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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Naugrim
    Oh, I get it now. Thanks! 
  2. god-bluff

    Normally prefer a dial myself but you would struggle to have such fine (and safe!) control over the Mojo volume as the pair of glowing balls offer.
  3. Mython Contributor
    You say that like it's just a casual, flippant decision. I'm quite confident that Chord have not forgotten that many people probably have a smartphone to charge daily, since Mojo was designed to function in partnership with just such a device...

    I agree that longer battery duration would be nice, but, unfortunately, when you push the performance envelope, you don't get something for nothing. The level of performance offered by Mojo, in such a small package, is unprecedented. According to Chord, Mojo has approximately 500 times the processing power of competing DACs, to say nothing of having decent power output to drive a majority of dynamic headphones, of a wide range of impedances.
    As for integrating a microSD slot, that isn't impossible, but seems unlikely, since that functionality is on the very near horizon with the forthcoming release of Chord's second, greatly-more-complex, add-on module for Mojo. I can't tell you more details at this stage, but if you care to view John Franks' interview with MunkongGadgets, which is listed in post #3, JF does discuss a few interesting aspects of the proposed module. Specific functionality of the final release module might differ a little from JF's interview remarks, but not drastically.
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  4. RPB65

    Hi :) Before I start I don't own Nobles, I use Shure SE425's at present. I feel that the Mojo presents CD quality music so well it may as well be hi-res. It's that simple. I have a lot of hi-res music too however a lot of my favourites are streamed via Qobuz at CD quality, apart from my purchased music which I can stream at full hi-res (24 bit 192 kHz) with my Qobuz Sublime plan at the moment.
    Yes it sounds great but so does CD. LOL. I cannot help myself but quote Steven R. Rochlin, "As always, in the end what really matters is that you...Enjoy the Music" I cannot agree with that more!
    It does not matter as long as you enjoy it.
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  5. krismusic Contributor
    I think you will find a night and day difference between Spotify and Tidal. Then you will realise that a lot of it is because Tidal plays a little louder than Spotify!
    If you volume match I think you would be hard pressed to hear a significant difference.
    I use Tidal because I prefer its ethos to Spotify, it is reassuring to know that I am listening to lossless and I can afford it. If you can, do. If not I don't think you will be missing out. If you are running Nobles and Mojo you are golden. :)
  6. Hotwire
    I forgot which portable DAC/Amp it was, but there was one that had this software based feature where the volume change had a more gradual curve. Maybe it was one of those Oppos, but not sure. The main reason why I really prefer a scroll wheel, is that I can change the volume, without having to actually grab the device, if that makes sense. If the wheel is properly recessed and has got just the right amount of resistance to it, you shouldn't have to worry about accidental actuation.
  7. Hotwire
    You're right, I did sound like I was saying that Chord was negligent. Wasn't my intention. What I meant was that I'd like Chord for the potential Mojo 2 to improve PCB design and upgrade to more efficient next generation ICs, increasing potential time on a charge, while of course keeping the same performance. 
    Though energy efficiency wouldn't be as big of a deal if we had the option to bypass the battery and let the attached device power the Mojo directly. As I alluded to earlier: the battery really isn't necessary when attached to a desktop or laptop.
    I'm aware of that module. It's nice for owners of the current version, but I'd rather see one or some SD slots integrated in the second iteration. Is much cheaper to manufacture, thus much cheaper for the customer, as well as avoiding the bulk of a module (or keeping space open for one of the other modules instead).
  8. Mython Contributor
    Aye, well, we'll just have to wait & see what the future brings.
    I'm waiting for a pocket recorder with Davina ADC in it, but Rob & John aren't Santa [​IMG]
  9. Hotwire
    Just watched part of the interview Mython referred to, and at [https://youtu.be/DTWcKLI0g7c?t=23m54s], it was said that you "can leave Mojo plugged in; won't harm battery; Mojo draws power when it needs it". The Chord guy is being kinda vague on whether Mojo is bypassing the battery in that situation or not. I'm under the impression that it doesn't bypass, but just sips power from the battery, even when plugged in and fully charged.
    Question: is anyone with technical knowhow in regards to Mojo able to clarify the aforementioned confusion? Thanks.
  10. x RELIC x Contributor

    The Mojo runs from the battery 100% of the time.

    Also, you may find useful information such as this in the Battery and Charging section in the third post of this thread:

  11. mlavin
    So with all this talk of new modules and a product approximately 2 years old, am I better off to hold off on purchasing with the recent price drop? I have stalked the Hugo/Mojo forums and am interested more towards Mojo as I am someone who is currently listening to streaming music and just want to enjoy musicality. So if anyone has a strong feeling I should choose the Hugo please tell me. And back to the first part of post - price drops at certain times of the year are used to begin to clear inventory for new models. I am attending CES in January and wondering if people much more in the know would recommend waiting to purchase or go ahead and enjoy the 50 dollar price drop?

    Thank you to all the individuals that take time to help so many of us newbies become much more informed!

  12. tamsaiming2003
    I c
  13. tamsaiming2003

    Thx. I will try Ether C
  14. tamsaiming2003
    Thank you very mich. I will try them.
  15. kauljp
    Have my upvote you cheeky bas***d

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