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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Andreeas1978
    If it's not a cable problem, I also have a few that don't work or work only directional, maybe the phone doesn't have the proper drivers. When installing for instance UAP or another App known to work with USB dacs I think it installs its own driver and should work. If still nothing happens it might be the Android version that doesn't recognise USB DACs..
  2. jwbrent

    I believe Rob mentioned optical was better due to the greater potential of noise being introduced with USB. I'm using an Anker USB with a TDK ferrite choke from my MacBook Air to my Mojo and it sounds fantastic when playing TIDAL MQA files, no sense of noise whatsoever. When I use my AK240SS as a transport connected via a Sys Concept optical cable, DSD files are converted to 24/88.2 PCM. Not so with my Penon Audio silver OTG cable.
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  3. Andreeas1978
    Don't buy, first try the demo versions, at least you find out if that's the problem..
  4. Chris1975
    Yeah, there isn't a trail version, which makes me nervous

    Android builds are not standardized like iOS builds are. The sound driver in some builds will support Mojo while in others they will not. In this case, it sounds like your build does not, hence the need for a 3rd party driver.
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  6. AmusedToD

    I bought same cable and in my opinion it's a complete junk. The connectors tend to get very hot, the audio drops from time to time. I will be returning it back for a refund.
  7. EagleWings

    Interesting. I am not able to remember, if I saw this option in the Settings, when I had the unit for review.

    Tell me, if I understand this correct; even without enabling the 'Digital Coaxial Mode' option, the M1 can feed the mojo through coaxial. But enabling this option, will ensure a cleaner signal, that improves the sound quality?
  8. qrtas

    Thanks for the info. I just got mine today. It works perfectly, but of course it is to soon to know if there will be any issues. I'll keep an eye on it.
  9. Aeromarine
    It doesn't work on iphone7 get too hot then cut out in few hours of use. Apple camera kit has a 3 chip in side to keep everything running cool and smooth. Data speed trancefer much faster and crisper.
  10. Arnav Agharwal
    Absolutely. I ought to have phrased my response better. While optical, by nature, is not susceptible to noise due to interference, ground loops, etc., a well-implemented USB cable (as in your case) can do just as well. Thank you for refining my answer [​IMG] 
  11. Chris1975
    OK, sorted out the Samsung Galaxy S3 with Mojo problem.
    Essentially, the GS3 requires a third party driver to use audio via its OTG USB. The one software solution is presented by USB Audio Player PRO. On Play there isn't a trail version, so I contacted their helpline email, and they responded incredibly quickly - these guys are seriously on the ball and helpful. He sent me a link to a trail version (which is continually being updated and so changed, so bear that in mind), which can be found here:
    Really helpful team from the Netherlands and they got my Mojo linked up to the Samsung I9305 Galaxy S3 Lte. It's a good player, too, compatible with all of the file extensions I was throwing at it. 
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  12. AmusedToD

    My experience is exactly the same with Iphone 7 plus.
  13. GreenBow
    After reading a bit of talk on EQ-ing when using the Mojo, I had a different experience. I have been using Mojo and Grado 225e for a while now
    However at some time in the past I must have EQ-ed JRiver. Just a few days ago I noticed this, prompted by the talk about EQ-ing. I was considering adding a little bass to Grado as you do sometimes. Anyway I flattened the EQ as there was already a little gain in most of the lower frequencies. I immediately noticed that music presentation was more transparent. Yes slightly tizzier at the top but not an issue. Overall the sound was just that bit better.
  14. Music Alchemist
    Doing EQ effectively is hard work. If you get it right, the sound will be much more accurate...but there are far more ways of doing it wrong. To get better sound quality you also need to reduce frequencies instead of increasing them. (There are technical reasons for this, if you want to research it.) Some headphones respond better to EQ than others, and some headphones have colorations of the pleasant variety, in which case they can be more enjoyable without EQ. To get an idea of where a headphone's frequency response aberrations are, you can play frequency sweeps to hear the fluctuations in volume. Pink noise is another potential starting point. Personally, I need to listen to tons of music on top of that while adjusting everything.
    (Oh, and be sure to use a high quality parametric equalizer for the best results.)
  15. howdy
    Has anyone bought the Mojo case made by Miter?

    Also, does anyone have a Dignis black case for sale? If so PM me please.

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