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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. ecwl
    I don’t have the catalog in front of me. But I think it says wifi and Ethernet capability and two microSD card slots and 8 hours of battery life. Which obviously is not specific enough for me.
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  2. Progisus
    Where in The Peg did you get the catalog?
  3. AC-12
    Stay the course... A good amount of us committed to this product since launch. Many moved on to the TT2. I understand the temptation as your use case is you need a device to travel with with some simplicity involved, but I wouldn't wish those AK* ESS* DACs on my worst enemies. I guess if you prioritize battery life/convenience or to complement, then maybe...

    Just poking as the Chord representative mentioned news around this time. I have complete faith of any Rob Watts production, but Chord I'm skeptical. Pulling for you to get your 2Go for at least a year. 2Go should be around the corner. Hope the sound from the USB is optimized to get close to a "mini-Dave". GL
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  4. ecwl
    American Hi-Fi
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  5. GreenBow
    I always enjoyed the If 2Go comes soon, and I get one, my new Hugo 2 case will be redundant. Only mentioning this because I like my Hugo 2 case a lot. It makes me feel more relaxed using my Hugo 2, because I know it's not going to get marked. Oddly I would swear it makes me enjoy music with it more, due to my more relaxed approach to using it.

    Ridiculous as it sounds, the last few times I used my Hugo 2 with the case, I thought it sounded better. Obviously it doesn't technically sound better. I was just less nervous using my Hugo 2, and relaxed into the music more.

    I am definitely more comfortable using my Hugo 2 like this. However my impressons of music sounding better could just be nothing. It's easy to forget how good Hugo 2 is, and using the Hugo 2 still surprises me every time. I just feel distinctly more laid back using my Hugo 2 now. Sometimes or somehow, it feels like I get more from it.

    Added to that, it looks stunning in the black Chord Hugo 2 case. (Not the Van Nuys.) Honestly folks, stunning is an understatement.
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  6. ZappaMan
    I thought I imagined something similar with the mojo case, could potentially be the anti vibration properties of the leather case, or placebo.
  7. miketlse
    I managed to catch a few tracks of this jazz band playing last night, fully expecting the experience would reveal the gap between my Hugo 2 and live music.

    Imagine my surprise when after each attempt at critical listening, I realised that I was struggling to detect any gaps at all.
    Caveats are that I was listening from not far from the left hand side speaker (out of shot), which did mess up the sound stage on tracks involving the singer, plus I was on my first beer, after spending most of the day watching rugby matches, but my mood was mainly relaxed. Not perfect if one is testing to the level of rigour needed by @Rob Watts , but probably still quite useful for comparing ones Chord gear, to real world live music.

    Several times I kept arriving at the same conclusion, that Hugo 2 does a fine job already, so do I really need a TT2, DAVE, MScaler etc?
    Ha, many of us probably visit that corner of our minds, trying to decide between 'need' and 'want'.
  8. Mikey99
  9. Peter Hyatt

    I think so.

    I also think we’ll concede, “it was worth the wait.”
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  10. miketlse
    My instinct is that 2Go is soon. If dealers are confident enough to tempt customers, then that is a step closer shipping.
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  11. Peter Hyatt

    I’m most excited about the two SD card slots.

    Potentially 2TB of music to choose from, anywhere, is...very exciting.
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  12. ecwl
    Looks like the dealer scanned the photo from the 2019 Chord catalog.
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  13. MikeRight
    It is great to see new pictures but in my case it is not the hardware what I want to see. It is the software associated and especially the final experience with it.

    I really hope much more than the poly software and experience. Let’s see
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  14. miketlse
    :frowning2: Lazy
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  15. jlbrach
    I too am excited about 2 card slots...how exactly would the 2 go read and present the music in order to pick albums and play and advance etc?
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