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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. paul2qute
    Triode I was asking a genuine question yet you text me like I'm some idiot Mike didn't have a clue what I was on about ,did you? Wasn't even texting your way but you had to text to make ya self look something your not.If you got a issue with me then text me privately and I'm sure we can sort it out
  2. Triode User
    I am sorry you have taken objection to what I thought was a bit of harmless fun being poked at Chords predicted shipping dates which are notorious for being shall we say on the optimistic side of life. Please accept my sincere apologies. I have no issues with you which need sorting out and it was only meant as friendly banter. That is the trouble with forums where if you were stood next to me you would see the big friendly smile as I said it to you as a fellow Chord enthusiast.

  3. paul2qute
    Felt it was more poked at me than chord but I'll accept your apology
  4. Triode User
    You will just have to accept my word on that. It will however be interesting to see when autumn turns out to be this year.
  5. maxh22
    Emojis exist on this forum for a reason guys, it’s very easy to misinterpret things but more times then not they help to better convey your actual message. :v:
  6. paul2qute
    It's the same date every year I couldn't
    I'm not bothered when the Hugo TT 2 comes out I've paid for it, it's not an issue for me, I couldn't care less
  7. miketlse
    Sorry if I confused anyone last night.
    I was well chilled, drinking Glenfiddich, so it was not the optimum time for my brain to engage in detailed understanding of driver issues. :slight_smile:
  8. Jiffi32
    They said Autumn, they didn't say in what year :)
  9. Triode User
    Yeah, I paid my deposit before I twigged that! Mind you, based on my experience with Blu Mk2, there is something to be said for having lots of little bursts of excitement when you think it might be going to be delivered and then you get to have the same burst of excitement again 3 weeks later and then again 3 weeks after that etc etc. :sweat_smile:
  10. Arcabonne
    Thank you if you share your impressions.
  11. dakabali
    Yesterday I visited the local Passlab/FW dealer (who happens to be the local Chord dealer, too) and managed to listen to some 95 dB speakers with FW F7, SIT-2, PL XA25 and with BluDave direct. In our 4 hours session BluDave direct delivered the most detailed presentation and separation of the soundstage. However, even that we could drive the Dave loud enough with these speakers (around -10 / -5 dB setting on the Dave) the general presentation missed the fulness and airiness we experienced with the external amps. Dave produced a loud, detailed but "thin" sound which missed the background of the power (amp) even when playing in a near-field setup.

    I would say that among the above low power amps the XA25 seems to be the one which can be used in the most situation. Playing any kind of music it was a top performer with the most power among the three amps. Listening to Bill Evans' My Man's Gone Now (Sunday At The Village Vanguard) the XA25 provided the most beautiful and widest soundstage I have ever heared. What really surprised me that the XA25 gave the most SET like colorful sound. Something I expected from the SIT-2 based on the reviews I had taken a look into.

    The SIT-2 sounded very natural after the "tubed" sound we experienced with the XA25. The soundstage was a bit narrower and the separation felt behind the XA25. Then we put on a CD with Sonny Rollins' Where Are You (The Bridge) and... OMG.... the natural flavour of the SIT-2 that I found a bit purist and low key after the XA25, gave me the most live-experience of a recorded musical performance ever! Enjoying with closed eyes and with the XA25 I had the feeling I was listening to vinyl and not CD on a very very nice tube amped hifi system. Or like Mr. Rollins and his band would perfom in one of the best clubs live. With the SIT-2.... Sonny himself came into my room just for a visit. Fully live, uncomplicated, personal, direct connection between the artist and the listener through the most natural representation of music.

    Last the FW F7. Honestly a very nice amp but the XA25 "stole the show". The F7 is much closer to the XA25 than to the SIT-2 and sounds like a first incarnation or pilot of the XA25. Everything is there, SET like sound, soundstage, etc. but this everything is simply MUCH better with the XA25.

    So SIT-2 or XA25? Easy answer: both :) XA25 for most cases especially for big bands, wide stages. SIT-2 for solo performances or choir music. If I had to choose I would take take the XA25 as it is the better and more powerful amp. However, when the SIT-2 shines... then it produces something such beautiful and unique that I don't want to forget and give up on this something. An amp which delivers the best of both world could be the ultimative solution for me personally. Maybe the SIT-3?

    I've just ordered a custom Omega Super Alnico 6 XRS (intend to use with BluDave direct) and a First WATT SIT-3. As soon as they arrive I re-audit the SIT-2, SIT-3 and the XA25 with these speakers and will sadly have to make a decision :)
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  12. Triode User
    What a fun and lovely day you have had. I was going to say that you can pop round to my house and listen to the XA30.8 but then I see that you are slightly too far, ahem. Thanks for the report. You have fun times ahead.
  13. dakabali
    Thanks for the invitation anyway never say never :wink: Did you have a chance to compare your XA30.8 to the XA25 or any of the First Watt amps?
  14. ray-dude
    Great write up @dakabali thank you!

    FedEx delivered my First Watt F2J today...I can't wait to compare BluDAVE direct vs FW F1J vs FW F2J into my Omega Super Alnico Monitors and Voxativ 9.87's. As I mentioned previously, the FW F1J's made the Omega SAMs a completely different speaker (almost full range), even with the usual hit to transparency vs BluDAVE direct.
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  15. Triode User
    The invitation is open, we are middle of UK and in prime Stilton Cheese and Melton Pork Pie area!

    The XA25 had not been launched when I got the XA30.8 and I never had the chance to try any of the First Watt amps. I just fell in love with the XA30.8 sound as soon as I heard it.
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