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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Peter Hyatt
    Thanks, Tom.  
    With Amazon Prime, the free returns means if it is too tight, I can swap for the larger.  My IEM are in their own case, though having everything in one case might be nice. 
    I flew cross country (including blistering red eye) this week with Mojo.  With the length of the flights, normal delays and a not-so-normal delay, it helped the long hours pass nicely.  I had some nice playlists ready in "off line content" and timed it just right.  Mojo has provoked some interesting conversations, too!  
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  2. Mojo ideas
    Hi john I'm a bit more coherent now yes what you'd said was fine I think you can let out that we are intending to have a launch event in Las Vegas with production to follow in the first quarter. Please appologise on our behalf for the time it's taken but this stuff is hard to do sometimes. Cheers the Tokyo Show awaits .
  3. maxh22

    How about you buy a fan then? :grinning:
  4. Forty6
    First quarter ? Meanin Bluetooth module coming soon :) looking forward going aptx on my mojo
  5. tomwoo
    Pelican cases are so nice you may want to keep the small one while getting the bigger one :)
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  6. Mercilesslord
    Hi guys any recommendations for the otg cable to connect mojo to my samsung s7e? Thanks mates!!
  7. music4mhell
    check the 3rd post, you have options in every price range.
  8. ashrafazlan
    I'm in need of some help.
    I want a new DAC/AMP for my K10, something that's easy to use with my iOS and Android phones.  The Mojo seems to fit my needs perfectly.  However, I already have an RSA Predator.  How do these two compare?
  9. shootthemoon18
    Impressions! How is Jotunheim compared with Mojo? Both as a DAC and AMP.
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  10. Ancipital
    Geez, I have repeated such observations endlessly, I know it's a long and rambling thread, but.. [​IMG]
    I don't use the Jot as a DAC, I use a Modi Multibit, or sometimes my Mojo. The Mojo sounds nice through it, by the way- it's a very revealing and powerful amp. The Mojo is a tiny bit relaxed/rolled off in the highs, though- so if that's an issue, it's worth bearing in mind (it's a very subtle effect, I assume it's just a bit of tuning to make it easy and non-fatiguing).
    Mojo sounds.. great with easy to drive headphones like IEMs, HD25, Oppo PM-3. It sounds "meh" with middling easy to drive stuff like HE400i. With harder to drive headphones , for example HD650, it sounds frankly awful. It will go loud, but be very boring, rolled-off and lacking in detail.. You can't expect a battery-powered pocket-sized DAC/SE amp to be good at that stuff, really, though.
    Jotenheim can drive pretty much anything, it's very clean, quiet and powerful. It's a beast. The only thing I haven't enjoyed on it so far were my SE535s, which sounded a bit thin. Because it's very clear and unsparing, headphones that suffer nasty treble spikes will be a little painful through the Jot. HD700 and HD800 need not apply, though I didn't mind HD800S (might be a bit too much treble for some people).
    Essentially, it's an apples to oranges comparison. The Mojo has a lot of compromises in form factor, thermals, and ability to drive headphones, to be mobile. The Jotenheim is a fully balanced desktop amp into which you can add a balanced USB DAC. You'll find that the DAC is fine and competent, but probably not quite as smooth and lovely as either the Mojo or a Schiit multibit.
    If you want more of me banging on about the Jot, I wrote a review:
    Essentially, I use the Mojo as a mobile sound source with IEMs or HD-25, and my Jot/Mimby as desktop audio source with HD650/HE400i, most of the time. Those two configurations are both very pleasant and enjoyable.
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  11. Sound Eq
    i know this might have been asked before but i apologize to ask again
    so I am stacking my fiio x7 with mojo with dyson coax, now with stock music player in fiio x7 i can see that files that are 24/192 the light indicator is blue but when i play the same file using neutron the light is red
    any thoughts on this 
  12. Ancipital
    Do you need to enable the option in Neutron (in the audio hardware prefs) to follow source sample rate, maybe?
  13. Sound Eq
    tried it but still did not work
  14. Ancipital
    OK, do you have "Direct USB Driver" enabled? If not, it will be playing out via Android's soundflinger libs, which will be sample rate converting. Do note that that the direct USB support in Neutron is quite buggy, though, and may not work. Onkyo HF Player or USB Audio Player Pro might be a better bet, if you're trying to drive an external DAC from Android.
  15. Sound Eq
    but i am not using any usb cable as i am using coax with fiio x7 and mojo
    but i will try what you suggested

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