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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. rkt31
    @paulchiu, these are few very good recordings of opus3 links . http://www.jazzsound.pl/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=3878   ,  http://www.amazon.com/Tribute-Young-Louis-Barnard-Swedish/dp/B0000E64YN,    http://www.amazon.com/Tiny-Island-TINY-ISLAND/dp/B0000E64YK
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  2. rkt31
    has anybody used Dave with benchmark ahb2 for speaker set up ? I remember one member using Hugo with benchmark amp . I also use Hugo with benchmark power amp and the benchmark brings out all qualities of Hugo .
  3. Samuel Snoopy
    I have ordered both, but need to wait for one more month for Dave and one more week for AHB2.
  4. drdkey

    I am completely changing my system from a Devialet 250 and using Mac mini music server to Chord Dave > Luxman 700 amp > Sonic Transporter AP > microRendu > Roon. Chord Dave arriving next week and very excited. I am straight 2 channel for now. Anyone using a Luxman 700?
  5. yellowblue
    drdkey, I see that you have a micro Rendu in your chain. Will be interesting to hear if it sounds different than the Sonicorbiter SE with the Dave (using Roon). Romaz promised to write about that when he gets his own micro Rendu. 
  6. rkt31
    great, waiting for the impressions of the combo. which speakers will you be using ? i use benchmark amp with the low gain setting and it gives plenty of output with hugo. with dave the output will double if you use xlr out. so even with low gain and bigger speakers there will be plenty of loudness.
  7. Samuel Snoopy

    I use KEF new Ref. One which is just suit my small listening room.
  8. shuttlepod

    I'm in the same camp as yellowblue -- waiting to see how people like the microRendu, particularly those with a DAVE. Will the DAVE be immune or mostly immune to the benefits of the microRendu? Would the SonicOrbiter SE be just as good with a DAVE? I'm willing to wait and see what people think . . .
  9. paulchiu
    I will be testing my Dave once it arrives today with the Sonore Microrendu as well as Uptone Audio Regen and other third party enhancements.
    Trying is one thing, but I am not expecting any improvement for the Dave just as I have not heard any on my Nagra HD DAC with these enhancers or real exotic USB cables.
  10. romaz
    Congrats, Paul!  Looking forward to your impressions.  My microRendu ships today as well.  The microRendu already incorporates an "improved" version of the Regen and according to John Swanson, creator of the microRendu and Regen, adding a Regen to the microRendu will result in no further benefit.  The microRendu supposedly benefits greatly from a really good PSU, not necessarily a quiet PSU but one with low impedance that can deliver large amounts of transient current very rapidly.
  11. paulchiu
    What power supply will you be using with Sonore MicroRendu?  (this thing sounds like a Sith Lord)
  12. romaz
    The force is supposed to be strong with John Swanson's upcoming "mystery" supply but that won't be ready for a few months and will supposedly be fairly inexpensive.  I have gone ahead and ordered John's JS-2 PSU which he believes will also be ideal (just more expensive).
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  13. shuttlepod

    Those of us who have not ordered a microRendu or SonicOrbiter would love to know all of your impressions (Roy, Paul, drdkey, and any others). We would especially be interested in the microRendu vs. the SonicOrbiter and vs. a noisy laptop or other standard computer. And, of course, what effect, if any, various power supplies have on the microRendu's overall performance. Based on the impressions of the early testers of the microRendu (including Chris Connaker), it almost surely makes a big positive difference with almost all dacs out there. But what about DAVE??
  14. romaz
    I am curious myself, Jon.  I will happily report.
  15. Sonic77
    Just received my shipping notice for the microRendu, I will also give my impressions with that and the Dave Dac. I will be using the ifi 9v plug for now and may upgrade to another power source depending on the reviews of those power sources.
    We can use our servers (Caps v3 Zuma) with the microRendu, so I will do that, along with testing it out with my mac mini, and Logitech Squeezebox touch.
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