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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Pedro Dixon
    This would be a great deal, if the UK didn't opt for Brexit ! The £ has dropped like *** into water. 
    I've been tempted by the case but the heat is a slight concern as it does get warm when powered and in use. I don't travel enough with mine, and to be honest, a few scuffs don't bother me. As long as it works, i'm happy. It is a great looking case though. My next buy will be the updated CCK USB 3.0 so I can charge at the same time. This is a huge plus. 
  2. Mython Contributor
    If it's used, I really see no reason to get excited about that price.
    You don't know if it may have been repaired, or whatever else Shrugemoticon.gif
  3. Pedro Dixon
    Mojo retails for 600 bucks, no? Seems cheaper to me with the bundle thrown in as well. 
  4. Mython Contributor
    You are comparing the price of a new unit with the price of a secondhand bundle.
    I don't see it as a proper comparison, since one has no idea what history that Mojo may have.
  5. maxh22
    In the US a used Mojo usually goes for around $550 so in this case a Mojo, apple connection kit, and case for $546 is a phenomenal deal!
  6. Mython Contributor
    Yes, I regularly see them offered on Head-fi classifieds for that price, or thereabouts, and I consider it insane that people are willing to save just $50 bucks to buy a secondhand unit which may have any number of hidden issues, regardless of looking in good condition (and many don't even look in good condition).
    IMO, it's crazy that sellers will often use a Mojo for 2 or 3 months and then think they can resell and only lose $50 for all that usage, and it's crazy that buyers are willing to play along with it.
    But that's just my opinion, and the craziness will no doubt continue, regardless of me shaking my head in disbelief, from a distance! shakingheademoticon.gif
  7. maxh22
    I actually travel quite a bit with my Mojo. I took it to my trip to Europe and listened on the airplane and on bus rides as well as in hotels. On the airplane its actually quite difficult to listen to music and enjoy it. There is so much ambient noise and my ears constantly have ear pressure which makes it hard to hear the full resolution Mojo is capable of.
  8. musiclvr
  9. musiclvr
    ....enjoying my Mojo....
  10. maxh22
    it's even crazier for Schiit products. Most sellers will try to sell them for just a little under cost despite years of usage. It may only be worth it if there is a considerable discount.
  11. warrior1975
    I completely agree about those used prices. Crazy. I sold mine at a discount, bought it used at a better discount than $50.
  12. maxh22
    Do you find the wyrd4sound an improvement?  Rob Watts doesn't recommend it because it upsamples the audio to 96khz before passing it onto Mojo. From my long term listening experience, Mojo sounds better when it is fed a bit perfect signal.
  13. Torq

    It's pretty funny.
    Right now, on the local Craigslist, there's a Magni 2 for a dollar MORE than just buying new.  Same guy has HD-650 listed for the same price as new from Amazon.
    And then there's a Valhalla 2 for $300 (with some comment that they're highly sought after ... which they might be, but they're NOT hard to get ... $349 new right now and in-stock).
    Maybe it's me ... when I look at used gear, be it audio, photography or whatever, the baseline price I'm thinking is 60% of current retail price (not whatever price it was when you happened to buy it).  I might go up a bit from there if the thing is in absolutely pristine condition, with all packaging, a transferrable, current, warranty and/or some kind of accessories included that I'll actually use.  And it might go down a bit if things are missing or it's not cosmetically near-perfect.  But the thought of paying 80% and upwards for a used item, when I can get a new one in my hands, shipped 2nd day, with NO worries about warranty, condition, or whether it'll even show up ... yeah, not so much.
    I just sold my original Bifrost, with USB Gen 1 and a "4490" board (upgraded from the original) for $200.  My original Lyr, with new tubes, $250.  Both were in like-new condition cosmetically.  And that was as much as I felt right about asking for them, given what the new ones go for and how much enjoyment and use I've gotten out of them.
  14. maxh22
    The thing is, people who look for used entry to mid-range gear usually don't have a lot of money and often have to scrap together just enough to buy an item. So for them a $50-100 discount is totally worth it. Not only that but if you buy a used Valhalla 2 for $300 and you feel like selling it in a few months, you can sell it for about as much as you bought it since you bought it used.  
  15. musiclvr

    What do you mean by "it"? If it is to refer to the Recovery well....

    I am using the Wyrd4Sound Recovery to feed the Mojo a bit perfect signal via Audirvana+.

    To save time, ultimately, the Recovery softly sets the mids on a pedestal while defining the leading edge more clearly.

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