojo unless it is cost prohibitive. Until then it seems I will be taking a break from listening.
  15. D2Girls
    Congrats on the Hugo 2 purchase. I like how you just casually said in an offhand way that you purchased it like its nothing :p
    Im sure it will outlive your expectations especially if youre used to the sound of just a Mojo

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