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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. romaz
    Yes, with the DAVE feeding the BHSE, there was wonderful layering of details and good depth with the Stax. My curiosity has been satisfied.
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  2. TheAttorney
    Two things to try, the first is free, the second costs a fortune:
    1. If your 009's are not already a loose fit, very carefully bend out the plastic arcs to get a looser fit (it's plastic so do so at your own risk). This will subtley increase bass (especially lowest bass). There is a tipping point were too loose and the bass starts getting flabby.
    2, Replace the BHSE tubes with vintage metal base. Apart from unbelievable clarity, the metal bases will give "balls" to the 009's. Maybe not to the same level as the best dynamics, but it closes the gap 
  3. romaz

    Thanks for the advice. I sold my electrostatic setup some time ago. Justin Wilson is designing a replacement for the BHSE that is supposed to improve things, especially in the lower octaves. Maybe it will incorporate some of your ideas.
  4. Samuel Snoopy
    Romaz, Interesting, it is out of my imagination that they allow you to compare their DAC with your Dave. I think it is impossible to do it here in HK. Thanks!
  5. romaz

    I know what you're saying, it requires a certain sensitivity and approach but I have found that if you are honest, respectful and also complimentary of their product, it goes a long way. The other side of the equation is that some of these folks are just as eager to hear the DAVE and are even confident their product is better. This was the case at the Devialet room. They were showcasing the limited edition (only 100 made worldwide) copper dual mono Devialet D900 ($37k) which has their integrated DAC and monobloc amps. It was being fed by an Aurender N10 and a $15k Clearaudio turntable and driving a pair of wonderful Magico S3s. Here is a photo and you will notice that my DAVE is at the bottom of this Stillpoints rack:


    Anyway, the Devialet dealer and some of the Devialet brass were there from France and they all agreed to allow me to demo this for them after the show ended because they all wanted to hear the DAVE. This is when we established that the N10 sounded better via AES/EBU compared to USB with the DAVE and so we compared 3 tracks against the Devialet's DAC using the DAVE's AES/EBU input. Unfortunately, they had no large scale orchestral music available but they had a hi res PCM track from Jazz at the Pawnshop, a Ramsey Lewis piano track, and a female vocal studio track.

    In comparison, the Devialet DAC sounded drier where the DAVE sounded smoother and more fluid. The acoustical space, especially with Jazz at the Pawnshop was more readily appreciated. There was clearly some smearing on the piano with the Ramsey Lewis track on the Devialet. To my ears, there was no contest but I didn't feel it was polite to make a point of it. The 2 Devialet guys from Europe didn't say a word. The Devialet dealer was very complimentary of the DAVE but he said he preferred the sound of the Devialet DAC, something I predicted he would say given that the Devialet guys were there. To the credit of the Devialet, however, the monobloc amps were wonderfu and drove the Magicos beautifully. The Devialets are also a work of art and I would happily hang these special copper units on my wall for all to see (yes, Devialets are wall hangable). I would be happy to own a Devialet but the DAVE stays.
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  6. Samuel Snoopy
    Romaz, interesting story; I like Devialet amp too, but they don't have pure amp product to connect Dave that I want.
  7. Articnoise

    I have listen to the Devialet D900 driving a pair of Magico S5 – It was okay, but sound kind of “hifi”. They then switched to use the phone in of the Devialet D900 and hooked up a SOTA Kronos turntable. They didn’t play the same records, nevertheless a totally different and IMO much better sound.  

  8. STR-1
    Still learning how best to use my Dave (well actually a loan Dave until mine arrives) and I am wondering when the HF filter could/should be used and what the pros and cons are of using it. Grateful for any thoughts you guys with more technical understanding can offer. Thanks
  9. Kamil21

    Doesn't the Devialet convert all analog input to digital? Thus inserting the Dave, into the Devialet amps you will simply layer the Dave with the Devialet's digital circuits? I would think that in this case the Devialet should in theory sound better.
  10. lovethatsound
    Hi STR-1
    I think Rob answered this question early on,somewhere on this thread . I'm 100% sure he said he thinks it sounds better ON.I think originally it was for just for hi-res,but Rob said he was surprised that it sounded better with red book as well.
  11. ecwl
    Roy, I think the people who raved about T+A DAC8 over DAVE are not using it straight as a DAC or using T+A to internally upsample. They are using their desktop computer CPU & GPU to upsample music to DSD512 with the most sophisticated computationally intensive algorithms and then playing the DSD512 file/stream back on the T+A DAC8.
  12. lovethatsound
    Found it for you STR-1
  13. STR-1
    Thanks for that, you're a star. I've been trying the filter turned on today with my 16/44 rips (ALAC) and I think it does sound better but I had no feel for why that was. Cheers
  14. bacon333
    Quite possibly...but hoping not. :)
  15. Beolab

    I agree with almost everything you are writing Roy, but after extensive testing with 4 different bit perfect sources i have discovered that the DAVE are not totally immune to the source.

    I have like you very sensitive hearing, but i find it to sound different with different sources, exactly like the difference btw the inputs on DAVE.

    Aurender W20 / USB
    Auralic Aries. / USB
    Macbook Pro BitPerfect and Roon / USB
    Iphone 5S / Ipad with CCK adapter / USB =

    Wider soundstage than the aries and different presentation in the perspective with little less clarity than Auralic Aries, but it sounds almost even with MacBook Pro using BitPerfect.
    The Aurender have the best sound overall if it is setup properly, and the Auralic got the thinnest but clearest sound presentation.

    So this is a is a difference, please do the test with one track and you'll see .

    PS i will test the AES with W20 and see what happens, maybe it can sound a bit less compressed than using USB if we are lucky.

    Have a great day!
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