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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. lovethatsound
    If you like the sound of sliver cables,then give Toxic cables,Sliver Widow ago it's alot cheaper than the Sliver Spore,and only about an 8 week wait,you might be in for a big surprise. :blush:
  2. ddanois

    Great point...can't wait to see wha the Dave offers directly.
  3. bigfatpaulie
    This is banana's - it uses FPGA's.  
    I think this is worth the wait.  Thank you so much for pointing this out to me!!!
  4. onsionsi
    I have a curiosity if someone tried to compare the built in AMP in Dave vs MHA100 with HEK headphone.
  5. Torq
    I've listened to the MHA100 using the Mojo as a source ... which much more demanding headphones than the HEK ...
    ... and I'd take THAT over the MHA100 every time ... DAVE would be no contest at all.
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  6. bigfatpaulie
    I firmly agree.  I had an MHA100 at home for 2 weeks on loan.  It's a very sexy looking unit from afar (a bit cheap up close) but the sound is very lackluster.  An Audio-GD Master 9 + 7 easily leaves the McIntosh behind in all regards (sonically) and the DAVE does the same to the Master stack. 
    Maybe if you are thinking of not using the DAC and running it as a just an amp you might be a bit better off, but not likely.  The 'amp' stage in the DAVE sounds better than a GSX MKII, Pass Labs INT-30A or Moon 600i - at least to me - with HD800's, Abyss and HE6's - and I would be shocked if MHA100 could hold a candle to any of those amps.  With or without the HE1k's in the equation. 
    I know some may disagree with me (re the 600i or other amps VS DAVE) but that's how I feel, in my experience, based on the qualities that I value.  Please, no pitchforks :)  It's all IMHO.  YMMV.  TTYL.  BRB.  LUVU.
  7. paulchiu
    DAVE sounds much better than the head-amp of the McIntosh MHA100.  Not close.
    The Moon 430 HAD with a DAC cost less than the MHA100 and sounds better.
    The Chord Hugo sounds better as well.
  8. romaz

    I have good experience also with the MHA-100 and the HEK. It is like the DAVE in that it incorporates a DAC with a headphone amp but unlike the DAVE, it also incorporates a very good 50 wpc speaker amp (at 8ohms). I thought its built-in headphone amp was quite good, with rich tonality and with the use of an autoformer, you can bias it to drive any headphone load, from an 8ohm IEM to a 600ohm Beyerdynamic T1. At the lower impedance range, it will put out about 1 watt, similar to the DAVE, which will very capably drive the HEK (or Abyss).

    This thing is a monstrosity, however, weighing almost 30 lbs. It also runs hot. The DAVE is a much more elegant solution. As has been suggested, the MHA100's built-in DAC is unsurpisingly not in the same league as the DAVE and its DAC sounds flat in comparison. The DAVE's headphone output, to my ears, is tonally richer, faster, more liquid and more nuanced. It's as if you're directly listening to the DAC signal (and of course, that is exactly what you're doing with the DAVE's headphone output). There is an effortless quality to the DAVE's headphone output that I have not heard matched by anything else. Of course, you could bypass the MH100's DAC and headphone amp and use the DAVE to drive its speaker amp, something to consider if you already own the MHA100 but if you're starting from scratch, at $4,500, this would not be my first choice.
  9. onsionsi
    Is it worth to consider MHA100 speaker amp over DAVE amp or still DAVE amp is better one.
  10. Torq
    You can't drive speakers directly from DAVE.
    I found the MHA100 to be an across-the-board poor-value product.  While opinions obviously differ, I didn't care for it driving headphones directly regardless of what was plugged into it or how the transformers were set.  Very easy to get better performance for a lot less money.
    If you need to drive speakers, you'll definitely need an additional amp.
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  11. romaz
    I would agree that you can do better for your money than the MHA100 but I'm guessing you already own it.  Several MHA100 owners have similarly PM'd me who are in your situation.  If you like the way it sounds, that's what matters but if you end up getting the DAVE, I believe you will find that the DAVE outperforms it in every respect and it may become an expensive paperweight unless you find value in the speaker amp.  If you are referring to the upcoming digital amp that Rob is designing for the DAVE, no one has heard this yet except maybe for Rob.  Based on it's design and Rob's high standards, it is unlikely the MHA100 speaker amp will outperform it.
    Torq likes this.
  12. miketlse
    Could you drive active speakers from DAVE?
  13. izzard1982
    Yes, I'm using it with Dynaudio X14A.
  14. paulchiu
    Sure.  There are many good sounding active speakers you can match with the DAVE, from <$1000 models by Audioengine to >$10,000 studio quality models from Genelec.
    I have tried many, including the Genelec 8050B with the DAVE with terrific results.
    You can bring your DAVE into many music chains and demo these active speakers.  The DAVE is very convenient for travel.
  15. miketlse
    I would be delighted, if I had bought a DAVE yet - mind you it would cost almost as much as the car that I travelled in. [​IMG]
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