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Central Fla. Meet

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  1. danieldpagan
    Just bought the brand new round pads for the Ether Flows. Hopefully they arrive soon so I can bring them (I selected 2 day shipping). I'm still going to try and make it but if my allergies get out of control I might stay. Should be fine though.
  2. danieldpagan
    I will be going for sure. I also have the new Ether Flow pads with me.
  3. HiFlight
    Looking forward to tomorrow!!!!:)
  4. robbeacon
    Pics from today's meet.

  5. N0sferatu
    Fun times thanks for posting.  The Ether Flow sounded great.  Fun to A-->B them between my HD600 and then the Fostex unit.  I now have a new found love for my HD600 again.  
    EDIT: For those who asked here's what the modifications were specifically to the Fostex unit.  
    The previous owners thoughts of stock versus modded
  6. robbeacon
    Thanks for having me out! It was really awesome to meet everyone. I think what I find most interesting is everyone's reasons for being into headphones. I want to also thank everyone for being so very welcoming and letting me play with your very expensive rigs. Great group of folks! I hope you all enjoy the pictures.
  7. danieldpagan
    The meet was great! Loved being there and experimenting with all the gear. Thanks everyone for the setup and great time :)
  8. danieldpagan
    Yeah keep the HD600. They have always been considered one of the greats but even compared up to today's flagships they truly are phenomenal. I love my Ether Flows but for the price the HD600 are no joke. Today truly made me realize why everyone raves about them.
  9. The Dan of Steel
    Dang how'd I miss this?! Totally did nothing productive today. Glad everyone had a great time. Hope to be there whenever the next one is.
  10. HiFlight
    A huge thanks to Bill for hosting the meet. Was a fun day and really enjoyed the companionship of all who attended!
  11. AncientSw0rd
    Had a great time today! Thanks particularly to Sewer Guy and HiFlight! I think I listened to most everything they brought.  Some very nice guys and great gear. Looking forward to doing it again sometime. 
  12. N0sferatu
    Exactly  agree thanks Bill.  BTW, didn't realize you had an HTC 10 as well.  I should have shown you all the neat tweaks I have to mine (it's rooted with Viper which works great for the cans).
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