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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. twiceboss
    Just added this to my foobar2000, much better EQ
  2. maxh22
    Speaking of EQ, I think there is something wrong with UAPP's EQ software. After the latest update was released that enabled bitperfect playback I found that my Hugo preset (boosted treble) sounds awefully distorted compared to the last version of UAPP. Can anyone else try out the EQ and let me know if this happend to you too? It's a shame because the latest update improved the GUI..
  3. x RELIC x Contributor

    For questions regarding the Mojo design, implementation and the views of the designer a good subsection in the third post is 'informative posts by Rob Watts'. Highly recommended that everyone read this.

    Regarding adding an amp it all depends on what your goals are, your sonic preferences, and synergy with your headphones. The Mojo is powerful, as powerful as the Hugo and almost as powerful as the Hugo TT, so it can drive a wide variety of headphones. The Mojo is tuned a little smooth for it's intended purpose of a portable device, but honestly it isn't overly smooth at all compared to Chord's flagship DAC the DAVE, they share a similar tonality. Be aware that adding an amp can only add it's own sonic flavour and distortions, which is why Rob's designs do not use a separate headphone amp in his unique design. His goal is transparency to the original performance and the more components in the path will only reduce the transparency, which is against his design goals.

    I've used separate amps such as the Oppo HA-1 (the amp portion), Cavalli Liquid Carbon, and Cavalli Liquid Crimson as well as a few portable amps with the Mojo. All of them added their own slight variation to the sound and some of them more pleasing than others, but none of them really added any drive capability with the headphones I've tested, namely the Focal Utopia, ETHER Flow, ETHER C(1.1), and LCD-2.2. Now none of these headphones are really difficult to drive and they all play at the lower end of the Mojo's volume to reach an average listening level of 80-85 dB, and they all sound great straight out of the Mojo.

    I guess the short answer is that adding an extra amp can not increase measured performance (except power output depending on the amp and headphone requirements), but it may add a sonic flavour that's pleasing to the individual. The former point is unavoidable. The latter point is entirely a personal decision.
  4. jmills8
    Try N7, imo it sounds better.
  5. maxh22

    It doesn't support Tidal so it's not a useful replacement for me
  6. canali
    guys sorry to ask but this volume table is for the hugo...I can't find a similar one for the mojo.
    1/found my volume setting is blue to purple-ish (using flc 8s...have a pretty good seal, too)
    based on this table i'm a bit concerned.... am i going deaf? (this is when outside, walking around, however)
    2/also find my battery life is not 8 hrs...more like 4-5 based on my listening so far....anyfind have similar experiences?
  7. x RELIC x Contributor

    The chart doesn't quite match the Mojo because the Mojo has more steps and the steps are halved in the lower and upper end of the volume for finer control (see my review for specifics).

    Um, the Flc8 is 11 Ohm with a sensitivity of 93 dB/mW (yes this is a measure of SPL - I simply grabbed the spec listed from their website) so even though the impedance is low the sensitivity is also a bit low. That said, it seems to me like it would be really loud, definitely louder than what's good for you for long term listening. If the outside noise is too loud to drown out then I suggest using your IEM as an earplug and turn the music off.

    For reference I listen to the ETHER Flow (23 Ohm, 92 dB/mW) at barely double red (34 clicks from zero) for an output of approximately 80-85 dB on average with my music. If you are listening at the first violet/blue volume (aproximately 25 clicks) then you should be just fine. If you are listening at blue/violet at around 65-70 clicks from zero I would say you should go see an audiologist (I can recommend Jamie in New West Minister to you).

    Get a SPL app and measure the sound output from from the Flc8 nozzle pointed directly in to the mic of the smartphone playing the music you listen to at those levels. This will give you a ballpark as to what level you are listening at (over 90 dB for long term usage is loud). Make sure the Flc8 nozzle is directly over the mic or you'll get a lower than expected reading.

    I just want to comment in general that, although it may be enjoyable, that loud/unsafe listening volume with headphones/IEMs will wreck your hearing. Period. You wouldn't stare in to the sun for any length of time knowing that it will damage your sense of sight simply because it's pretty. Don't do the same with your sense of hearing. The worst part is that with hearing damage it sneaks up on you and you'll simply continue to increase the volume over time before you realize it's far too late. Apologies if it sounds like doom and gloom but every headphone listener should take this seriously.

