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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. McCol
    I wonder if phone model makes a difference.  I've been using a LG G4 with the HA-2 and get some interference.
  2. imattersuk
    I use HA-2 with LG G4 with zero interference with the supplied short cable. Will try the longer cable and report.
  3. McCol
    Strange as my interference is using the short cable. It's not constant and doesn't really bother as only lasts for a few seconds.
  4. Rowethren
    Nope because I AM using the HA-2 cable with my Mojo...
  5. Duncan Moderator
    Oh my...

    I know this thread has been immensely popular but I discussed the RF / EMI a week ago, so I suggest updating this on the first post...

    Interference is only noticeable when your cell is on 2G, and only if your IEM cable is within 3-6 inches of the phone (that seems to be where the interference comes from, the headphone jack)...

    3G/4G/LTE etc do not have any effect that I can tell...

    Not perfect I know, but at least this helps stop the naysayers saying they cannot hear it, yet others complaining.
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  6. LFC_SL
    I am wary of the adaptor type without strain relief. Lapse of concentration, gets snapped off
  7. OK-Guy
    another H&S tip as this obviously causes interference between Witches and their Mojo at this time of year... I'll get my coat... [​IMG]
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  8. mscott58

    New adapter awaiting my Mojo so I can try it with the Uptone Regen!
  9. x RELIC x Contributor
    Guys, I fixed John's reply regarding the EMI/cable issue reply so it's easier to read (not embedded in my quote).

    See below:

  10. Atjt

    I have the Hugo and mojo and use the se535. I commented in a previous post that I thought the Hugo and mojo were a tad bright using my se 535, after about 45 mins I was getting fatigue with them..set up is iPhone 6 into Hugo and mojo using USB.......how ever after reading all the comments and reviews I seemed to be the only one who hearing brightness so I thought it must be the se535. So yesterday I demo the se846.... Which I then had to buy as the brightness immediately disappeared...in fact the se846 sounded so good compared to se535 I couldn't believe I have put put with the the mids and highs on 535 for so long..........it's not to say the 535 are bad just when listening with the Hugo and mojo they both expose the 535 price point and the mids and highs sound bright.......I am now complete the se846 are stunning the mojo paired with these is stunning I really can not hear any difference now between the Hugo and mojo with the 846 if anything the mojo is very slightly warmer which I love .........stunning.....amazed I have run out of superlatives......one happy punter....all I need now is an optical portable source that runs tidal music or qobuz with offline mode and optical
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  11. derGabe
    Are you in any way or Form affiliated with Chord? If yes, i would recommend stop beeing a troll because to be quiet honest, your reactions to the "inteference Problem" are making Chord as a Company look really goofy.
  12. x RELIC x Contributor

    This. I find the Mojo magnifies your headphones / IEMs signature, at least with a few that I tested. :)
  13. mathi8vadhanan
    Anyone got their Mojo shipped from Moon-Audio for the 10/22 batch?
  14. jlbrach
    I am wondering the same thing,have any of the Mojo's indicating being received today been shipped out?
  15. sonickarma
    Glad I didn't sell my silver RWAK100 now [​IMG]
    Would like a better fitting cable thou than my sysconcept one I used for my Hugo
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