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  1. elviscaprice
    I found the IR a detriment to SQ from my DIY sCLK-EX server. You don't need fixers or endpoints if you get the server power/clocking correct to initiate the stream direct to DAVE. Keep it simple.
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  2. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I think the USB implementation of the DAVE is simply out of this world. I've tried "other" options, but just keep coming back to my Audioquest Coffee USB cable straight from my iMac into my DAVE. The less in the single path = less colouration.
  3. rgs9200m
    After some experiments, I like an Audioquest Jitterbug + Audioquest Diamond USB cable for the best, most "grounded" sound without any other USB filters.
  4. xxx1313
    I agree that the USB implementation is very good but there are other better USB cables, imo. I am astonished by the sound quality of Sablon Audio USB cables. Mark has a great return policy. I would not have bought it without that (you never know, how things sound in your audio chain before trying!). Longer signal paths can also be excellent, with the right elements in between. :)
  5. elviscaprice
  6. ubs28
    I use a cheap ass audioquest device (forgot the name) and it makes the DAVE sound much better. USB connection is really crap.

    Hence why something like DAVE + PolyForDave (with Mscaler) + Roon is something that I am very interested in.

    I'm quite suprised Chord doesn't have this already for the Chord Dave considering how big streaming is in Hifi nowadays.
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  7. Triode User
    Do you mean the jitterbug? I got one of these this week to see what the fuss is about. I only got it last night so have tried listening for an hour or two. So far my jury is out on this one. I was using it into the usb on Blu2 which obviously then feeds into Dave. The usb is supplied by a Zenith SE. I was really struggling to find any difference with the jitterbug but if anything I marginally prefered it without and so ended the evening taking it out. People swear by these so I am not going to give up and will do more extended listening over the next few days.
  8. ecwl
    If you can’t hear much difference with Jitterbug, it usually means your source setup (aka. zenith SE in this case) is excellent.
  9. ubs28
    If you use it on my 5 year old Macbook Pro, you will hear a big difference. xD

    But I always knew my Macbook Pro was bad considering how my iPad Pro sounds better with the Mojo, Hugo 1 and Hugo 2.

    It looks like the 2018 Macbook Pro’s are out finally. So it will be interesting to see if Apple improved this part as I will be ordering the 6-core version soon.
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  10. Triode User
    Perhaps. And yet I have heard the very convincing demo of the clear improvement of the Innuos Statement over the SE into a Dave which tends to suggest that the SE is not yet perfect. On the other hand I was struggling to hear a difference between the SE and Statement when played through a Blu2 and my WAVE cables. So the other possibility that I wondered about was that perhaps the RF filtering cables between Blu2 and Dave are taking all the crap out anyway and could that be why I was struggling to hear a difference with/without the jitterbug and also between the SE and Statement. I know that sounds like a plug for my cables but you just have to accept it is not intended that way.

    I use Dave alone in another system and that is why I am still interested in getting a jitterbug to improve the usb into the Dave. I will therefore do more listening at the weekend with the jitterbug and I will use it straight into Dave without Blu2 (this is after all the Dave thread :relaxed:). In the interests of taking the SE out of the equation I will also try different USB sources with the jitterbug. Everyone seems to recommend them so I am guessing it is just a matter of playing until I can get it to make a difference.
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  11. Clive101
    I have had the same experience, different cable manufacture, both with BNC connection with Daveblu2 and USB with stand alone Dave.

    After mains treatment less effect so I tried mains treatment with standard cables still a difference but less which seems to imply the same result.

    I also have a Jitterbug......
  12. AndrewOld
    iirc, in Robs original post he said that the jitterbug + a pc running off its mains adaptor gave 75% of the performance of the pc running from batteries without the jitterbug. The issue the jitterbug attenuates is the fact that the galvanic isolation of the DAVE isn't absolutely perfect, there is some residual coupling. Running your pc from batteries removes the problem.
  13. jonstatt
    Did you know that there is a new version of the AQ Diamond cable? It now incorporates a new DBS module. AQ found that the extra wire that runs down the cable for the DBS anode could itself be a way for RF to get to the signal wires. The new DBS module called DBS Carbon, has a, supposedly expensive capacitor in it that acts as an RF Trap. Make of that what you will! Did I give you upgraditis? :p
  14. rgs9200m
    No, I haven't kept track of that, thanks. Oh no, definitely upgradeitis. I need some rehab.
    Maybe this is like built-in ferrites.
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  15. rgs9200m
    And also, along with the Audioquest Diamond USB cable and Jitterbug,
    DAVE gets a Telwire power cord:

    After experimenting with some Shunyata Anacondas and a TG audio I had, the Telwire was the best, again sounding more mellow up top but preserving transparency and speed in the bass.

    This cord is really nice with the DAVE driving an LCD4 and a HE1000v2.
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