    Edit: Regarding battery life, let it drain to blinking red and then do a full uninterrupted charge and then time the battery life. It's worked for users in the past.
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  8. canali
    many thanks for your thoughtful and detailed reply...on the spl app...where to best download and do i need any special equipment
    (I do have an ipod hooked up the mojo)https://www.google.ca/search?q=spl+app&oq=spl+app&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.1650j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
    ...i only have a laptop.
    btw.....i clicked from the beginnning...it's the 25 clicks i'm at (whew)
    and with ipod using dragonfly red (same flc 8s iems) my pref vol is about 40-45% of  max (when outside that is)
    inside i''ve not doubt the volume is lower still.
    about the battery life, however: yes i hadn't used the mojo for some time ...so while i put it away unused for a few months full charge
    when i went to hook it up again it was blinking red...each night i top it up as much as i can to 'blue light'.
    but haven't timed it yet.
    and as per my pref'd volume: i do value my hearing...always trying to strike a fine balance between listening to it as low as i can but still have music and bass slam (closet basshead...basshead 'lite')...or if i do crank it, no more than one song...and never ear splitting loud.
  9. x RELIC x Contributor

    I just use this one but you can find a wide variety in the app store or Google Play store. I like this one because it seems sensitive enough and I can calibrate the level:


    The only equipment you need is a smartphone or something that can load an app with a mic to pick up the sound.

    Of course purchasing a proper SPL meter is the most accurate as these apps can only do so much with the built in mic on a smartphone, but it'll give you a ballpark. Kind of like a canary in a cage.

    Here I'm testing the output of the Utopia from the DAVE. Again, I don't expect it to be super accurate, but it does tell me if I'm in a range that is reasonable. The foam cutout is sealing the earcup (with the iPhone 5S poking through a slit I cut out) for a more accurate reading as it's louder when the earcup is sealed. For IEMs I just put the nozzle right on the mesh over the mic. A small movement from directly over the mic reads very differently so be sure you are directly over the mic. You'll have to move it around to find the loudest reading.


    Edit: Note the peak level of 82 dB and the average level of 67 dB. On the Utopia this is not too quiet at all as that headphone has so much punch.
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  10. x RELIC x Contributor
    canali, I just read your edit, I didn't think you'd be at the 65-70 clicks, but it's good that it's been established and I don't mind giving the info for others that may be unaware.

  11. Zojokkeli
    I wouldn't say it has a punchy bass, which is the reason why I sold mine and got EarSonics Velvet instead.
  12. Rob Watts
    The color setting for Hugo and Mojo is the same - the only difference is below -43 dB and above +3dB the differing light scheme kicks in. Also you can see variations in the two balls color as it gets closer to the next level.
    As for battery life, this depends upon how well charged it is, and whether you are using USB or optical/coax, how loud you play, and the impedance of the headphones. So driving 300 ohms, using optical, green volume, you will get 8 hours. Use USB it will be 6 and a half hours. Use a low impedance IEM, green volume, and it will get worse. Use an 8 ohm loudspeaker and you will get even lower battery life.
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
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  13. analogmusic
    Just compared Hugo to a well regarded (Delta Sigma DAC chip) digital source.
    While sonically there doesn't appear to be a night and day difference sonically due to the amp/speaker combination, musically it was night and day.
    On the Hugo (and Mojo/ Hugo TT and Dave) the musicians seem to be enjoying the performance, but on the other digital source, the vocalist and musicians seemed to be stressed out and the performance seems jilted.
    One has to listen carefully to hear it, but the difference is there.
  14. canali

    Thanks rob..appreciate your reply...maybe I'll go see an audiologist after all... hope other fly users can chime in on colours used per volume... am a bit worried.... but is '25 clicks of volume' in some normal / average range?
  15. salla45
    I have had my mojo about a year now, and mainly been using it connected to the USB power supply (min 2amps). Recently it seems to be going into a charging/discharging cycle even when connected to power.
    This is what I have observed:
    It will charge up ok (solid white LED) then when charged it goes into a discharging state; the LED flashes white and whatever the unconnected (battery powered) state may be - ie Blue then green then yellow then red, etc - until it finally just shuts down (all whilst the USB charging is still connected). The only way I can get it to recharge is to physically unplug the device and then reconnect the USB to begin the charging again.
    It's not a huge problem, but it does mean it's a bit of a lottery if I every want to actually use it on battery as it could be discharged or nearly so when I come to use it in a portable environment which is annoying.
    Wondering if anyone else had experienced this problem, if it's a recognised fault, etc?
    (ps.. Not sure if this is relevant but, prior to this regular problem, my mojo was getting REALLY hot whilst charging and using, like too hot to touch. Now when it is charging it is barely warm)

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