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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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    I admit I'm a bit of an outlier when it comes to my opinion on headphones and iems. Some may very well come to a different conclusion when trying out the same headphone.
  2. Humblepie
    Technically mine are also the Sivga sv003 headphone. As I said, they sound almost identical to the B7 pair that I have. While the earpads are comfy for what they are, my ears are big. That means the earpads are not that comfortable to me as they are too small for me.

    They are very pretty though.
  3. larry piencenaves

    Or maybe the b7s is the the sivga sv002 not the sv003, we never know until we compared its drivers
  4. Humblepie
    Nevermind LOL, mine is the SV002. Mine does not have SIVGA inscribed in the wood. The SV003 does have that. They look almost identical except for that. Very strange. Now I have to get the SV003 to compare!

    For reference is the picture of the SV002

    And here is the picture of the SV003:

    The cups on the SV003 look slightly deeper too. Not sure and hard to tell by the pictures. Again very strange to have to different model numbers look exactly the same. For those wondering, the BLON/Bosshifi B7S looks more like the SV002 and not the SV003. Then again, they could be exactly the same. Don't know.

    For reference, here is the BLON B7S picture from aliexpress
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2018
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  5. HungryPanda
    I bought the OKCSC M1 from ali but now on Amazon.com for 48$
  6. trellus
    I’ve had those on my Amazon list for a long time, what are your impressions on the OKCSC M1?
  7. HungryPanda
    Actually I quite like them but then again I love Grado headphones. The are not up to the quality of g1000's as claimed but for the price I paid they were worth it
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  8. larry piencenaves

    what variant did you actually bought? the bosshifi or the sivga?
  9. larry piencenaves
    are they better than grado prestige series?
  10. trellus
    I have the SR325i and a couple of Alessandros (MS1e, MS2i), so I'm a fan of the Grado sound, too, I definitely wouldn't expect them to be GS1000-level, but I see you have a couple of Grado's yourself so I'm taking it that they have a Grade-like sound at least?
  11. HungryPanda
    They do have a Grado sound kind of like original 325
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  12. larry piencenaves
    I was on the verge of planning to sell this isk hf2010 to my friend, just didn't like how it sound, I rarely use it for like watching movies and sometimes gaming. but not for music. But after countless trial of modifications. I can finally say they are a very good set of headphones, I always knew its drivers are very capable. its detailed and close to neutral when you remove those stock pads or cover the grills with your hands, its just that the original tuning is too v-shape, and sibilant for me. after inserting a stretchable leatherette material to cover the cups from the inside to be almost closed as possible, applying thin sheets of cotton from the back of it grills, and also in each of every of the stock dampeners and right at the front of the drivers to reduce sibilance and to smoothen the overall sound lastly installing a thick pleather pads ( mine is angled although not necessary) the final result is better than I expected. from v-shape to almost neutral, that at some point I could say it almost better than my b8 with a little more soundstage, more open and natural, however with a sacrifice for those punchy low-end that it once had and a bit rolled-off highs.
    Unfortunately I haven't took the pictures of how to do it step by step because I didnt expect the result would be this dramatic, but if someone requests it I could post it for yall.


    Now I cant remove this thing in my head, Ill now keep this for good.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018
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  13. Humblepie
    As stated, the sv002.

    The sv002 looks exactly like the B7S. The sv003 looks slightly different.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018
  14. Lurk650
    Decided I wanted a more simple headset for gaming so I got a pair of Steelseries Arctis 3, one cable from headset to controller vs the VModa cable from the LyxPro and the Mod Mic cable along with it.

    Still using the VModa cable with my LyxPro I paired it with my 300R. One of the best headphones under $100, maybe even $200. Forgot just how good they are with music. Also note they have Sheepskin Brainwavz pads.
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  15. Roderick
    I posted My impressions about takstar pro82 in the takstar thread but here is a copy because pro82's are a relevant headphones in this thread also.


    So... I've been living with pro82's as my main headphones for allmost a week now. It is time for some impressions. First of all let's keep in mind that everyone hears differently so ymmv. Anyway I've been into headphones for about ten years now. I've owned about 150-200 different pairs. Most of them low end but some quite high end like Beyerdynamic T1,T5p, Sony MDR-CD3000,Sa-5000, Audio Technica ATH-w1000x, J VC DX-1000, Denon ah-d5000 and so on.

    I've been into budget chi-fi headphones since forever...to be precise since the release of superlux hd681. I was also one of the first people on head-fi to own Takstar Hi2050 and I've been speaking highly of Takstar products ever since. So Pro82 is quite meaningfull headphone for me as a successor for one of my alltime favorites hi2050 & pro80.

    While I've had pro82, I've been mostly using them with my oneplus3, sometimes with oneplus3+topping nx1 and usually with my desktop setup hegel hd10+spl phonitor. Why all this ramble?

