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Central Florida Mini Meet Confirmed Sat. July 26, 2014

  1. brewster007
    My source of music is Rdio being streamed at 320 Kbps. I am relatively new to "better quality" sound and all my previous have been at low quality. That is why I chose Rdio to start. Seems fine now, but I would like anyone's opinion/advice on this.
  2. Buddhahacker
    This would be my first meet so I have a few things to learn.  I plan on bringing several UIEMs to the meet for my usage and to allow others to experience them.  How would I keep the tips clean during the meet?  
  3. HiFlight

    I plan to use antiseptic wipes on mine.
  4. cam94z28
    Good to know.  I'll find a way to transport it all :p
    Found this on reddit. I don't think ours will be as crazy as the 2014 Bay Area (California?) meet...

  5. 1117
    I'm starting a new job this Monday and I'm unsure if I'll be required to work the weekend. I'm sorry guys, but I won't know for sure until the very last minute...
  6. cam94z28
    Sorry if I missed it in the 9 pages of the other thread, but... Was anyone bringing the Fidelio X1, L1, or M1?
  7. mrarroyo Contributor
    Hi Bill, sorry for taking so long to respond. I will know by Thursday if I can attend, I sent you a couple of questions regarding the address and start time. Thanks.
  8. silenoz
    Hey everyone, just wanted to re-confirm the gear I was bringing with. Here is what I'll have:
    Sennheiser HD650
    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80
    La Figaro 336C or BH Crack (currently a WIP)
    Schiit Modi
    I still haven't worked out a source that I can bring. If anyone is willing to share a table, I would appreciate it.
  9. cam94z28
    Based on your equipment, I'm guessing you're the guy from my reddit thread? :p
    I replied there too, but the post format makes it really hard to keep track of posts.
    What do you normally use as a source? a laptop? Maybe you could bring a microSD card with your favorites. There should be a decent selection of music, from what i hear. I was going to bring my laptop, but I don't like my new E7 DAC. I will just be bringing my Android phone (spotify), and possibly my Nationite S:Flo2
  10. HiFlight
    I will be bringing my laptop with a good representation of demo lossless files, so I could also use it to play an SD card or flash drive for anyone who wants to hear their own files.
  11. cam94z28
    We were talking about etiquette earlier. Maybe this will help...
    As simple as it would be, I never would have thought to "label my gear".
  12. DougD
    A most excellent idea. Brilliant !!! Somebody's BTDT to share that gem.
    Thanks for sharing.  
    It's getting close ... do we have the official location and time yet ?
  13. cam94z28
    No problem! I've got about 20 pairs I can bring (listed on the first page). I guess I need to buy some paper tape :p
    I'm surprised there isn't more response in this thread. There seemed to be interest in the main thread. I'm hoping we get a decent turn out.
    I could PM you the info, but I think the OP (Sewer Guy) would rather distribute the info to keep tabs on who's going. Might want to send him a PM. If it gets down to the wire and he hasn't replied, I will send it to you.
  14. silenoz

    Yes, that would be me. :p
    For my main setup, I use my desktop PC as a source. My portable source is my Nexus 5, which is not the best.
    My main concern was that I don't have a source to provide others to use with my equipment. Though, I don't mind at all if others want to connect their own source to my DAC or amp.
  15. cam94z28

    Welcome back to head-fi! I think there will be a few people with your cans, but I doubt there will be a shortage of people wanting to listen to the HD650's. I'll be first in line :p
    Everyone has a cell phone nowadays. As long as people are content plugging their iPod, or Android into your setup, I wouldn't worry. I could see the benefit of a good source though. You could demo tracks that really make your gear shine, set the proper levels, etc...
    I haven't heard a total head count yet, but I'd actually prefer if it was a smaller meet.

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