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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. GreenBow
    I often wonder about whether using quality digital cables makes any change. I understand the theory that bits changing value can adjust a sample considerably.
    I do however stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone who says analogue quality cables make a difference though. They absolutely do. I got hassled badly and was demanded to explain the science of it in a thead. The thread was something like Audioquest Caught in Cable Scam: this was for a digital cable.
    However we constantly read about folk that bought quality digital cables and promise they heard their system improve. I was last night looking at the Audioquest Carbon USB for the Mojo. (After seeing someone say they found a serious improvement in sound with their particular DAC.)
    Given that I stand so firm about quality analogue cables improving sound and many argue they don't. It does leave the clear possibility that quality digital cables make a positive improvement. I think I am going to write to a retailer and ask if I can buy one to try, under distance selling regulation. With the aim of keeping the cable if I like.
  2. Ancipital
    If you're talking about USB cable, there's no magical woo-woo qualitative difference inside the digital audio from buying an unobtanium and unicorn pube cable. You need a short right angled micro-micro OTG cable, effectively- that simple.
    The big gotcha is that the Mojo has no galvanic isolation from the USB, and will pick up tons of noise from the cellular radio on your phone, particularly in areas where the signal isn't great and the baseband chipset cranks the gain to try and maintain connection (e.g. when your train goes between some tall buildings that block signal).
    I have spent some time fiddling with this- and it's very clearly predominately the phone it's attached to, and coming over the USB cable- pull the cable out, and it all but stops, however the phone is configured.  The only way to reliably get fairly clean audio is to turn off cellular comms; the quickest way is to enable "flight mode".
    You can try really expensive cables, you can try ferrite RFI chokes, but it won't really help- the interference appears to come down the USB cable itself.
    For that reason, I am using my old phone, with pretty much everything uninstalled and a nice new micro-SD card as a slightly chunky and awkward DAP, which means I can leave my phone in peace. It's not pretty, but it sounds fantastic.
    That said, the RSA Intruder is also supposed to suffer similar noise problems, so maybe you'll be used to this game by now, I'm in danger of teaching my grandmother to suck eggs [​IMG] 
    Obligatory wonky picture of my Mojo and old phone:
  3. Mython Contributor
    I would anticipate RF susceptibility to be a far bigger differentiating factor, between different digital connection cable designs.
    What concerns me is people stating that 'silver has this effect upon the sound' of an analogue cable, and then intentionally or unintentionally transferring that belief and applying it to say 'silver has this (same) effect upon the sound' of a digital cable.
    That's not directly aimed at Delayeed.
    My intention, here, is simply to inject a word of caution into the discussion, since there are some hardcore audiophiles who enjoy debating such subtleties & beliefs (regardless of whether they are objectively measurable, or subjectively sensed & believed). That's all well and good, in Sound Science, but, here in the Mojo thread, there is a risk that a newcomer (Mojos popularity has drawn many newcomers) may read such remarks about cable materials and fall down a rabbithole, so-to-speak.
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  4. daberti
    One question to Mojo crew: is the box included in Cable Accessory Kit meant to accept Apple CCK cable?
  5. inthere
    It's pretty hard for me to believe the Mojo is incapable of driving *any* non electrostatic headphone, much less the NH. NH is plenty loud just from my phone....
  6. Ancipital
    Mojo can make my HD650 plenty loud, but it's a boring, insipid bassless kind of loud, compared to my desktop amp. It really is an amp better suited to "easy" headphones in general- sounds kickass with all my IEMs and my HD-25s.
    I appreciate that it's hard to recognise this deficiency with some headphones until you've plugged them into a more capable amp, but them's the vagaries.
  7. inthere
     Nobody reads my sig:frowning2:
     I have HD650, some pretty hard to drive headphones, and also have some very capable desktop amps and the Mojo is pretty much great with everything. 
  8. Ancipital
    Remember that most forums, this one included, allow you to opt not to display sigs. Given how spammy trite and self-satisfied some sigs can be, it's not unheard-of to opt to do this [​IMG] 
  9. inthere
    I didn't realize this, thanks. 
     The purpose of my sig is to show what gear I own and have experience with. I also prefer to read some sigs so I don't wrongfully assume someone is clueless about something he may be well aware of.
  10. Ancipital
    Yeah, it wasn't a sly dig at your sig, I promise, just my usual natural diplomacy- sorry if it came off like that. I'd like to think that when I did have a go at someone, that nothing would actually be left to doubt.
  11. apainlessa
    I think 'tons of noise' is a little bit extreme. I don't have this issue with my LG G3, with generic usb cables used. No noise encountered, on my current setup anyway. More like ymmv with this issue, rather than a definite yes and tons of it. Just saying... :wink: 
  12. EagleWings
    There are other factors in play as well such as the signal strength, distance from the cell tower etc. For example, I get a lot of noise when I hook my Mojo to my phone when I am at the office, which is located in the outer city limits, while I have close to zero interference when I am at home..
  13. Sound Eq
    any case out there for chord mojo to stack to a dap like fiio x7 that holds both in a neat way together
  14. EagleWings
    You mean a case something like what Dignis has released for the AK70+Mojo stack?
  15. Sound Eq
    anything that i can stack both mojo and fiio x7 together
    do u have a link for a case solution?

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