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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. ecwl

    I have no idea what Miska or the other user on Computer Audiophile forum used for their HQPlayer setting. I don't even use HQPlayer. Just doesn't fit my preference for user interface or my hardware to begin with. But I think your questions basically answer everything. It doesn't matter how great a software can theoretically be, if the users can't figure out how to use it, you're not going to get great sound out of it.
  2. Crashem
    I think most just use another front end.  Roon + HQPlayer is very popular
  3. rayleemw
    I've been following this thread from the start and just made the decision to get the DAVE.  I've been using the Hugo for awhile and I use it in my home stereo setup.  Thanks for all the thoughts and reviews of DAVE it's been very helpful.
    Now the problem for me is how I can actually get it.  I live in Hong Kong and I'm wondering if anyone here knows any local retailers that sell them?  
    My next option is to buy online from one of the online UK retailers.  Any suggestions for a reliable UK retailer that sells internationally?  Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. analogmusic

    Try Dubai audio :) they are pretty good


    Ok I spoke to them, and can't ship internationally, so if you have a friend in Dubai, of course your friend can buy it from them and ship it to you.
  5. Christer

    I do not agree that DSD sounds bad via Hugo, on the contrary it can  sound very good indeed provided the recording is well done. But not  quite as good as the best HD PCM imho.
    It might be interesting to note, that Jared Sacks actually preferred Hugo over a well known and very popular,made in Canada, DAC,that is supposed to play DSD natively with his excellent  DSD 64 recording of Mahler's 9th, and other of his own recordings if I remember Ted's quote  correctly.
    Hugo is imho still one of the very best DACs out there imho. I use mine almost daily.
    But DAVE is even better.
  6. Crashem


    What are you comparing Hugo's DSD to?

    In my case, I am comparing to PS Directstream, old Lampizator BIG5 and my current Lampizator GG. Wouldn't think fair comparison given the price differences. However the Hugo wasn't in anywhere in the same league as any of them with DSD. It definitely lost something. Also, if you look around, there is comments to that effect.

    However, it looks like rob watts did significant changes to DSD path for Dave which hopefully made significant improvement. Hence I am itching to hear the leap.
  7. Sonic77
    Miska seems to have problems with Rob Watts.
    I wonder how the T+A DAC 8 measures against The Dave Dac?
    Numbers don't lie, and opinions are subjective, so have at boys.
  8. Mython Contributor
    OR, alternatively... "Life is too short", & "Each to their own" ? [​IMG]
    JaZZ and smial1966 like this.
  9. Crashem
    I doubt Miska has any real problems with Rob Watts.  But Rob Watts was definitely on the PCM side of the PCM vs DSD debate.  So it is easy fodder to find old quotes that show Rob Watts as a DSD non believer.  And what place does a non believer have saying they have created a better implementation of DSD?  My guess that is the attitude at work.
    As for your comment on measuring, numbers only occasionally lie.  But what the numbers actually say are subjective.  Remember a lot of what DAVE improves from a measurement perspective would be considered irrelevant or, even worse, inaudible by many "experts."  Obviously Rob Watts feels different.  Hence he is either ahead of the mainstream or out of touch (or maybe both ha), depending on who you ask.  That is obviously a subjective judgement.
  10. Sonic77
    We need a brawl for all [​IMG]
  11. lovethatsound
    Maybe some of you guys need to read this again:blush:
  12. Crashem

    Haahaa can you imagine. Many DACs enter one dac leaves. Bunch of designers with their DACs out for blood. Rob would need to redesign the Dave to be longer and more to a point.
  13. holeout
    This just got in! Will be doing an extensive review for a local magazine in the upcoming month. Running in for a couple of weeks right now with Mass Kobo 394 and HEK and will be hooking this up to my reference 2 ch. system with Aurender W20 / Esoteric K01X / Gryphon / Magnepan 20.7 after testing it with various headphones. Stay tuned....
    Aslshark likes this.
  14. ecwl

    Remember to take out your Gryphon Pandora preamplifier when testing out the Chord DAVE and use the power cable for the Pandora for the DAVE. Unless the power cables are the same. I think it'll be interesting for you.
    And I wonder if you can help rayleemw find a local dealer in Hong Kong for the Chord DAVE. Heck, invite the guy over...
  15. JaZZ Contributor
    Congrats! But I wonder: What has the Mass Kobo 394 to do with running in (DAVE or its headphone output?) or driving the HE1000?
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