Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Portable Headphones and IEMs)

  1. Slater
    I have the original version, and I was never really impressed. They are really small, but the sound was quite mediocre. I eventually used them for sleeping only (because sound quality doesn't really matter when you're sleeping). They have since died (bad cable).

    Supposedly the revised version is better, because they put a larger nozzle on which changed the tuning (not sure what else they did for tuning).

    @1clearhead is the most familiar with the 2 versions and their changes.

    More info here:
    The new version has a "tag" at the end of the cable. Did yours?
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  2. 1clearhead
    Throughout the years, I noticed much improvement in resolution, bass and hi-end details where I'm starting to see a trend in brighter IEM's with less harshness, for that matter. Also, newer materials being used plays a big part as well. For example, graphene drivers for better bass, more micro-drivers for added details, dual dynamic drivers, more balanced armatures for high end details, or cross-over micro boards for better separation, better quality wires, better built designs with added tuning nozzles (filters) and tuning ports, stabilizing housing units, and much more probably not mentioned here.

    About the SENDIY M2: I still think they're fair game. With some of the best packages to be had for a dynamic driver with two tuning nozzles and wooden housing with added tuning ports, you still can't go wrong with them. :thumbsup:

    -Clear :sunglasses:
  3. alucard177
    I don't own the Zs3 but I can compare to the ZS5 wich has more bass quantity, kick and warmer sound signature in general. Mids in the VT audio are more up front and very natural sounding. Sometimes the huge bass of the ZS5 bleeds a bit into the mids but that does no bother me at all when I am listening to electronic music for example.
  4. 1clearhead
    That looks like V1 version, which is still good for its asking price. --> V2 has a different sounding 6mm micro-driver with improved hi-end details, with silver/gray wires for less microphonic distortion, and wider nozzles for a better choice of tip-rolling.
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  5. weedophile
    Thanks Clear, that helps alot. And with the chinese players coming in, they are driving down the cost while making progress in the SQ. The tuning nozzles are prett cool to me as i dont have any IEM that can do that.

    Ok i will probably get the M2 when i have accumulated other items.
  6. 1clearhead
    "Good to know"....Cheers! :beerchug:
  7. c4rb0n
    MeeAudio P1 vs LZ A4? i think this is a neck on neck to say the least, but i would like to hear your thoughts on these brothers :ksc75smile: at the 200$ price range these are beasts i think LOL
  8. zedbg
    Just got my 11.11 BGVP DM5 and im lovin it, somehow i cant attach a picture :frowning2:
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  9. ruckus1027
    Thanks for that feedback. That’s a good different point of view on the matter. The ZS5v2 I heard is very similar to the ZS6. Mine is modded however, so I think it might be pretty close to the v1. They’re quite good! There are just a couple caveat, I have to use the triple flanges or foam tips to become all arounders (more so the triples). But I don’t like wearing either lol. I was hoping that the T2 would be my end all. I guess I’ll have to wait and see when I get mine.
  10. ruckus1027

    SainSonic HF-01

    So this was an impulse buy. Cheap enough from Amazon, and based on the drivers, I thought meh let’s give it a try. When I first opened it up, it felt more premium than the price I paid, so I was very excited. Lots of tips, and even a carrying case.

    Upon first listen, it was not for me. It felt quite warm compared to the ZS5v2, nowhere near the clarity or details up top. It might be a decent fun IEM for someone that likes a little emphasis on bottom end. IDK I don’t really pay attention to bottom detail, as long as the bass is there and has good presence, I’m good. So, I can’t really comment on how the bass is for someone that is a bass head. Needless to say, I gave em a listen for not too long, and they’ve been returned already.
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  11. HiFiChris Contributor
  12. Slater
    So my ASK Hybrids arrived today (

    These are the "twin brother" to the ASY Hybrid that @Vidal posted about here:
    Like Vidal, the ASK shell comes apart easily (mine didn't "fall apart" like his, but it does easily snap apart if you wish). There is no glue - the shell simply pops apart using a spudger tool, guitar pick, butter knife, etc.

    The box has a nice presentation - nice silicone tips (like Sony hybrid style), and the cable is decent (although a bit stiff and springy).

