Chord Electronics 2Qute DAC announced

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ok-guy, Jan 6, 2015.
  1. michaelvv
    As I wrote before, It could be my Tubes which just don't like Switch Mode Power Supplies, but when I
    change to LPS the sound just get significant better.
    If it doesn't give you any difference It's just fine, You'll save a lot of trouble and money too..

    Are you using the Hugo2 directly to your headphones ???
  2. Music Alchemist
    This has already been discussed here. (Read the previous pages.) It still uses the battery; it just puts it on trickle-charge. So I don't see how you could use an external linear power supply to power it. Could you elaborate on what you did with a linear power supply and the Hugo 2?

    I used to own the 2Qute and Mojo and want to buy the Hugo 2 (or perhaps 2Qute successor with Hugo 2 tech), DAVE, and Blu MkII (or whatever Chord's best is when the time comes) in the future.
  3. michaelvv
    Right now I have the 2Qute and a friend of mine has the Hugo2, which I have borrowed until
    the start of 2018. In my setup their is a difference, but I don't think it's enough to justify the upgrade.
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  4. crayons23
    How much of a difference is it on a scale of 1 to 10 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest amount?
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  5. panditji
    I too would be interested in knowing although a friend who bought the Hugo2 coming from a 2Qute says the difference is there although I feel he says that after buying the Hugo2 blindly..
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  6. michaelvv
    As wrote before I never will use headphones and I don't need the portability of my Dac, so
    these features on the Hugo2 is unnecessary for me.

    If you only need a "Desktop" Dac, I think the price difference would be better spend on a
    better streaming setup, And if it matters in my cause It did a lot LPS for both Dac and streaming device.
    I have build my own so it will be a lot cheaper, but for my 2Qute is was a fine upgrade.

    The two Dacs is not night and Day experience at all. I have listening to Hugo2 for at least 300+ hours and my own
    2Qute for 1000+ hours. What i found is Hugo2 has slightly more details, which I discovered on complex music.

    I was playing a 1969 recording of Mahler 3 symphony and I thought it was recorded in the late eighties. The separation
    of the instruments was quite amazing and I liked the huge dynamics and the fine timing. After that I was playing Frank
    Zappa "Sheik Yerbouti" from 1979, this really blow me away. These are both records which do not suffer from
    the loudness compression which almost all new albums does.

    Today I just repeated it on my 2Qute, and the switched back to the Hugo2 just too compare them again.

    Timbre is a little bit more realistic better on the Hugo2, the 2Qute is more laid-back not as forward as the Hugo2. If you
    like a "warmer" sound in my system i'll prefer the 2Qute, despite the filter settings on the Hugo2.

    If I should rate them and this is just numbers I'll give a 10 to the Hugo2 and a 8.7 - 8.9 to the 2Qute, where a higher number
    is better, just my humble opinion.

    PS! In previous posts I have rated the 2qute as better than Hugo2 , but it really changed after my LPS upgrade. And as a lot have
    wrote before try the ferrites on your cables, I have 10 on my USB cable it makes a difference.
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  7. panditji
    Thank you sir for your detailed comparison... You have saved me quite a bit of money and I now look forward to upgrading my DAC with the 4Qute...
  8. Music Alchemist
    I would still like to know how you use a linear power supply with the Hugo 2, since it is always battery-powered.
  9. crayons23
    how would your thoughts feel if you were only using headphones? i ask because this is the case for me.
  10. crayons23
    you mean the 3qute.. however i just bought the 2qute recently for several reasons. 1)it's marked down, 2) from what i have been told a replacement will not happen until at earliest summer 18. 3) the difference as our friend mentioned above is not night and day. Chord has said they view hugo 2 as primarily portable and the 2qute as the best desktop dac/static option in that range. Had micheal said hugo 2 was a 10 and 2qute was a 6 i would be a little more bummed. however a 10 vs a 8.9 is not worth the 1200$ difference.
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  11. Now I'm antsy. I REALLY want a new dac, but can't afford to both get the 2qute now and a follow up later. Truth be told the 2qute probably offers more than I would possibly need, but that URGE for more is hard to keep bottled up. Currently on a mimby.
  12. michaelvv
    Could be the fact that I remove the Switch Mode Power Supply from the Power Outlet. Actually I haven't heard the Hugo2 yet without Power Supply. How can 10 ferrites on the USB cable
    change the sound quality as much as It does ???.
  13. michaelvv
    I really can't tell you. Hugo2 is a really fine Dac. I'm so lucky I can borrow it time to time. If I was a headphone guy I think this would be the Dac.
  14. andromeda1954
    Hi guys I had the Hugo2 almost for a week and I decided to send It back to my supplier and keep my Qute2. For me the qute2 with S Booster as power supply ,in my configuration , sounded as good and maybe better as the the Hugo2 The Hugo sounds more forward in the midrange , The Qute2 has more space (deeper) I tried also the S Booster on the Hugo 2 . In imo the Hugo2 didn’t have much profit of the Sbooster I did not hear a significant difference like it is the case with the Qute2 . I will wait for the successor of the Qute2.
  15. crayons23
    Are you using headphones or speakers?

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