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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. M Coupe
    I have both the Hugo and Mojo and agree that the mojo is the warmer of the two.  They both are incredible DAC/AMPs
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  2. wym2
    Hope this helps: http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-micro-usb-cable/
  3. Mediahound

    This makes no mention of USB for audio purposes. There are some specific issues at hand when running digital audio through USB cables, but that's for another thread. 
  4. warrior1975
    Love this thing!! I don't have my setup exactly the way I want it, but damn does it sound good. Really happy with this device.

    Little off topic, but what happened to OK-Guy? He was very active here, but hasn't posted in months. Hope he is OK, no pun intended at all.
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  5. masterpfa
    Yes I own both the Mojo and Onkyo DP-X1
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  6. Peter Hyatt
    Is Mojo addiction getting out of control when one brings it to church?
    busted by my wife!
  7. warrior1975
    Did you think you'd really pull that off? Lol. Maybe just bringing the Mojo, but no IEMS... But pointless, unless you are that addicted.
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  8. Peter Hyatt

    well said!
    Talking about wanting to dim the lights even more  almost feels like searching to find something to complain about!  
  9. Peter Hyatt

    "I could leave it home.  I could quit any time.  I am in control."
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  10. betula
    Haha. :)

    Do you listen to music with Mojo while visiting church?

    In this case it is just better to stay at home with Mojo.

    It will lift your heart to God anyway. :wink:
  11. wym2
    Makes no mention on purpose. Not sure what audio issues you are referring to, but many forums on H-F seem to have little patience with talk about cables outside those forums set aside for those discussions.
    MBP → SDragon → Mojo → AQ Sky → LC
  12. Kira69

    Anyone bought this cable from CustomCable?
    Custom Cable CC35 3.5mm Coaxial Cable - FiiO X5 / Chord Hugo
    What kind of cable is used? RG179? How are the 3.5mm plugs?
    I want to see some pictures from it. Specially the 3.5mm to 3.5mm 10 centimeters version.
    Also, any "short RG179 3.55mm cable" alternatives in Europe?
  13. Peter Hyatt

    I have it with me wherever I go...today, we were 10 minutes early, so I chose to listen...instead of socializing!  
    Question:   Are you Catholic?
    AnswerL   "Cath-o-lic?  I'm a presba-gawd-damn terian!"   John Wayne     [​IMG]
  14. warrior1975
    Peter Hyatt-Bro, you have some serious issues!!! :wink:

    Glad to read you are enjoying your Mojo, in all seriousness.
  15. audi0nick128
    Just read the mojo review on headfonics.


    It's detailed with comparisons of competing products and impressions with different IEMs and headphones.
    It says there that the Ether Cs are a great match. The review even hints that Mr.Rob Watts bought a pair, because "he might be up to something".
    So what are you're Impressions of Mojo+Ether C? Maybe even Rob might wanna say something?


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