    And like the few others that have tried them, my ASK had a few problems right out of the box:
    • The removable cable cuts in and out of the earpieces when moving around. This appears to be due to the pins in the female socket (on the shell) not making good contact with the pins on the male plug (on the cable). The solution is to gently bend the pins in the female socket (on the shell) either slightly apart or slightly together, so that the plug fits tighter. They only need to be bent very slightly (a fraction of a millimeter). I used tweezers, but you could use a small flathead screwdriver such as the type to repair glasses.
    • The shell comes apart easily. This is by design (for manufacturing), as the halves of the shell are only held together by a number of clips. The solution is to just put a few strategic micro drops of glue along the seam of the 2 halves (you don't even have to tale apart the shell for this - just put the drops on the seam on the outside of the shell) . I used Lazer Bond UV glue, but fast drying epoxy would work fine as well. Be aware that there's are a number of vents along the seam (like on the KZ ZS5), so make sure you don't put the glue in the vents.
    • Something was rattling around on the inside of 1 of the IEMs. Upon opening it up, I found that the 8mm DD was just floating around in the shell - in other words, it had no glue holding it in. The 8mm DD in the other IEM had a tiny bit of glue holding the DD in, but certainly not enough to SEAL the DD driver. I reglued both drivers, totally sealing them around the edges like they should be.
    The sound is quite neutral OOTB. Sub-bass is almost non-existent. The sound reminds me of an open headphone.

    It appears that the sound is due to the numerous vents along the seam (like the KZ ZS5), and the drivers not really being sealed with glue. Once the DD is sealed with glue, some sub-bass appears. It's still quite neutral overall, but it was nice to have the bottom end filled in with a bit of sub-bass when called upon. Midrange and treble is clean. They have decent clarity, and nice sparkle. Vocals sound good. Good soundstage. No sibilance. No driver flex. The stock cable has some microphonics, even though these are behind-the-ear.

    I have not done anything with the seam vents - I will likely experiment with sealing some/all of the vents to see if I can coax some additional sub-bass (which is my sound preference).

    These would make excellent donors for DIY IEMs. They are very comfy, come apart easily and everything is easy to see and work on, they use 1x8mm DD drivers (in addition to 1xBA in the nozzle), and all of the driver and external plug connections are on a separate circuit board that also has crossover components. It would be easy to change out the resistors, solder in different drivers, disconnect the BA if desired, and very possibly change the plug to a MMCX or KZ style 2-pin plug.

    Regardless, if you can deal with the few minor niggles with this hybrid - gluing the DD so it's sealed, tweaking the pins so the plug is tight, and adding a few drops of glue to the seam so the shells stay secure - this is a good IEM for the $18 price. Especially if you're tired of the same old v-shaped sound.

    BTW, Vidal got no after sales support from the vendor for his problematic pair, but for such a low price I didn't care. Since almost everyone that has tried the ASK or ASY so far has reported similar issues, I would just expect the issues I listed above and expect to fix them yourself. It is not hard and takes 10 minutes. Should you have to do this? No, but this isn't totally surprising when dealing with low-end/mass-produced ChiFi. If you expect perfection OOTB, steer clear.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Here's some photos, showing the halves of the shells (with the clips and ZS5-ish seam vents), the circuit board/crossover, and the "loose" 8mm DD driver that was just flopping around. Click if you want to see the photos larger.

  13. paulindss
    Thank you, Very informative. The problems with construction seems to really in many earphones. I placed an order, and i confess that i got a little sad with your impressions. I was looking for a non V-shaped sound anyway, so i Hope they fit me. But i Would be happier with a sub Bass presence. The fr graph seems a little bit like Zst graph, do you find them similar in some way, or not ?

    Edit: the fr graph from the manufacturer indicaes that the ASY model should be even more neutral than ask, so, If anyone is interest in neutral sound, they should, in theory, be even more than these
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  14. Sulbh
    So is fiio f5 best iem under $100?
  15. Wiljen
    Somebody mentioned a cable shop with decent priced mmcx cables the other day that I want to say was something like venture cables. Anybody got a link because I'm not finding it in google or here via the search.


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