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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. musickid
     'we only recomend a full charge to insure every thing is fine' 
    if the charger is constantly left connected as advised surely every time you finish listening and say come back some hours later the mojo will have fully charged again and will fully charge every time you are away from it for at least 4 hours? this was the only bit i did not understand. apart from that all is clear now just leave the mojo permanently connected to computer and charger no problem for desktop mode. assuming say you are at work from early till late and do not have the time to constantly check whether the charger is off or on so you leave it always on.
  2. miketlse
    What this means is:
    • if you connect your computer to the mojo, using both usb cables, then one is feeding the music signal, and one is charging the battery
    • if your mojo battery is virtually flat (ie red light) at this point, then the mojo will be consuming 1.7 watts of power to process the music, plus 0.91 watts of power to recharge the battery = approx 2.6 watts of power. Virtually all of this power is dissipated as heat, except for the small amount that is lost as sound in your headphones, or light from the balls. The result is that the mojo runs very warm/hot, and if the ambient air temperature is high, then the protective thermal shutdown circuit can operate.
    • if instead, your mojo battery is fully charged at this point, then the mojo will be consuming 1.7 watts of power to process the music, plus 0.107 watts of power to trickle charge the battery = approx 1.8 watts of power. Virtually all of this power is dissipated as heat, except for the small amount that is lost as sound in your headphones, or light from the balls. The result of this reduced power consumption is that the mojo instead runs just comfortably cool/warm, and there is no risk that the protective thermal shutdown circuit can operate.
    So the chord advice is that if you want to charge and listen at the same time, then the best way to do that is to fully charge the battery first, and you will have no issues with the mojo running too hot.
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  3. musickid
    Thankyou to all members for the great and quick feedback MK.
  4. bocosb
    Quick question for micro USB OTG cables.. i want to have one made custom for connecting my Note - what lenght would be the best from your experience? 10 cm, 7 cm? Also straight connectors or L shaped?
  5. Mython Contributor
    iPhone > CCK > stock Mojo USB cable > Mojo
    Then, on the other end of Mojo, you'd need to insert a cable into one of the headphone sockets:
    Then, obviously, the RCA plugs would go to your Project Polaris amplifiers RCA input sockets:
    Please read post #3 carefully, and you will find information on how to set the output level of Mojo in order to feed an amplifier input (however, you might like to adjust Mojos output level a little lower, to begin with, until you find a Mojo output volume that suits your amplifier input the best).
  6. Mython Contributor
    Generally-speaking, it is best to get L-shaped plugs, since they are likely to exert less stress upon Mojos microUSB input socket, when the cable rubs in your bag or pocket, as it inevitably will.
    7cm should be sufficient, provided your Note microUSB socket is situated very close to Mojos microUSB socket, when Mojo is stacked to your Note. If it's not very close, then perhaps 10cm might suit you better.  However, if you can, then 7cm would be the nicest option, as it is less likely to snag against your bag or pocket.
  7. Mython Contributor

     I will look into this, thanks...
    Sorry about the lack of USB C cables in post #3. I am aware that there is an increasing need for such cables, but the reason I haven't yet added any is because I haven't seen many, and the few that I have seen don't look to be high-quality.
    I am always watching this thread to see new posts of useful accessories, and I regularly add new info to post #3. Therefore, if anyone reading this knows of some short USBc to microUSB cables that are decent quality, I'll be happy to add them to post #3 [​IMG] 
  8. miketlse
    I used the 10cm long cable that originally came with my oppo ha-2, however that does have straight plugs.
    If i buy a new cable I will follow @Mython  advice and get one with L shaped (usually called right-angled plugs on this thread) plugs.
  9. petetheroadie

    No worries at all Mython. It's early days in the USB c world!
  10. Mython Contributor
    I've just asked Mimouille what cable he's using with his Mojo-M1 stack, and I'll let you know what he says.
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  11. RPB65
    Hi Peter, could you elaborate on what was actually done to make this cable now work? I am asking because what stops the cable from being no good with future iOS updates?
    Mine works, then it doesn't after an update, then it does, etc, etc, so what stops this 'new' version from the same fate?
  12. sling5s

    More than I expected. 
  13. boris65
    Guys need a little help
    Just bought mojo connected with Mac book pro late 12 but when I listen to 256kHz dsf hi res download from retail site sometimes music stutter or goes down for second tryed change cable same problem also with smartphone s7 same essue
    Any advice please
  14. vmixer

    Just to close the loop, I received ZY Cables' Lightning to MicroUSB cable yesterday (along w/ AQ Nighthawks! :)). Purchased here. So far, no issues on iPhone 7+ 128GB running iOS 10.1.1. Sample rate reflected correctly on Mojo when playing high-res from Onkyo HF, NePlayer and HibyMusic. Seems to work well (have been running in Airplane mode so don't know about RF rejection). Will see what happens with the next iOS update... Thanks all.
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  15. Mython Contributor
    Thanks for reporting your findings.
    That cable looks identical to the Hi-Fi Spot cable, so perhaps they are being wholesaled to a number of different vendors.

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