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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. dac64
    The father of WAVE was in this page!
  2. dac64
    I am going to buy HMS to pair up with my Qutest. Thinking of Wave too but the pair is costing more than my Qutest. I so wish that the maker of Wave was a blue collar worker in stead of white.
  3. Triode User
    I have done a full PM to you with info that I cannot post in the thread but I wanted to put the record straight regarding your comments on the price. The WAVE STREAM Dual BNC cables for the MScaler start at £495 for a pair delivered.
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  4. dac64
    Great to hear that there is a much cheaper but equality effective version for the HMS. It'll attract many HMS/TT2/Hugo2/Qutest users. Btw, the Wave is very professional built, that catched my eyes.
  5. Mikey99
    I have had my DAVE for a few weeks now, and have had it on continuously. Usually it is quite warm to the touch, even when not in use. I noticed tonight that it is running considerably cooler, almost normal. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. Rob Watts
    It does dissipate a tad more power whilst playing back music, so cools overnight a bit. Also, the nights are getting colder...
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  7. tunes
    Has anyone compared the Utopia, Hifiman HEK2, Hifiman HE 1000se and Pioneer SE Master -1 with the DAVE DRIVING THEM?
  8. onlychild

    I’ve had the Utopia, HE1Kv2, and now the HE1KSE (not at the same time), but all driven from my DAVE.

    The SE is turning out to be the perfect headphone when driven directly from the DAVE. I would say it is like having the best parts of the Utopia and V2 in one. It has the speed and ability to pull out tons of details like the Utopia but with the smoothness, wide soundstage and great bass/sub bass of v2. It is faster than V2 and bass is more rhytmetic than v2. Soundstage and bass better than Utopia

    If I was in the market for a new headphone to run directly from the DAVE, SE should be at top of the list
  9. TheAttorney
    I've compared Utopia, HEK V2 and SE Master-1 directy driven by DAVE.
    Of these, HEK V2 easily won for both SQ and comfort (but not build quality), so those are the ones I bought over a year ago.
    HEK's wide soundstage particularly benefits from DAVE's excellent cross-feed function.

    However, every respondant will probably give a different order of preference to mine, so you really have to listen for yourself.

    I haven't tried the HEK SE, but it looks interesting for it's higher sensitivity (and slightly better looks) over HEK V2, but I'm getting rather tired of hifiman introducing new models almost every week, so my number 1 contender to compare next against my HEK V2's with DAVE is the Meze Empyrean.
  10. tunes
    Curious. 1. Does the HEK se have the same type of female jack on the drivers as the HEK V2 to use same upgrade cable?

    2. Do you have only the stock cable?

    3. Are you planning to sell your Utopia?

    4. Did you sell your HEKv2 and please send me a PM what your asking price was and the condition. Also, if you got a good deal on the se and where purchased from??
  11. ufospls2
    The HEKse actually uses 3.5mm connectors instead of the 2.5mm on the V2. Its a shame as V2 owners can't use their upgrade cables, but at the same times the 3.5mm connectors are more sturdy. Its a trade off.
  12. seaice
    Has anyone tried iFi Micro iUSB3 with DAVE? I play music from a PC and after introducing the iFi into into my USB chain, I have really started to love all of my electrostats again... Very positive experience with the iFi iUSB3>DAVE combo and electrostats: more/better bass and smoother treble, more natural sound... Everything sounds calm and right again...
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
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  13. ecwl
    So it started with this thread... After buying Chord DAVE, posters pointed out how much more transparent the headphone output is compared to what I'm hearing through the speakers. I knew my Sanders Magtech amplifier was simply not transparent enough for my speakers. Since it might take a while before Rob Watts' DX/pulse power array amp gets enough power to drive my speakers, I couldn't wait anymore and asked my dealer to bring in a Chord Etude.
    The first sign that it's something special is that my dealer didn't tell me the unit arrived and kept on volunteering to burn in the Etude for me for a few days. Obviously, he just wanted to listen to it longer, despite having PS Audio BHK Signature 300 Mono amplifiers and Krell Duo 300 available. I never got those amps because they sound a little too warm to me and I prefer a more neutral amp. And when I got the Etude home, my initial reaction was identical to when I first got DAVE. I have never heard this degree of transparency, so many subtle microdynamics and microdetails in the music, the realism of the instruments and such soundstage depth in an amplifier before. Of course, the macrodynamics and transients of the music were perfectly preserved. Moreover, when a passage of music is supposed to be warm, smooth and beautiful, the Etude presents the music in the most gorgeous manner. Honestly, I was quite shocked even though I have read some of John Franks comments about the Etude before.
    Of the great neutral amplifiers I've heard that some of my friends own, Benchmark AHB2 and Bryston 4B3 stood out even though I've never listened to them in my system. In my mind, Etude has them beat, in terms of transparency, micro details and smooth warm sound when appropriate. Even if I'm wrong, the fact that Chord Etude matches my Blu2/DAVE casings is super cool.
    I know we are in a Head-FI forum but I know some readers of this thread also listen to speakers with their DAVE. If your amplifier preference is towards neutrality and transparency, rather than warmth, I'd strongly recommend giving Chord Etude a demo. For the first time, listening to DAVE through my speakers actually sound as if I'm listening through my headphones. Thanks to @Mojo ideas for bringing another awesome product to market.
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  14. rgs9200m
    The Chord driver I use for Dave uses WASAPI. Is there a way to use ASIO? Is it an option in this driver? Thanks.
  15. tunes
    Are there quality conversion plugs to go from 2.5 to 3.5 mm??
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