Chord Electronics 2Qute DAC announced

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ok-guy, Jan 6, 2015.
  1. miketlse
    It was one of several sources. If you also consider the effort required, Chord have spent the past few months releasing the Poly (which still requires ongoing development of the software updates, plus app), plus JF has mentioned the planned release of 2Go at CES (although there is a slight ambiguity when he now talks about availability during spring 2018), plus presumably the ongoing work to get the digital amps ready for CES.
    That does not leave many spare manhours to develop the 3Qute, so I honestly do not believe that it will be announced at CES2018.
    However I cannot be 100% certain of this, and I realise that JF pulled a rabbit out of the hat, by announcing the Hugo2 at CES2017.
    So my advice to everyone thinking of buying themselves any Chord kit is do not buy because it is Christmas, but wait two weeks until CES2018, and you can make a more informed decision.
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  2. Triode User
    Also dont forget the eagerly waited digital amps that are being worked on.
  3. Music Alchemist
    I've been looking forward to those for awhile! :heart_eyes_cat:
  4. dawktah2
    EXACTLY, if that post is based on that Facebook post... Its pure conjecture
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  5. panditji
    Need some help here... I have been using a simple music only i3 laptop with Jriver as a source connected by USB to my 2Qute.. I have been reading about the the experiences of owners using external LPS with their 2Qute with varied results... Wanted to know if the LPS is used for the laptop, will it better the sound quality even though the 2Qute is galvanically isolated ? If an LPS can improve the performance of an Sotm sms 200 as claimed by their manufacturer, will it yield a substantial improvement to a laptop as well ?
  6. jayz
    I am waiting to get a 2qute myself so no prior experience with it but my view is just buy/borrow a good quality LPS and try it for yourself. Apart from any implications to warranty, I cannot think of anything negative in trying out.

    However, normal reasoning says if ever there is a proven definite confirmed improvement to the optimum functioning of 2qute itself, Chord would have been the first to revise the standard supply. After all, they would want their DAC to be even better right? On the other hand, if it is the rest of the system that benefits from a better supply then that is something each of us will have to find out on a case by case basis.
  7. elviscaprice
    Digital source quality from power and clocking can effect SQ streaming to the DAC. In addition quality of clocking and power within a DAC can effect SQ. The clocking on the 2 Qute is pre-determined by Chord. But the 2Qute accepts an outside 12V DC source for power, which I can control. I can also control the quality of the clocked signal and power used to stream the audio stream to the DAC. I find that all these factors I can control will effect, if not dramatically, the SQ of my audio.
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  8. michaelvv
    I'm using Tube PreAmp (4PL1) and Tube Amp (2A3), and the difference using LPS on both Dac and Streamer (i5 PC) is massive. A friend of mine have the Hugo2, and it's the same for the Hugo2. Don't know if it's only because of the tube setup, it Might be different for transistor amps.
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  9. Matez
    One good advice this is.
  10. panditji
    Very helpful advice sir.. Can I ask which LPS you are using sir?
  11. Music Alchemist
    How would a linear power supply work with the Hugo 2 when it's battery-powered?

    I have high-end software (Windows Server 2016 and AudiophileOptimizer) on my Alienware M11x R2 laptop, and I perceive an improvement in sound from that, but I did not hear a difference between plugged and unplugged as far as the laptop power supply goes. Wouldn't this mean that getting an aftermarket power supply for the laptop would be pointless in my case?
  12. michaelvv
    I was refering to a PC not a laptop, so I can't tell about batteries vs LPS.
  13. michaelvv
    It's a home made one I'm using.

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  14. Music Alchemist
    Desktop, laptop, tablet, Windows, Mac...they're all PC (personal computer), FYI.

    What about the Hugo 2? How does a linear power supply have anything to do with it?
  15. michaelvv
    >>How would a linear power supply work with the Hugo 2 when it's battery-powered?

    According to their manual, and a measure of 8.4 watt on my LPS in desktop mode. Their goes current through my LPS.

    "After 24hrs on constant charge Hugo
    2 will enter into Intelligent Desktop
    Mode where the battery is neither
    charged nor discharged. Hugo’s auto-
    shutdown feature is now disabled"

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