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choosing an in-ear

  1. killerfrenzi
    hey guys, I need help choosing an in-ear obviously. I was thinking about getting klipsch s4s but right now I found some ue superfi3 for $35, but I'm not sure if they're right for me. and my friend earlier pointed out I should get in-ears that fit flush with my ear. my budget is at max around $60. I listen to a lot of kpop (heh) and electronica. thanks head-fi!
  2. killerfrenzi
    bump since no one helped
  3. buffalowings


     the s4's go for about $80 usually...hmmm...under $60, I might seem like I am raving, but I would go with the brain wavz m2's, good amount of bass for electonica and remains clear as well
  4. Sil3nce Moderator
    omg superfi.3 for 35 dollars.
    get that at once.
  5. Sn4chm0
    S4s are astonishingly good for the price.  They're a touch on the heavy side, but the metal and chrome finish is very nice.
    I think some would also recommend Yuan, but I don't have personal experience with them.
    S4 don't have many peers in their price range.
  6. buffalowings


     I beg to differ, fit and build quality goes out to the M2's IMO, the cabling on the S4's look thin and weak. also, I wouldn't purchase the S4's as my daily user IEM because the sound sig can get tiring very quickly
  7. xXFallenAngelXx
    M2 seems to be a good contender 
    Just a suggestion but why don't you save a little bit more money cuz there are a lots of other options that will only run you $20-40 more than what you want to spend..If you're on an absolute strict budget than I would go for the M2s
  8. buffalowings


    wait...xXfallenangelXx...do you play socom 2 on the psp?
    sorry super off topic...but i have a strong hunch on this...
  9. buffalowings
    scratch the above...maybe the lack of sleep is getting to me...
  10. xXFallenAngelXx

    Thats okay..I have similar usernames when i play games...I always use xXXx or wXXw..with something angel related lol
    Yeah off topic even more..you should get some rest..I slept through some classes cuz I was on haedfi so early in the morning lol
  11. killerfrenzi
    scratch finding the sf3s for $35, that sale was over. any decent ones in the budget that will sit flush with my ear?
  12. Sil3nce Moderator
    Apple dual drivers under 40 if you want analytical sound but bass might be lacking, Speed and treble aren't.

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