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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Ike1985
    When I sent off my mojo for replacement many months ago, the one I got back from Moon Audio didn't have the included cable. Typically I listen with my S7 Edge but it's in for repair, is there a cheap adapter I can get locally at a Beat Buy or similar store that will allow me to use Mojo with IPhone5?
  2. EagleWings

    Your best bet is a Apple CCK and a USB cable. Should be available at bestbuy.
  3. jmills8

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  4. Angular Mo
    Amps added to Mojo for different sound?
    I am interested in anyone's experience with either portable or desktop amps added to the Mojo for purposes of using the Mojo as a DAC only and obtaining different sound signatures through an amplifier.
  5. Delayeed
    Also curious as thinking bout adding a Mjolnir 2 and use the Mojo as a DAC. 
  6. shootthemoon18

    Fiio L19. It's about the same price as a CCK.
  7. tomwoo

    Thanks for elaborating. [​IMG]
    Dyson should get back to business immediately! 
  8. eldss
    Not sure if this has been asked before, but I didn't find it posted. Has anyone tried using the below lightning adapter to micro usb from their Iphone straight to the Mojo? I guess, I would be trying to avoid having to use the camera connector kit + an extra cable to pair these two, as I find having to use the camera connector kit too bulky and annoying when on the go with other devices.
  9. Ancipital
    I have occasionally used the Mojo as a DAC into the Jotenheim. It was.. fine. Obviously, the Jotenheim sound loads better, the Mojo sounds very disappointing driving my HD650s directly, but out of this world balanced from the Jot. The HE400i sound a little better from the Mojo, as they're easy to drive, but are wider, clearer and more detailed from that amp, as you'd expect (especially running balanced).
    The Mojo's amplification is very underwhelming for many full-sized cans, but it makes a nice clean single-ended DAC. Remember to hold down both volume buttons when powering on to make it instantly jump to the right level for line out!
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  10. tretneo
    I had a lot of trouble with this cable and recently tossed it out. Specifically I had intermittent pairing and often had to turn both devices off and back on repeatedly before the stack would start working again. I recently received the Zee's Music cable (see below) and have had no such issues w/ iOS 9 and iOS 10.
  11. Forty6

    Unfortunately , mojo doesn't allow it to be solely use in that kind of set-up , the fact is mojo doesn't has output for that kind of usage , all it had is input no output of other kind except the two 3.5 headphone jack .
    The mojo is not meant to be use like that . It was meant to be use the way the mojo is meant to be use which the designer has intended for .

    But I did pair up the mojo with the sound blaster E5 , and I very much enjoyed all of it .
    The purpose of doing it because I'm love the eq of the SBX so much and I'm very much hooked on it , which brings total satisfaction to all my genres of music .
  12. bixby

    Mojo with Vali 2 and good aftermarket tube sounded better than stock Mojo with Senn 650.  But I still use Mojo solo for now.
  13. Forty6

    Wow having owned it close to a month ,I didn't even know that mojo is capable of doing a lineout !
    I'm going to try it
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  14. Mython Contributor
    As per the title of this thread, please read post #3 for many answers and detailed information.
    Also, there is a 'search' function for each thread, on Head-Fi, which you may find helpful for finding previous discussions:
  15. rkt31
    @Ancipital, in what sense you feel mojo is not able to drive hd650 ? I use Beyer dt880 600ohm with mojo and I never felt I needed any external amp. in fact I rarely need to go beyond dark blue level of mojo. as far as I know hd650 has much less impedance than 600ohm .

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