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Central Florida Mini Meet Confirmed Sat. July 26, 2014

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  1. Sewer Guy
    Hi All: I have arranged to have a variety of sub sandwiches & several types of soft drinks. The only cost for the meet will be $8- to cover the food. The subs will be cut in quarters so there you can have a choice of several varieties. We have a second room reserved for visiting & eating, in order to keep food & drink away from the equipment.
    Feel free to bring an outlet strip; I have four here. Would be a good idea to have a couple more.
    Sorry for not having this information available earlier; been busy with my Wifes heart procedure yesterday.
    You can contact me at:  <eandwsvcs@embarqmail.com>
    Bill W. aka Sewerguy
  2. Sewer Guy

    Forgot to mention: If you need directions to the meet please email me at the above listed address.
  3. Sewer Guy
    Hi Doug: I have posted the info. on lunch on the premesis on page 3 of the new thread. Do you hve a couple of extension cords & a plug strip or two, that you can bring. Highland Lakes is on Rt. 27 1/2 mile south of the junction of 27& 48. If you are coming from the north it will be on the left side of the highway & if you are coming from the south it will be on your right.
    Bring listening material on CD; I will have my player & a mini disc recorder.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.
    Best Bill W.
  4. DougD
    #1 - hope your wife is doing well.
    #2 - see #1. 
    #32 - I can bring some extension cords and a few power strips. (And according to Best Practice advice, I've learned should label them.) 
    #33 - Lunch sounds just right. Don't want to distract too much from the main event.
    #34 - I'll be bringing an Oppo-103 as my main sound source. I literally got a new laptop from the shop this afternoon, I'm not sure I'll have time to get it set up to play music before Sat morning. Most of my music is copied onto a network server and that's probably more stuff than I want to haul around. 
  5. mrarroyo Contributor
    Hi Bill, hope your wife is doing well. I will send you a PM, and as of now my participation is still up in the air. Good luck and thanks for organizing this meet.
  6. cam94z28

    You won't hate those of us that no longer have anything on CD, will you? :)
    I will be bringing my Android phone (spotify), Digizoid ZO (amp), a USB stick, microSD, and maybe SD card, all with the same tracks.
    And one more question. Is payment for food mandatory, even if we're not planning to eat? Is this something provided by you (catered), or optional kitchen food on-site?
  7. Sewer Guy
    Hi Guys: As of 10 a.m. Thursday there are nine confirmations, for Saturday. Looking for the guys from Tampa, Gainesville, Orlando & all other points. Lets make this a great meet.
    Bill W.
  8. Buddhahacker
    Can't wait! I'll probably pull in around 10am.
  9. HiFlight

    Will you be bringing your ESP-950's?
  10. Buddhahacker
    My plan is to bring the following:
    HPs: ESP-950, T1 and HD800
    IEMs: SE846, Heir 8.0, Noble 6, Westone 4r and Ety 4s
    Amps: Valhalla 
    DAC: BitFrost Uber, Dragonfly 1.2
    DAP: AK240
    If I there is anything in my inventory which anyone would be interested in listening send me a note and I will try to bring them.
  11. Dimitris
    I think I will be able to make it. Somehow I sold my wife into it and luckily enough my in-laws live close by. I can bring the following:
    Senn HD600, Shure 535, Bottlehead Crack. I also have an Esoteric D70 which is huge and I feed via desktop computer (too much trouble to bring).
    I can bring the DAC but I dont have anything to feed it with if anyone is interested in comparing with theirs otherwise I will leave it at home with my speaker rig.
    Let me know
  12. cam94z28
    Think that's almost everything.....


    Too bad theres nothing amazing in there. I should be there between 10-11.
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