    Becausese it is very important to know where person is coming from. What headphones he/she likes or is familiar with. What are his/her soundsignature biases. I must say, I have no sounsignature bias. I lived for years with dx1000 and sa5000. Other being bassy and dark other bright and bass light. I loved them both.

    First.. A family photo


    I'd like to talk about build quality of pro82's. Like people have said these are very comfortable headphones. Definately an improvement over pro80. Pro80 notoriously has quite bad stock pads and me included prefer to use alternative pads such as HM5 pleather pads. Pads are not perfect, I would have preferred memory foam and more luxurious feel but as far as normal stock pads go these are good.

    Detachable cable is a big plus. I especially like that it is not some propriatory plug so any 2.5mm plug will do. 3.5mm woud have been better IMO because if is more popular thus offering easier replacement. I'm not a fan of the cable lengt. 1.6m is too long for portable and too short for home use. It is not unknown to offer two cables at $50-100 price range. Also the plug termination makes no sense. If it is supposed to be portable, it should be angled! Many headphone manufacturers don't get this. Neither does taksar obviously.

    The housing and the headband... Well.. This is the stuff I don't like. Pro82's look like a cheap copy of sony mdr-1a. Pro80's were well done copy of classic beyerdynamic design, with pro82's all we have is plastic and lots of it. Despite pro82's more modern looks in this regard it is a downgrade from classic pro80/hi2050.


    Another thing I don't like is that the headband has no visible adjuster points. Not a biggy, but it annoys me. Pro80 had the dots pro82 has none. I would not care about it much but adjusting system on pro82 feels a bit loose as new. If it becomes looser over time it becomes a problem not being able to adjust both cups evenly.
    IMG_20180430_221002.jpg IMG_20180430_221219.jpg

    Finally... the sound quality. Let's go positive first. Pro82's have very nice imaging. With fast attack these have the ability to distinguish instruments, different drum pieces etc. Midrange clarity is good. Thing sound like they are supposed to. Extra credit for being able to portray the breath on singers voice. Singing does not sound synthetical but like an actual person blowing out(singing) air. Sorry for not so technical explanation. I don't know a better way how to put it.

    Soundsignature in general is balanced, quite neutral I would say. Bass extends all the way down low and mids and higs don't have any annoying peaks or dips to my ear. As an overall balance these have improved over pro80, which suffered from somewhat harsh highs. I personally did not find highs on pro80 and hi2050 that big of a deal but I can hear why some did.

    The negative: First thing that comes to mind is soundstage. I saw the Z-review video and guy kept saying "I can't believe I'm listening to headphones". Well, I can. The soundstage on pro82's is very small and even with good imaging listening can get tiresome especially with recordings with lot of stereo panning. Zeppelin, hendrix, beatles and stuff like that. It is not that it is a minor downfall it is a big deal. Soundstage and whole presentation is "closeted". It is a big negative change after pro80's that had a good soundstage especially if one uses thicker aftermarket pads.

    Another negative is the bass. It is not bad bass. It's punchy and extends low but the headphones housing does not do justice for the capable driver. Pro80 and hi2050 had excellent damping materials inside the cups that removed the unwanted resonances and reverbs. If I open a bassport on pro82's I can clearly hear resonances within the housing. Bass becomes honky and with bassports closed I get barely enough bass to my liking. Not that it's bass light but it is about 80% that I would prefer. I don't understand what Takstar engineers where thinking when they ditched the idea of proper cup dampening.

    Highs... well, this is a thing that will surely divide people. I find pro82's rather dark sounding headphones. I red these were compared to Fostex th-900 soundsignature and I find it hard to believe. I have not heard th900 but from what I get by reading reviews is that th900 is a v-shaped headphone with allmost piercingly bright highs. That is pretty much opposite what I get with pro82's. With most headphones highs can become a bit too much with metal music. I was listening to children of bodom and amorphis and pro82's just sound mellow up top. These don't fix the issue on bright recordings instead they make music sound as exciting as yesterdays cold porridge. I compared pro82's with denon ah-d2000 which is an ancestor of th900 and the lowest in rank of the foster made headphones. There is not a single area where pro82's is superior to d2000.


    This overall staleness of sounds underliness my experience with pro82. These headphones had a lot of potential but the monitor like dullness combined with lack of soundstage is a deal breaker. Perhaps I could even live with these if they had a killer detail retrival but congested highs ruin that too.

    Pro82 is a decent headphone but not an actual improvement over pro80. It is pretty much what superlux did with hd681 evo. Original hd681 was very bright headphone so they made a dark and bassy mess as a replacement. Takstar did not fail that bad but all in all I'm disappointed. Where did the soundstage go? What happened to premium build materials...where did the musicality go?
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018
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