Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Music Alchemist
    Uh-oh...this link implies it will cost $1,795 in the US.

    That's the same price the 2Qute originally sold for here before the price was lowered, whereas it was always only ~$1,300 USD in the UK. (I got a new 2Qute for $1,295 last year.)
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  2. jcn3
    i don't think it implies -- it's actually quite explicit. $1795 is the price.
  3. Music Alchemist
    I don't make assumptions. Just because a link says that's the price doesn't mean that's what will ultimately happen. People can be wrong or change their minds. Things are constantly changing. The Hugo 2 was said to be ~$2,100 in the US (the preorder price) but then it was raised to $2,379 after launch. The UK price for the Qutest is ~$1,600. I'm hoping the US price will eventually be matched to that; otherwise it would feel unfair.
  4. paul2qute
    I'll be honest I'm buzzing about the Chord qutest,told the Mrs and she ain't sold on the idea,which just makes it more exciting because I'm gonna get it without her consent
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  5. BambiV
    Seems to be no power switch?
  6. dawktah2
    No, same as 2qute, I plan on using mine on a switched outlet on power conditioner. I'm in a rural area our power bill is $35 even if I turn off main breaker...
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  7. GSP_
    Just wanted to stop in and say that I’m more than excited for the Qutest DAC! I’ve been waiting on a successor to the 2qute for a long time, being primarily a loudspeaker listener. I had a chance to spend some time with the hugo 2 at RMAF 2017, and it was absolutely captivating. Looking forward to finally bringing some Chord magic into my home stereo this year.
  8. Christer
    With the new Quetest connected to a powerful and transparent headphone amp without the compromised output-stage of HUGO 2,
    I would not be surprised if the end result with difficult to drive planars could at least in some respects rival or even beat DAVE/BLU without additional headphone amp into the equation with really dynamic non compressed symphonic material at demanding climaxes.
    Clipping is not nice.
    Cheers Christer
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  9. iAudio365
    If 1795 is the price, wouldn’t it just make sense to buy a hugo 2 instead for the few extra hundred it costs? Being that it can do the exact sake thing anyway plus a whole lot more and has a built in amp anyway.

    This is probably more tailored to people with a speaker setup that wanna dac up their amps in tv rooms etc.
  10. Reactcore
    I would use a 5v battery bay to eliminate any netvoltage adapter interferrence. And now one can choose a HP amp at choice and go portable. This thing is half the price of a Hugo2
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  11. Sunya
    Rob, how are the 3 output voltage values of the Qutest achieved? Are these done digitally or in the analog stage?

    Also, how many dBs under 0dBFS is the max output at the 3V setting?
  12. probably the last thing you'll be getting for a while :wink:

    regarding price: moon audio wouldn't be raising the 2qute back up to 1500 if the qutest was going to be 1600. Expect to pay more.
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  13. Music Alchemist
    $2,379 minus $1,795 equals $584. Those are significant savings. And it would be ~$784 cheaper if/when the US price is matched to the UK's.

    General consensus is that the 2Qute sounds better than the Hugo. It makes sense that the Qutest could sound better than the Hugo 2 as well.

    There are a few potential reasons for this, but the main one in my eyes is the external power supply vs an internal battery.

    The Qutest also has galvanic isolation, dual BNC coax inputs, a more robust chassis, that Qute-style light on top, etc.

    So it's not the exact same thing; it just has the same digital guts, so to speak.

    Many who use speaker systems would want the Qutest rather than the Hugo 2.

    Many who use headphones would want (or need, particularly in the case of electrostats) an external amp rather than driving them directly from the Hugo 2.

    With the right cables, the Qutest (like the 2Qute) can still drive conventional headphones and some sensitive passive speakers directly; just with less power and no built-in volume control.

    $2,379 divided by 2 is $1,189.50, It's roughly 3/4 the price.
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  14. adrian.clopotari
    Hy there!

    Need your help: could someone explain to me if i can give signal directly from the Qutest to Active Monitors? I own a Adam Sub 10 Mk2 Active and Adam A7x and as a DAC a use a cheap 20$ Fiio

    Im satisfied with this combo, but i figure the 1800$ Qutest will bring a stelar improvement.

    I want to buy this.

    Somebody said to me that i might need to use a preamp, but I dont know how to verify this topic and it seems strange that I have NO problems with 20$ DACs powering my Adam active monitors ... but i will experience problems paying a fortune on a expensive DAC.

  15. Music Alchemist
    Yes, of course you can, but it is generally recommended to have a preamp between them to control the volume more easily.

    What do you currently use for volume control?
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